Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2625-2626

 Chapter 2625

Ye Chen didn't quite understand why someone would investigate Wu Qi's matter now.

        After all, Wu Donghai already knew that Wu Qi's accident was his own doing, so the Wu family, as a stakeholder, would certainly not take their trousers off and fart and come to investigate again.

        Therefore, the only possibility was that the person who was now here to investigate Wu Qi was not sent by the Wu family.

        When Ye Chen thought about it carefully, most of the people he had offended had already cooled off, and the ones who had not yet cooled off were none other than the Su family in Yanjing, and the Hogewitz family in the United States.

        Both of these families had suffered heavy losses at their own hands, and as they were in the light and themselves in the dark, if they wanted to find themselves, they could only lift the fog layer by layer.

        So Ye Chen immediately deduced that the person who was investigating information related to the Wu Qi incident at this moment must be inextricably linked to one of these two families.

        He then asked Qin Ao Xue, "What kind of person is investigating Wu Qi's matter? Have you seen them?"

        "Seen." Qin Ao Xue said, "It was two people, an old man and a young man."

        Ye Chen asked again, "Then where are these two people now?"

        Qin Ao Xue said, "I met them just now in the small square outside the teaching building, but I'm not sure where they are now."

        Ye Chen thought of the teaching building just across the street, so he went to the window and looked downstairs.

        Sure enough, on the small square opposite, he saw two people, an old man and a young man, walking out.

        The old man looked immortal and had a slightly unusual aura about him, a feeling that Ye Chen had felt in Mr. Lai Qing Hua's old man, but this man's aura seemed to be weaker than Lai Qing Hua's.

        Since Ye Chen had obtained the Nine Mystical Scriptures, he was particularly sensitive to this feeling, so he immediately realised that this old man was either a Feng Shui master like Lai Qing Hua, or a master of metaphysics like Yu Jinghai from Hong Kong.

        So he took out his mobile phone and called Chen Zekai, and said, "Old Chen, there are an old man and a young man at the Jinling Finance and Economics College, and they seem to be visiting something related to Wu Qi, you should arrange for people to keep an eye on them, but you must remember to choose the most capable people to observe from a distance, do not alert the snake, and report to me in time if there is any movement. "

        Chen Zekai was busy saying, "Yes young master, I will send some of my men who have been scouts in the special forces over there."

        Meanwhile, the small square in front of the school building.

        After questioning a number of students one after another, Mike could not help but ask Mai Chengxing in a low voice, "Grandpa Tai, if I just inquire about that Wu Qi openly and honestly, if that big shot is really at this university or has eyes and ears laid in this university, won't that be a quick exposure?"

        Mac Chengxing nodded and said indifferently, "Defeat is right, the other party is a true dragon, an existence far beyond my ability to see through, if his real father is not willing to come forward, it would be a waste of effort for us to try any harder, instead of that, it would be better to directly disclose our purpose, if we catch his attention, it is possible that he will take the initiative to show himself."

        Mike asked again, "Grandpa, will the other side be angry with us for this and treat us as enemies?"

        Mac Chengxing said, "If it is a vindictive or suspicious person, he will definitely treat us as an enemy, but such a person, with a narrow belly, is usually not likely to have the True Dragon Fate."

        "And for a true True Dragon Destiny, the person must be broad-minded and clear of grudges, and would never hold malice against us just because we came to investigate Wu Qi's matter."

Chapter 2626

Saying that, Mac Chengxing continued, "Besides, we are not coming here this time to disadvantage him per se, the Su family wants us to find out his identity, but I am not prepared to get involved in the fight between the Su family and him, so even if we find him, I will not reveal his identity to the Su family."

        Mac couldn't help but ask, "Grandpa Tai, we answered the Su family's request and came over to investigate the enemy behind the Su family, so if we don't help the Su family with their work, wouldn't that be like breaking the spirit of the contract?"

        Mai Chengxing glared at him and said angrily, "Foolish! The moment we intend to come to Jinling, we are no longer working for the Su Family!"

        Saying that, Mai Chengxing continued, "The reason I came to Jinling was indeed to find this great man, but I wanted to see if we could find a chance from this great man, otherwise, if it was just the Su Family who wanted to deal with this great man and asked me to find this great man out, how would I have agreed? Asking me to go against a person with a true dragon destiny, even if I were given more money, there is no way I would agree to it."

        Then, Mac Chengxing added, "If we really find this big shot, although I won't divulge his situation to the Su family, I will definitely return every penny of the money the Su family gave me, and this matter will be regarded as me doing half of the work for the Su family for free."

        Mike said awkwardly, "Temporarily breaking a contract is also a form of expression of the lack of contractual spirit ah, a person who has no credibility, how can he still gain a foothold in society in the future ......"

        Mike Chengxing shook his head helplessly and reminded, "You have to remember, the more you believe in feng shui destiny, the more you should not go against the destiny, the other party is a true dragon destiny, people like us are in no way his opponents, so no matter what, you can't stand against him, understand?"

        Mike nodded gently, "I understand Tai Grandpa ......"

        Mac Chengxing gave a hmph and said, "Alright, let's find a place to eat at noon and then come around in the afternoon."


        For Mai Chengxing's grandfather and grandson, Ye Chen didn't put too much thought into it.

        Whether it was a feng shui master or a metaphysical master, as long as they were hostile to him, then he would let them have no return the first time.

        Moreover, he knew very well in his heart that although these two people were much stronger than ordinary people, they were still too far behind himself, and if they really started fighting, their strength would not be much stronger than that of Yu Jinghai.

        Therefore, his attention was now focused on He Zhiqiu's body.

        He was expecting He Zhiqiu to give him a clear reply as soon as possible.

        In that case, as soon as He Zhiqiu came to Jinling, he could immediately set up an ocean shipping company and quickly build up this business, which would definitely make things more difficult for the Su family.

        When He Yuanjiang returned to his office after class, he hurriedly asked Ye Chen when he saw him, "Ye Chen, did Zhiqiu return your message?"

        Ye Chen shook his head, "Not yet, Uncle He, didn't she say that there was no internet after she left the base, so she can't contact the outside world until she gets back."

        He Yuanjiang nodded and sighed, saying, "When I was in class just now, my right eye kept jumping, it didn't feel like a good sign, so this heart was worried."

        Ye Chen smiled and said, "Uncle He, don't worry so much now, just wait patiently for Zhiqiu's news, they are six hours behind us, if they go back at 8pm local time, it will be early morning here, so just wait for now, I will contact you first when there is news in the evening."

        He Yuanjiang said helplessly, "There's nothing we can do now, we can only wait."

        After saying that, he hurriedly said to Ye Chen, "Let's go Ye Chen, I've booked a table at the Jinling Pagoda near the school, we'll eat there at noon!"