Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2621-2622

 Chapter 2621

Ye Chen didn't expect this He Zhiqiu to reject him right away, but naturally he couldn't just admit defeat so easily, so he immediately replied, "I thought Miss He was in the United States, but I didn't expect that she was in Syria, I don't know why you went there"


      He Zhiqiu replied, "I came over with some of my college friends to make a documentary about the war, and then I'm going to use the documentary as an opportunity to launch an anti-war charity fund.


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      The fact that you have graduated in finance and are going to Syria to make a documentary on the war is not the right thing to do. jobs.


      He Zhiqiu replied: "Mr Ye, you have a point, but honestly, the situation in Syria is rather dangerous, and even many professional documentary teams are not willing to go to such places and shoot in the front line of the war.


      Moreover, we have seen the way some European and American documentary teams do things, they generally stay as far away from the front line as possible and film from a very narrow perspective, even being influenced by the Western mainstream media to glorify and glorify war instead of exposing the cruelty of war."


      "It is impossible for such people to film something that will make people in the outside world realise how cruel the war really is, and so it is impossible for people in a time of peace to realise the significance of being anti-war.


      Ye Chen immediately said: "Miss He, how about this, do you think it's okay, I can sponsor your team for twenty million dollars, so that you can make this documentary better, but I only have one request, that is, Miss He you personally cannot remain in Syria, the money is given to your team, but you yourself must come to Jinling to help me set up the ocean shipping business, you see How about


      As soon as Ye Chen said this, He Yuanjiang immediately gave him a thumbs up and praised him, "What a good move to move the tiger away from the mountain!


      Ye Chen laughed and said: "This is not a move to move the tiger away from the mountain, this is a move to move the lamb away from the wolf pack


      At this point, He Zhiqiu sent back a message: "Let me leave the team that how can I do that I and my team have promised each other that none of us will back out without permission.


      Ye Chen laughed: "This is not asking you to back out without permission, I just gave your team a better option.


      As he said that, Ye Chen deliberately changed the subject and asked her, "Miss He, I wonder how your life in Syria is going, whether you are getting enough supplies and whether your personal safety is adequately protected.


      He Zhiqiu replied: "We are in relatively difficult conditions here because we are in the middle of a war and there is a serious lack of supplies.


      Hearing this, He Yuanjiang, who was on the side, sighed with relief.

Chapter 2622

Ye Chen said with a smile at this time: "According to my understanding, it seems that their government forces and the opposition have been fighting very stalemate, and their government forces, lack of money, food, weapons and ammunition, must be perennially undertrained, the level of combat must be very low, such a situation still sent only a few soldiers to protect your safety, then I guess basically a virtual virtual, and you few are also unarmed high school students, if anything really happens, you won't even have a chance to escape." Baidu search:


      He Zhiqiu replied with some hesitation: "I don't think it's that serious.


      Ye Chen laughed:That's only what you think, if something really happens, it's useless for you to think.


      He remembered something and said, "I heard that mercenaries are very popular in the Middle East, so you can hire dozens of well-equipped and well-trained mercenaries to protect you throughout the trip."


      He Zhiqiu said awkwardly, "The cost of mercenaries is too high, we have consulted the American company Blackwater, on the Syrian front, their mercenaries are paid on a daily basis, the cost of one person per day is two thousand dollars, and this does not include the cost of any weapons and equipment, the cost of ammunition has to be calculated separately, if they need to match vehicles, the price is even higher, we are already on a tight budget. We were already on a tight budget and couldn't afford to look after mercenaries.


      Ye Chen laughed: "You see, you can now figure out how much the twenty million dollars I promised you just now really means"


      As long as you go back to your country and help me, the entire twenty million dollars can be given to your team."


      "If one mercenary costs two thousand dollars a day, then your team could hire twenty mercenaries, which would be forty thousand dollars a day."


      "Even if your team members have to stay there for another six months, at $40,000 a day, that comes out to $6 million.


      "Add to that the cost of hiring some armoured vehicles and so on and the $10 million must have all gone down the drain.


      "Only you can use the best camera equipment, the best aerial filming equipment, and even when there are clashes on the ground with local armed men with AK47s, your team can pay to hire American mercenary helicopter gunships to take you up in the sky and shoot from. The effect will definitely shock the world!


      He Zhiqiu was obviously a bit tempted, but she still said with some hesitation: "That is indeed very reasonable, but when we set out, we had already agreed to live and die together, so if I leave at this time, it would be like breaking our initial agreement.


      Ye Chen laughed and said: "Don't have such a strong psychological burden, you guys are like a few friends driving together in a... It's like a few friends driving a broken-down car across the desert, and now it's broken down in the middle of no-man's land because there's no fuel, because of the harsh environment and lack of supplies, you people can't stay in the car together, you have to send one person out to find petrol, so that everyone can have a chance of survival.


      "Although this person got out of the car and left the group, she was able to get someone to bring back enough petrol for the rest of the passengers, and also bring them better vehicles and equipment, and all sorts of supplies so that they could move on better, faster and safer, don't you think that was a good choice especially for those who were still in the car, greatly improves their survival security."


      "So, I think you could talk it over with your companions, and I'm sure they'll think it's a very good deal too"