Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2619-2620

 Chapter 2619

Ye Chen knows very well that what he lacks now is not money but talent.


      Doing business is not something that can be done by just moving your lips and relying on your imagination.


      Especially when it comes to managing a business, one must have top talents who are capable enough to make the business bigger and stronger.


      Ye Chen only has two pieces of business in his hands now.


      One is the Dihao Group and the other is Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical.


      The Dihao Group has Wang Dongxue in charge, while Jiu Xuan Pharmaceuticals has been handed over to Wei Liang.


      But apart from these two business sectors, if he wanted to add other new businesses, he was stuck on the talent.


      Hong Wu is loyal, but after all, he is a roughneck who can carry out orders, but he still lacks a lot of brains to do big things.


      The rest, whether it was Qin Gang, Wang Zhenggang, Li Tailai or even Song Wanting, all had their own businesses, and Ye Chen could not ask them to give up their original careers to work for himself.


      Therefore, Ye Chen's current self was to recruit as many people as possible.


      If it could have a strong management team, then it would not only be able to make a breakthrough in ocean shipping, but even in the next few years, it would be able to expand its business to more areas.


      It was because of this thirst for talent that Ye Chen jumped at He Yuanjiang's daughter.


      After all, this kind of buy-one-get-one-free good thing doesn't come along very often, and when it does, one must seize the opportunity.


      However, he also knew very well in his heart that He Yuanjiang must not be sure to call his daughter to his side either, so he pinned his hopes on himself.


      If he could convince his daughter to come to Jinling as he wished, He Yuanjiang would definitely remember him as a favour in his heart.


      So, Ye Chen took out his mobile phone and added He Yuanjiang's WeChat, after which He Yuanjiang recommended a WeChat business card to him.


      Ye Chen looked at the business card recommended by He Yuanjiang and found that the other party's nickname was "Xiao Qiu is not afraid" and his avatar was a baby-fat child with a clenched fist and an expression of going all out to cheer.


      He Yuanjiang said, "Ye Chen, let me introduce to you, my daughter's name is He Zhiqiu, the same year as you, but I remember you were born in the first half of spring when the flowers bloomed, right?"


      Ye Chen nodded and said, "I was born on the second day of the second month of the lunar calendar, just a month after the Spring Festival."


      "Hmm." He Yuanjiang smiled, "I probably remember


      She was born in early autumn in the second half of the year, when the leaves were just starting to fall, so I gave her that name.


      He said, He Yuanjiang added: "By the way, remember what I told you, don't mention me when you add her.


      "Okay." Ye Chen was busy saying, "Uncle He don't worry, I have a sense of proportion.


      He Yuanjiang heatedly smiled, patted Ye Chen's shoulder and said: "Ye Chen, Uncle He will have to rely on you to help mediate this tense father-daughter relationship.


      If your daughter really doesn't agree, as long as you nod, I will personally go to Syria and tie her back."

Chapter 2620

He Yuanjiang laughed: "Hahaha, that should not be so troublesome, uncle believes in your ability, when the time comes to brag about her a few times, she should be moved."


      The main concern is that she hasn't had enough fun yet. If she really wants to stay in Syria for a year and a half, ordinary people really can't persuade her.


      Ye Chen nodded and said seriously, "I will try my best to persuade her and try to get her back soon.


      "Good." He Yuanjiang was busy saying, "Why don't you just add her to your friends now and talk to her first.


      Ye Chen laughed, "Uncle He, don't forget that there is a time difference between Syria and us. If I remember correctly, they are five or six hours slower than us, and it should not be dawn yet.


      He Yuanjiang said: "It doesn't matter, it doesn't matter if it's not dawn, you can add her as a friend first, when she passes you, you can chat with her when you want.


      Ye Chen nodded: "Good, then I'll add it now, but if I add it directly, it will show that the referrer is you, I'd better copy her micro signal.


      After saying that, he clicked on that business card, copied the micro signal, added it again, and wrote nine words on the reason for adding it: chairman of the Jinling Dihao Group.


      After the request to add a friend was sent, after only a minute, Ye Chen received a message that the other party had passed his friend application.


      He couldn't help but say with some surprise, "Uncle He, your daughter is still awake so late."


      He Yuanjiang said resentfully, "I guess I can't sleep, if you throw me in that shitty place, I guess I can't sleep either.


      After saying that, he hurriedly urged, "Ye Chen, talk to her quickly and feel how she is doing now.




      When Ye Chen finished, he sent a message to He Zhiqiu: "Hello Miss He, I am Ye Chen, the chairman of Jinling Dihao Group, I want to talk to you about a cooperation, I wonder if you are interested


      The other party quickly replied by voice: "Did He Yuanjiang ask you to find me? Tell him that I am not going to Jinling, so he should not waste his energy."


      Hearing his daughter's words, He Yuanjiang said glumly, "Ye Chen, just tell him that you don't know me at all, if she knows that we are colluding, she will definitely be more reluctant to come."


      Ye Chen nodded and continued to reply with a text, "Miss He you misunderstood, I don't know He Yuanjiang, I just saw the paper you published in a financial journal and felt that you were really insightful about international finance as well as economic management, it just so happens that I am now preparing to expand a new piece of project to do ocean shipping, and I happen to be short of a person in charge, so I thought of you. "


      The other party used his voice to ask: "If you were not sent by He Yuanjiang, then where did you get my WeChat from?


      He Yuanjiang was dumbfounded for a moment.


      Just when he still didn't know what kind of wording and reason he should ask Ye Chen to use to explain this question, Ye Chen had a bright idea and replied directly with his voice: "Miss He, I found your contact information through an international headhunting company, and I paid 50,000 USD for the headhunting fee in order to get your contact information, originally I should have asked the headhunter to contact your side first, but I thought it would be more straightforward and efficient to contact you personally for such a major collaboration.


      Headhunters are specialized in scouting for mid to high end talent, they are like real estate agents, they know all kinds of listings and theoretically, if you pay them, there is nothing they can't get on a property owner.


      Theoretically, as long as you pay them, there is no information they cannot get on property owners.


      In this respect, headhunters are also a


      As soon as He Yuanjiang heard Ye Chen's words, he immediately gave him an excited thumbs up, as this explanation really seemed seamless to him.


      As a matter of fact, He Zhiqiu on the other side didn't doubt it either, she replied: "I understand, but I'm really sorry, I'm in Syria now, and I probably won't leave here until at least six months later, so I may not be able to work with you, I'm really sorry.