Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2617-2618

 Chapter 2617

Your daughter? !

Ye Chen was a bit stunned for a moment.

At this time, He Yuanjiang opened his mouth and said: "My daughter is about your age, she just graduated from Stanford last year and has been working at Goldman Sachs Capital on Wall Street, but she just left some time ago, I am planning to let her return to China to develop, but this girl is a bit resistant to me, she is very rebellious, she does not listen to anything I say.

Ye Chen couldn't help but ask him, "Professor He, if I want to work with your daughter, will she agree?"

He Yuanjiang said: "I have been persuading her, the domestic economy is developing so well now, much stronger than the United States and Europe, in terms of development potential, it is definitely much better than abroad, she is more or less moved now, but the relationship with me is a bit strained, so her mouth is very hard.

I think if you talk to her, she should agree. said, He Yuanjiang hurriedly added: My daughter dare not say she is a genius, but in finance as well as management ......

The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot of people to help you, and I can help her behind the scenes, and then it will be the two of us helping you out, and I will never show up myself, and I will only give advice so that I don't break my vow.

The moment Ye Chen heard these words, his heart burst with joy.

Originally, he had hoped to take Professor He down, but according to this situation, it was definitely impossible for Professor He to come directly to help.

However, if he could really convince his daughter to join him, then not only would Professor He be able to help out, but he would also have an additional high achiever like her daughter.

It was a good deal any way you looked at it.

So, Ye Chen hurriedly asked him, "Professor He, I wonder where your daughter is now?

He Yuanjiang sighed and said, ''She is in Syria.

'Syria? !" Ye Chen exclaimed in shock and said offhandedly, "I heard that that place is in turmoil all day long, she is a girl who is fine ......

What is she doing there?"

I told her to come to China because it has the most potential and is also the safest, after all, there are all kinds of shootings in the United States all day long and you can get hit by a bullet if you walk along the road. She said that she wanted to experience the cruelty of war and then come back to launch an anti-war charity fund.

He said, He Yuanjiang helplessly stifled: "You say, is this not a deliberate attempt to cross me?"

Ye Chen nodded and laughed: "In that case, her character is indeed a bit rebellious.

"More than a bit!" He Yuanjiang said with some indignation: " Do you know what the most annoying thing is?

Ye Chen asked in confusion, " What is it?"

He Yuanjiang was just about to speak, but all of a sudden he wanted to say something again.

Chapter 2618

A few moments later he waved his hand and said helplessly: "Forget it, it's quite humiliating to talk about it, I can't even face talking to others" 


      Ye Chen saw his face in pain, so he said comfortingly: "Professor He, in fact, you do not have to be too angry, it is normal for young people to be rebellious, and as far as I know, many geniuses in the field are more or less rebellious in character, perhaps the more such children, the stronger independent thinking, and the more they can do something earth-shattering and big.


      He Yuanjiang covered his chest at once, indignantly said: "You do not know what this brat rebellious to the extent that she has to just go to Syria, I put up with it, after all, although that place is chaotic, but generally are civil unrest, the Chinese overseas Chinese or more friendly, but this girl she she.


      He said several times she, He Yuanjiang suddenly stuck again.


      He reddened, angry her half a day, before a long sigh, declined: "This stinky girl, I told her the year before last, she is now not too young, it is time to find someone to marry and have children, you know what she said to me!


      Ye Chen shook his head with a puzzled face, but then asked with some curiosity: "What did she say"


      He Yuanjiang depressed to the extreme said: "She actually told me that she does not like men you say, twenty-seven or eight years old a pavilion girl, not looking for a date is just, but also said that she does not like men, like women this is not to kill me!


      Ye Chen also did not expect such an answer, embarrassingly said: "Professor He, I think she may be deliberately joking with you, after all, you also said, she has been very rebellious, you let her go east, she has to go west, it is possible that she does not really want to go west, but only to do the appearance, deliberately angry with you.


      He Yuanjiang covered his face and said: "Hey I thought so at first, but who would have thought that she had brought her girlfriend home last year and told me that she was going to get married with her girlfriend in a few years.


      Ye Chen heard this, the heart can not help but marvel.


      He Yuanjiang at this time depressed lamented: "You say I have such a child in this life, she really married a girl, how can I go to see the ancestors in the future"


      After saying that, he hurriedly looked at Ye Chen, said seriously: "Ye Chen ah, uncle this is all on you, this girl and I can not communicate, I asked her to do anything she does not listen, you help me to get her to Jinling, let her honestly work here in your, as long as you can help me to do this thing, uncle I will later, my liver and brain, to repay you!


      You are my mother's classmate, friend, and my elder, even if you don't do anything for me, I will still do my best to help you."


      Ye Chen said, and said: "Professor He, how about this, you give me a contact information of your daughter, I will communicate with her to see if she is interested in my side of the work.


      That would be great" He Yuanjiang hurriedly patted his chest and said: "Don't worry, although I am a daughter, and I don't get along very reliable, but she is still very, very responsible, and with my vision for so many years, this girl is really a talent, if she comes to help you, coupled with my support behind, I believe it will definitely If she comes to help you, coupled with my support behind, I believe you will be able to help you to do the business of Shenyang transport up, so, persuade her to come to Jinling this matter, please more.


      Ye Chen nodded and said seriously, "Professor He, don't worry, I will do my best."


      He Yuanjiang hurriedly waved his hand and said seriously: "Eh don't call Professor He so rusty, call Uncle He


      Ye Chen smiled faintly and said, "Okay, Uncle He.


      He Yuanjiang took out his cell phone and said to Ye Chen: "Come on, let's add a WeChat, I'll push her WeChat business card to you afterwards, when you add her, don't say I recommended it, just say you happened to read her paper in a financial journal and are interested in working with her in depth.


      said, He Yuanjiang some not too kindly said: "This girl is a bit conceited, you have to hold her up more, if you hold her up to find the north, this thing is half done"