Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2613-2614

 Chapter 2613

When He Yuanjiang said these words, Ye Chen already understood in his inner heart that trying to convince him to cooperate with him was no longer a possibility.


      Moreover, he also understood the truth that 'a gentleman does not force others to do what he wants'.


      Without making any further efforts, he said very seriously, "Professor He, I understand what you mean, I'm sorry, it was too presumptuous of me."


      He Yuanjiang hurriedly waved his hand and said, "I don't blame you, it's my own knot in my heart, since I have promised my late wife, I must keep my promise, I can't break my word on such issues, so also in the past, you should not blame me.


      The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.


      He Yuanjiang smiled gratefully, then remembered something and said to Ye Chen, "Ye Chen, in fact, if you want to secure absolute superiority over the Ye and Su families, there is no need to go to such trouble and personally engage in ocean shipping."


      Ye Chen asked curiously, "Professor He, what you mean is"


      He Yuanjiang said seriously, "I think you can go to the United States to find your grandfather, with him as your backing, you don't have to worry about the Su family or the Ye family, because even if the Su family and the Ye family are tied together, they are not your grandfather's rivals.


      Ye Chen was dumbfounded and asked, "Professor He, is my grandfather really that strong?


      He Yuanjiang said seriously: "Strong is more than strong ah the world's three wealthy families, each can be rich, one is Europe's Rothschild family, one is the Middle East's Saudi royal family, the other is the United States of Chinese, the An family"


      He said, He Yuanjiang added: "Do you know how much wealth your mother alone has created for the An family?


      Ye Chen shook his head and sighed in shame: "I'm not going to lie to you Professor He, I don't know much about my grandfather's family, one is that I was too young back then, although my mother took me to my grandfather's house a few times, I didn't know much about my grandfather's family, and another is that, as far as I remember, my mother and my grandfather's relationship didn't seem too good.


      It was." He Yuanjiang nodded and said, "Back then, when your mother and your father got together and were going to go back to China with him and marry into the Ye family, your grandfather was very unhappy because your grandfather simply did not despise the Ye family and felt that the Ye family did not deserve to be his in-laws."


      He said, He Yuanjiang said seriously: "In fact, your grandfather is also right, the Ye family is really just like that back then, although it is very powerful in the country, but when you look at the international, it really can't be on the stage.


      Ye Chen asked curiously: "Then what kind of industry did my grandfather's family do?


      He Yuanjiang sighed: "Your grandfather's family does almost everything, you can think of industries, the An family should have some involvement, but the An family is extremely low-key, they have thousands of companies around the world, but these companies from the surface. On the surface, none of them have anything to do with the An family, and the An family hardly ever come out on their own, just like the Rothschilds.


      "The Rothschild family's holdings now, to an outsider, don't look like much, but the point is that the Rothschilds have more than one bank and hold disguised stakes in many of them."


      "Owning a bank is tantamount to controlling finance, and almost all businesses now need to raise money and go public through banks."


      "So it's natural for a big family like this to invest in many start-ups through a lot of venture capital funds, equity funds, and. The Rothschild family has shares in almost all of the Fortune 500 companies in Europe and the US that you can see now, but their shareholding structure is so secretive and subtle that outsiders can't see it at all.


      Speaking of this, He Yuanjiang said with a face of admiration: "The An family's line of operation is similar to that of the Rothschild family, so how much money your grandfather actually has; he probably couldn't even calculate it himself, and I have even less way of knowing.


      "However, I do know that the entire pool of capital of the venture capital fund your mother set up in Silicon Valley back then was over ten billion dollars thirty years ago.


      Other funds wanted to raise that much money, behind the scenes, I don't know how many wealthy people or even investment retail investors had to raise money from, but the funds your mother took out back then were all paid by the An family itself


      Moreover, I believe the vast majority of people have heard of the development of Silicon Valley over the years, a large number of the Fortune 500 were born here, and a large number of top IT tycoons were also born here."


      "Google, Apple, Yahoo, Cisco, Oracle, Tesla and so on, all of these top high-tech companies have come out of Silicon Valley step by step."


      "They have come so far, their market capitalisation has grown thousands and thousands of times, and the room for incremental growth is extremely huge


      "A random stockholder, if he had bought shares in Apple twenty years ago, would be making over three hundred nearly four hundred times as much now.


      "But did you know that your mother invested in Apple with the venture capital fund she set up before you were even born

Chapter 2614

At the time Steve Jobs held her in high esteem, and she traded a few hundred million dollars for a 10 stake in Apple when Apple's market cap was only a few billion dollars"


      "And nowadays, Apple's market capitalisation is more than two trillion dollars, which translates to over fifteen trillion RMB


      The 10 shares your mother invested in back then, after rounds of dilution and reduction, should still be about 6 now"


      "How much does that translate into in RMB? Almost nine hundred billion


      "But your mother didn't just invest in Steve Jobs' Apple, she also invested in her Stanford schoolmate, Larry Page."


      "Larry. Page is the founder of Google, the company that created Google Search, Google Maps, the Android phone system, and Alpha Dog, the intelligent Go robot that was so famous a while back.


      "The company's market capitalisation is now over a trillion dollars, and your mother's venture capital fund has a stake of over 10 per cent in the company.


      "So, just the income your mother has gained from investing in these two companies has already exceeded the sum of all the Ye family's assets. If all the investment income from your mother's venture capital fund back then is taken into account, I'm afraid that the Su family and the Ye family combined are no match, not to mention the assets of the entire An family.


      When Ye Chen heard this, his whole body was already dumbfounded


      Many people knew or had heard about the miracle of Silicon Valley back then, and Ye Chen was no exception.


      Countless high-tech companies were born here, and there were more than ten billion dollars in market value, several hundred billion, and even two or three trillion.


      Back then, anyone who could go to Silicon Valley with money to make an investment and close their eyes would have found a whole lot of companies with unlimited potential.


      And the awesome thing about investing is that the upside is so big that it is beyond imagination.


      When Masayoshi Son of Japan invested $20 million in Alibaba, he made a profit of $50 billion;


      South Africa's South African newspaper group invested more than US$30 million in Tencent Group, making US$130 billion.


      This is the charm of investment, seize a potential stock, you can achieve thousands of times the net profit.


      These are all classic investment cases that the Chinese people are familiar with.


      But Ye Chen really didn't expect that his gentle, virtuous and well-read mother would have such a glorious history