Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2611-2612

 Chapter 2611

He Yuanjiang said here, also can not help but sigh: sometimes the world of adults is like this, we obviously very good relationship, but because the distance is too far and each have their own life, may be three to five years is difficult to see one side."


      Then, he said with a serious face: "Although my lover and I, later with your mother very, very little to meet, but our feelings are still very deep, your mother is alive, my lover and I will be her as a dear friend, but unfortunately, she is so good people but young.


      Hearing this, Ye Chen deep inside also can not help but feel sad.


      The people around his parents had a very high opinion of them, but unfortunately, he knew very little about them both.


      In fact, up until the time of his parents' death, Ye Chen was just a child in the second grade.


      At that age, children are very simple and superficial in the way they look at things and the world, he only knew that his parents loved him, but did not know what kind of people they were.


      Some times, Ye Chen envied Gu Qiuyi's father, Gu Yanzhong.


      Because, he has known his father for a much longer time than himself.


      His understanding of his own father is also much deeper than his own.


      Now, he envies He Yuanjiang.


      Because he felt that He Yuanjiang's understanding of his mother was also much deeper than his own.


      He Yuanjiang saw Ye Chen look despondent, couldn't help but go forward and pat his shoulder, comforted: "Things have passed for so long, so don't be sad and upset over it, your mother's first twenty years of life was really too radiant, our classmates at the time, said, it must be the lack of such an excellent person around God, so they let her go to heaven early. "


      Ye Chen nodded gently.


      About his parents, his heart in addition to sadness and regret, the most regrettable, is his own as their children, but lack of sufficient understanding of their lives.


      He Yuanjiang smiled and said: "Let's talk about you, how did you become the chairman of the Empire Group now did you not return to the Ye family?"


      Ye Chen smiled bitterly and said, "To be honest, I have lived in Jinling for nearly twenty years, and have been a son-in-law of the Xiao family for four years, the Ye family only found me last year.


      "As for the Empire Group, it was also a gift from them to me, in addition to the Empire Group, they also gave me ten billion cash as compensation, but these do not seem to mean much to me, the money of the Empire Group, I have not touched a single penny until now, as for the ten billion, I initially just paid the medical bills to my life-saving benefactor, and bought a car and a string of necklaces for my wife, and then I did not spend that money.


      Speaking of this, Ye Chen sighed lightly and continued: "But there is no point in saying this, although I am not ashamed to take the money of the Ye family, but also have to admit that if the Ye family did not give me these, I may still be a thousand husbands now, the waste son-in-law spurned by thousands of people


      He Yuanjiang sighed and said: "You really suffered for so many years, in fact, I say a fair word, if your parents are still alive, you are certainly the richest person in the world, and, although I do not know your father, but I have heard of your father's deeds, back then, the Ye family relied on your parents to stand on the sword, to have this situation today! "


      I can say responsibly, the Ye family's current assets, at least 50 more is the credit of your parents, and the Ye family to you these, even the Ye family assets a tenth is not as good, in the end, they give you give less "


      Ye Chen shook his head with a bitter smile: "It doesn't matter, I actually hope to create a world by myself now, after all, I still don't know if my parents' death had anything to do with the Ye family, so I hope to accumulate enough power to make myself stronger than the Ye family in all aspects, even more than the Su family, so that in the future, once I find out who killed my parents The murderer of my parents, I will have enough certainty to make them pay the price.


      He Yuanjiang suddenly realized and said: "That's why you want to do ocean shipping

Chapter 2612

"Right." Ye Chen nodded and said: "I don't know how much you know about the Su family, back then the Su family and my father have not been very confrontational, the Su family even set up a special anti-Ye alliance, uniting many other families to fight my father together, so the Su family is also an enemy in my eyes, now the Su family's ocean shipping business is completely stranded, I think it is just a good opportunity for me to take advantage of the situation. So the idea was moved.


    With that, Ye Chen He added: "I originally wanted Dongxue to undertake this business, but he told me that doing this business requires a very in-depth understanding of international trade and the laws and regulations and tax policies of major trading countries in the world. She feels that she I can’t do the job, so I recommended you. We just met last night, so I came to visit today. I want to ask you to help. I didn’t expect you to be my mother’s former classmate. "


      He Yuanjiang was silent for a moment and opened his mouth, "Ye Chen, you are now choosing ocean shipping as an entry point, this judgment is very correct."


      "In the future, the proportion of global trade, will definitely become larger and larger, more and more large manufacturing enterprises, have begun to do global supply chain, take the automobile industry, a car, with steel refined from Brazilian and Australian iron ore, rubber originating from Southeast Asia, high precision electronic equipment, control modules from the United States, Germany and Japan, and then use other upstream and downstream in China industry chain as well as labor to combine efforts to complete."


      "Of these, a huge majority of raw materials, spare parts, and the transportation of complete vehicles rely on shipping.


      Not to mention such a large industry as automobiles, even clothing, now is also a global supply chain, you just buy a two or three hundred dollars jacket, may be the use of American-made cotton, China-made fabric, Japan-made zipper, and then use the labor of Vietnam, Bangladesh, Romania, these countries, and finally use the ship from these countries of production to the domestic, and finally sold to you.


      With more and more globalized supply chains like this, the market for ocean shipping will get better and better, and now the Su family just happened to have their license revoked, which is the key to speed up the reshuffling of the domestic ocean shipping industry.


      Ye Chen nodded and asked after: Professor He, I wonder if you are willing to help me with this favor treatment issues you feel free to mention


      He Yuanjiang suddenly melancholy up, sighed, said: "Ye Chen, I tell you a heartfelt words, if I did not give up work, then I may now be in a Fortune 500 companies as CEO, or even like Apple's CEO Tim Cook, easy annual income of more than $ billion, I gave up high income, choose to teach in the university, because I took an oath in front of my beloved's grave, the second half of my life only teach and educate people, no more business, and no more running for money"


      Ye Chen asked in surprise: "Professor He, your lover passed away"


      ""He Yuanjiang sighed:" Hey, back then is the so-called career is too strong, around the classmates have become executives or even partners of large groups, there are many people have become successful in business, become a multi-billion dollar tycoon, I also do not want to be left behind, so work very hard. I worked very hard and spent less than a month at home all year round.


      "At that time, I flew around the world in first class every day, so I had no time to care about the life of my wife and children.


      Once, I was in Japan on a business trip to talk about a project, my love called me to tell me that she always had a headache recently, but I did not have time to take care of this, I just let her take some ibuprofen, or go to the hospital to see a doctor themselves


      "But who would have thought that six months later, she left me because of a malignant tumor of the brain


      Speaking of this, He Yuanjiang eyes slightly red, incomparable self-reproach said: "From the day she was diagnosed, I realized that I had made a fatal mistake in the past years.


      "Money is important, but money is by no means everything, money cannot replace love, nor can it replace affection, nor can it replace health."


      Even if I make more money, I can't replace my love's life or my daughter's true original to me


      "So at that moment, I swore to her that from now on, He Yuanjiang would only teach and educate people, and would never again become a slave to money"