Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2609-2610

 Chapter 2609

Ye Chen saw He Yuanjiang's excited face and hurriedly explained: "Sorry, Professor He, I am not a Stanford graduate.


      He Yuanjiang asked, "Then how do you know that the redwood tree that I drew is the one in the Stanford University logo?


      Ye Chen didn’t hide it, and said seriously: “My mother did go to Stanford when I was a child. She visited Stanford.

      "So that's it." He Yuanjiang nodded slightly: "I think you are only twenty-seven this year. Your mother's age should be similar to mine."


      Ye Chen nodded his head when I was born, my mother was twenty-six years old, I think this year is also fifty-four."


      He Yuanjiang pondered for a moment and said: "Fifty-four years old, that is, one year younger than me, that is likely to be in the same class as me, or just before or after me, can I take the liberty of asking, what is your mother's name?


      Ye Chen hesitated for a moment, can not help but some sadness said: "My mother has died many years, or not to mention her name."


      Ye Chen's words just fell, He Yuanjiang whole person has been dumbfounded


      He looked at Ye Chen, so shocked that his voice was a little shaky, opened his mouth to ask: "Ye Chen your surname that your mother, is not the surname An


      Ye Chen also could not help but be stunned, exclaimed: Professor know my mother"




      He Yuanjiang suddenly became excited and said: "You are really Chengqi's child!


      At first hearing the word "Chengqi", Ye Chen's eyes were filled with tears.


      An Chengqi, is his mother's name.


      This name, in his heart for many years, but for so many years, Ye Chen is almost the first time to hear someone mention.




      His mother's surname is An, is peace and prosperity


      And the word Chengqi in the name was taken from Sima Qian's Historical Records. General Li's biography in a sentence: "Peach and plum do not say, under the grove.


      The literal meaning is that peach and plum trees do not speak, but because they produce beautiful flowers and sweet fruits, people will spontaneously take the initiative to walk in front of them and tread a path underneath them.


      Its true meaning is used as a metaphor for a person who is sincere enough to be self-disciplined and has a flawless character, so naturally he will touch others, attract others, and be loved and admired by people.


      Because Ye Chen's mother, his grandfather's eldest daughter, is also the most favored one, the old man gave her high hopes, so she gave her An Chengqi, such a meaningful name.


      He Yuanjiang immediately confirmed his suspicions when he saw Ye Chen with tears in his eyes. He came forward and held Ye Chen's hand, saying with red eyes: "Ye Chen, we met more than 20 years ago when you were still very young, your mother took you to Stanford, to Silicon Valley, my lover and I had been accompanying you, but there were many others accompanying us at that time, you may not remember much about me. You may not remember me.


      As he said, he suddenly thought of something and excitedly said, "Do you still have an impression of my lover who even hugged you at the time?


      Ye Chen shook his head and said apologetically, "Sorry, Professor He, it's been too long, I really don't remember much."


      Saying that, he asked: "Professor He, you and my mother were classmates."


      It was He Yuanjiang who nodded and said with emotion: "We went to school together for several years, and we had a good relationship with each other, when I was pursuing my lover, it was your mother who delivered the love letter for me."


      Ye Chen asked curiously: "Professor He, can you tell me about my mother I know nothing about her experience before she married my father."

Chapter 2610

He Yuanjiang sighs: "Your mother was a big celebrity at Stanford not only was she the best Chinese female student ever at Stanford, but she was also the president of the Chinese Alumni Association at Stanford, the initiator of the Stanford Internet Venture Fund, and many of the top high-tech companies now in Silicon Valley are taking your mother's money and doing it step by step. The...".


      Speaking of this, He Yuanjiang could not help but sigh, with a bit of melancholy and regret said: "Your mother was really the entire Stanford and Silicon Valley reigning female powerhouse ah"


      "Not only is beautiful, atmospheric, knowledgeable, and personal ability is very strong, the family's strength is also said to be rich


      The key is, the family is so rich, but also can work so hard, and create a huge achievement, I have only seen your mother a life


      All of our Chinese classmates, including those pretentious white classmates, paled in front of your mother.


      Speaking of which, He Yuanjiang sighed: "Back then, Stanford circulated a saying that of all the entrepreneurial elites in Silicon Valley, at least one-third of the men were your mother's admirers, which sounds like an exaggeration, but at that time, your mother's great name, almost no one in Silicon Valley, no one knew, everyone respected her and admired her.


      These things about his mother, in fact, Ye Chen are still the first time to hear.


      When his mother was studying at Stanford and making investments in Silicon Valley, Ye Chen was not yet born.


      And after Ye Chen was born, his mother gradually became his father's sage, so, in Ye Chen's memory, his mother was not an image of a business elite.


      Moreover, Ye Chen knew very little about his mother before he was born, and his mother was low-key and never talked about this with herself.


      Now when he heard what He Yuanjiang said, Ye Chen's heart suddenly became very interested and asked: "Professor He, do you still know anything about my mother?


      He Yuanjiang said seriously: "That is really too much for three days and three nights. I can't even finish it."


      He Yuanjiang said this, he could not help but look gloomy down, lamented: "After your mother's accident in Jinling, dozens of people from our classmates chartered a plane overnight to rush back to Jinling to find you, I was among them, along with many of your mother's classmates at Stanford, although I was born and raised in Jinling, but I launched all the relationships I could launch in Jinling at that time, were unable to I was unable to find your whereabouts.


      Later, we Stanford reunion of more than 300 people, and Silicon Valley venture capital field of your mother nearly 100 friends, together with the efforts to find your whereabouts around the world, a full decade, but without any results, you so many years in the end where to go!


      Ye Chen did not expect, after the accident of his parents, his mother's classmates and friends, but also to find their own ten years.


      He was moved, but also could not help but say with emotion: "Professor He, in fact, I have been in Jinling for so many years."


      After saying that, Ye Chen explained to He Yuanjiang about Tang Sihai hiding himself in the orphanage.


      He Yuanjiang couldn't help but sigh: "I really didn't expect that you would be in Jinling all this time.


      Ye Chen asked him, "Professor He, do you know my father?"


      He Yuanjiang shook his head and said, "When your father was in love with your mother, he never contacted us, we only know that your father is the young master of the Ye family in Yanjing, but more details are not very clear, when your parents held a wedding in Yanjing, my wife and I were going to come over to attend, but something happened in the United States, so we had to change our plans temporarily. ."


      The last time, she took you to Stanford."