Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2607-2608

 Chapter 2607

Ye Chen drove his car to the administrative building of Jinling University of Finance and Economics, and according to the room number informed by the security guard, he arrived at the door of the office of the vice dean of the School of Economics and Management.


      After a moment of hesitation, Ye Chen knocked on the door.


      Three times later, He Yuanjiang's voice came from inside: "Please come in!


      Ye Chen pushed the door and saw He Yuanjiang, who was wearing a decent suit, sitting in front of his desk reading information with his glasses on.


      A few seconds later, he put down the document in his hand, looked up at Ye Chen, and was a bit stunned.


      Then, he asked in surprise: "Ye Chen, how did you get here?"


      Seeing his surprised face, Ye Chen knew that he did not associate himself with the identity of the chairman of Dihao Group.


      So, he smiled slightly and said seriously: "Hello Professor He, I asked Dong Xue, on my behalf, to make an appointment with you.


      Ah He Yuanjiang stood up all of a sudden, shocked, said: "is the chairman of the Empire Group"


      Ye Chen nodded his head and said frankly: "That's right Professor He, I am indeed the chairman of the Empire Group."


      My He Yuanjiang could not help but marvel: "Yesterday when I ran with your Aunt Han, she also told me that you are a feng shui first this good, the identity of the group chairman seems to be a bit of a difference ah


      Ye Chen laughed: "The so-called Mr. Feng Shui, but it is just a rumor among some friends in Jinling, I have studied a little feng shui, but the overall is still relatively business, not enough to hang."


      He said, he also explained: "As for the identity of the chairman of the Empire Group, I also hope that Professor He can help me to keep it a secret, my identity even my wife and my parents-in-law do not know, so please do not tell others, especially Auntie Han.


      He Yuanjiang couldn't help but ask: "I have one thing not quite clear, such a big identity, how on earth did you hide it from your wife and your in-laws did they know nothing about the whole process of you founding the Empire Group


      Ye Chen explained: "Although the Empire Group is now mine, but not my founding, the Empire Group has been established for nearly 10 years, and I only took over last summer, as for the family side, mainly because of some personal reasons, it is not quite convenient to tell them.


      He Yuanjiang was silent for a moment, nodded gently and said: "Okay, I promise you not to tell anyone else about this matter, but I'm not quite sure, what is the purpose of your search for me today


      Ye Chen said seriously: "Recently, ocean shipping has been gaining momentum, I personally also want to invest in this business, but have been suffering from the lack of a suitable management-type personnel.


      Saying that, Ye Chen looked at He Yuanjiang and continued: "Dongxue introduced you to me, saying that your ability is very strong and also very respected by her, so I just want to ask, Professor He if you are interested in cooperating with me."


      After hearing this, He Yuanjiang gently shook his head and said sincerely, "Sorry Mr. Ye, from the day I went to teach at MIT, I have decided to give up social work."


      Ye Chen did not expect that He Yuanjiang had directly rejected himself as soon as he came up, so he pursued: "Professor He, if it is a matter of money, in fact, everything is very good to negotiate, you only need to say a number, I can meet the must meet.


      He Yuanjiang shook his head and said, "No, it's not a matter of money, it's my personal decision, I've been working in several Fortune 500 groups for 20 years, and I've been racking my brain for the past 20 years thinking about how to help companies make more profits, which makes me feel especially meaningless and pointless, that's why I decided to teach, to prove my own value."


      Ye Chen asked incomprehensibly: "Helping companies earn more profits, why would it make you feel meaningless?


      He Yuanjiang smiled faintly and said seriously: "To be honest, I'm actually not a very money-loving person.

Chapter 2608

Said, He Yuanjiang said with some emotion: "In fact, after the money reaches a certain level, it is meaningless to me. My state of life, from the time I earned half a million dollars a year must have been fixed, until I can earn ten million dollars a year, my standard of living and state of life is the same as when I earn half a million dollars a year.


      Although I am not considered rich, but I work so many years, but also have several tens of millions of dollars of savings, plus I did some stock investment, in the hands of a part of Apple shares as well as Tesla shares, all discounted, it may have to be like two to three hundred million dollars, although these money and Mr. Ye's empire group can not be compared, but I simply do not know where to spend. "


      "The house I live in now is not expensive, all the inputs are added up, converted into dollars is only about one million, expensive house I can not afford, just think that living up too much trouble, and there is no need for that."


      "I drive a Tesla, which is the most common one, affordable and environmentally friendly, all the inputs add up to less than 60,000 U.S. dollars.


      And my monthly expenses, but also only a few thousand dollars is completely enough, and this expense, just my current salary can all cover, as for the rest of that money, can only exist in the bank account, has completely lost circulation, earn more money, the future is also a handful of all donated to charity um, so for me, I feel like I might as well just be here dedicated to teaching.


      Ye Chen asked in amazement: "Are you not prepared to leave a generous amount of money for your own children?


      He Yuanjiang laughed: "This I really have no idea, my daughter is about the same age as you, her state of life and I'm similar, will make money, but simply will not spend money, but also completely no incentive to spend money.




      Ye Chen heard this, can not help but feel a little difficult


      He Yuanjiang obviously not interested in money, only want to teach and educate people, in this case, what he took to impress him, so that he is willing to do with himself


      Ye Chen thought about it, but he did not think of a good way.


      However, a black-and-white sketch on the wall of He Yuanjiang's office attracted his attention.


      That sketch sketch, only the shape of a tree, does not look peculiar, and even the majority of people are difficult to distinguish the tree's species through the shape of the tree.


      However, Ye Chen still looked at the painting and said with interest: "Professor He, this sketch sketch, did you draw it yourself?


      He Yuanjiang asked curiously: "How do you know I didn't put my name on it either.




      Ye Chen laughed: "Because I know this tree


      "Oh" He Yuanjiang hurriedly asked him: "Since you know this tree, can you tell me about it?


      Ye Chen nodded and smiled, "Professor He, the tree you drew is actually a redwood tree in California."


      He Yuanjiang was slightly stunned, and then Ye Chen continued: "In fact, this sketch of yours should be taken out of the Stanford University emblem. If I remember correctly, the design in the middle of the Stanford University emblem is such a redwood tree."


      He Yuanjiang asked with surprise, "Is Mr. Ye also a Stanford graduate?"