Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2605-2606

 Chapter 2605

Mike is young and vigorous, and has a strong sense of justice in his bones, so he was instinctively a little unable to accept it when Mai Chengxing said this.


      But when he really sank down to think about it, he felt that Grandpa Tai's words were indeed very reasonable.


      The biggest difference between feng shui masters and ordinary people is that they are able to predict a person's future fortune through face reading, through feng shui, and through divination. 


      This is definitely an ability that can be described as counter-intuitive to ordinary people.


      And the more people who master this skill, in fact, the more resolutely to eliminate the saintly heart, because once the opening of sympathy for others, you will drag yourself into the mire.


      He finally figured out why those professional killers in domestic and foreign films and dramas must be paid to do things for people.


      Even if he really sympathizes with the other party, really willing to risk his life to avenge the other party, but also to symbolically charge the other party a dollar, a penny.


      This, is their professional ethics, unshakeable professional ethics.


      As for the underlying reason, is the grandfather said so, they have only employers in their eyes, but also only for the employer's service, the death of others, and they have nothing to do.


      The dollar, or a penny, is the key to distinguish between ordinary people and employers.


      Without this dollar, or a penny, there are too many poor people under the sky, there are too many poor people who have been forced into a desperate situation, and who can help over


      Thinking through this layer, he said to Mai Chengxing with a pious face: "Grandpa, I understand your words, I will certainly remember your teachings in the future


      Mai Chengxing nodded his head and said incomparably serious: "It's good that you understand this truth.


      He said, he could not help but sigh: "The Mai family has been in the feng shui art for thousands of years, and has been ranked among the top five feng shui families, but since my father decided to move the family to the United States, your grandfather and your father were born in the United States, and were seriously corrupted by Western culture, so that they both have little in-depth study of the feng shui art, and simply do not have the potential to become masters. If you are not enlightened before I die, then our family will definitely disappear from the five feng shui families in the future!


      Mike hurriedly said: "Grandpa, don't worry, I will do my best to preserve the reputation of the Mai family."


      Mike Chengxing nodded slightly, sighed softly and said, "Hey, it's just, let's not talk about this first, let's take a good look around this school and see if there are any special gains."


      Jinling University of Finance and Economics, is a relatively small university, the whole school teachers and students together is only 10,000, compared to the comprehensive university of 30,000 to 40,000 people, from the scale of the number. The number of people is indeed much worse.


      However, despite the small number of people, but the area is really not small.


      Moreover, although Jinling University of Finance and Economics is not as good as Jinling University in terms of overall ranking, its economic management discipline has always been ranked among the best in the country and is considered the most outstanding professional discipline.


      Therefore, many rich people will send their children here, so that they can learn economic management, to be able to better take over the family industry in the future.


      In fact, before Wu Qi's accident, I think his brother Wu Xin, Wu Donghai still likes him a little more.


      Although Wu Xin is the eldest son, but belongs to the kind of all aspects are relatively general, nothing outstanding.


      Originally Wu Donghai gave him high hopes, sent him to the United States to study, but who would have thought that after Wu Xin arrived in the United States, every day and the gang of Chinese rich generation mixed together, every day to drive sports cars, parties, drinking and picking up girls, all day drunk.


      Later Wu Donghai came to understand that not every child sent abroad to study can be successful.


      In fact, a large proportion of these children, after leaving the country without parental control is completely ruined.


      Only a very few self-disciplined children are able to maintain themselves and improve in the tempting environment overseas.


      Therefore, in order to let the gifted Wu Qi not to take a detour, he did not let Wu Qi take the old path of Wu Xin, but let him through his own efforts to participate in the college entrance examination, into the Jinling College of Finance and Economics.

Chapter 2606

Wu Qi this kid is also really smart, otherwise it is not possible to give the little girl brainwashing means of practicing the fire, only unfortunately, smart so that he eventually took a detour, was Ye Chen turned into a shit-swallowing beast.


      Grandfather and grandson walked around the campus, Mike then opened his mouth and asked: "Grandfather Tai, do you think that the expert who gave Wu Donghai's son a psychological suggestion, is in this school


      The first thing that I can't say for sure is that Wu Donghai's son was in this school when the accident happened.


      After saying that, McDonald instructed: "Mike, you are young, wait a while between classes, find some students to inquire about Wu Qi, especially what he had contact with before the accident, must first find out


      "Okay, Grandpa


      At this moment, a BMW 530, passed slowly by the ancestors and grandchildren.


      Sitting in the driver's seat was Ye Chen.


      He had already asked Wang Dongxue to make an appointment with He Yuanjiang in advance, so he drove directly into the school. Once he heard that it was an appointment with Professor He, the security guard did not stop him, but also enthusiastically told Ye Chen the route.


      At this time, Ye Chen happened to drive past the artificial lake of Jinling University of Finance and Economics.


      This was also the second time Ye Chen came to Jinling University of Finance and Economics.


      Last time, at the request of Qin Aoxue, he came to persuade her female classmate who wanted to commit suicide.


      It was also that time that he learned that there were still trash in the university campus that specialized in brainwashing girls and making them hurt themselves and commit suicide.


      So, he slightly gave Wu Qi to a little psychological implication, then let Wu Qi's life became a gray.


      Ye Chen was feeling in his heart, his eyes were attracted by an old man and a young man walking on the roadside.


      The young man is not very old, looking at the early twenties, but the old man beside him is full of white hair, looks like at least eighty, ninety years old.


      Ye Chen felt that although the old man was very old, but it seems that the body and spirit are more robust, walking gait four and steady, and even a little relaxed.


      And his side of the young man, it seems to be supporting, in fact, just to make a look, the old man does not need to be supported from the side.


      What makes Ye Chen feel a little strange is that he feels that this old man, there is a familiar aura, this feeling, very much like the one he saw in the Ye Ling mountain Lai Qing Hua.


      But Ye Chen did not think much about it, so he drove directly past the two.


      What he cares more about now is the meeting with He Yuanjiang later on.


      This was the first time that Ye Chen came out to meet with people in his capacity as the chairman of the Dihao Group.


      Even when he first met Wang Dongxue, the identity he used was the young master of the Ye family, not the chairman of the Dihao Group.


      Therefore, he was more or less worried in his heart.


      If you can convince He Yuanjiang to cooperate with you, then everything is okay, but in case you can't convince him, then you are the chairman of the Empire Group's identity, is not the same as being exposed!


      He Yuanjiang is not one of his own men, then he is an uncontrollable factor, once the secret is grasped by uncontrollable people, the possibility of spreading the word will be geometrically increased.


      Whether He Yuanjiang would tell Han Meiqing, and whether Han Meiqing would tell his old man, this, Ye Chen also has no bottom in his heart.


      However, the project at hand is of great importance, so he can only go all out to talk to He Yuanjiang and try to take this bull down!