Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2601-2602

 Chapter 2601

Xiao Churan's words made Ye Chen's heart surge with a warm current.

        Over the years, Xiao Churan had given him too much tolerance, even when he was accused by a thousand people in the previous years, Xiao Churan had never complained about him, let alone had the idea of divorcing him.

        Now, when Xiao Churan said such words from her heart, it moved Ye Chen even more.

        However, he knew very well that Xiao Churan did not know his identity, nor did he know his current wealth, nor the ocean shipping project he was planning.

        He reckoned that Xiao Churan should think that she had started her business to be a small-scale studio and did not know that what she was going to do was a big project with tens of billions as the unit.

        Ye Chen also did not want her to worry too much, so he said with a smile, "Okay, just listen to my wife, I don't want to start a business, focus on doing a good job at home!"

        Xiao Churan then sighed with relief and smiled, "Fine, my career is taking off now anyway, I'll be responsible for supporting the family in the future."

        Ye Chen said seriously, "But wife, you must not work too hard, this project of the Empire Group is too big, if you are too busy to do it, just do a little less and subcontract it out to other companies."

        "That won't do." Xiao Churan said seriously, "Vice Chairman Wang Dongxue gave me such a big project, it's a trust in me, how can I let people down, I definitely have to do it well by myself with all my might on this project."

        After saying that, she looked at the time and said, "I have to hurry up and go out, you lazy pig, if you still don't remember, just sleep a little longer."

        Ye Chen sat up, stretched his back and said, "I'm not going to sleep either."

        Xiao Churan nodded and said, "Then go wash up first, I'll change and go to the office."

        Ye Chen was busy saying, "Don't forget to have dinner before you leave."

        Xiao Churan waved her hand, "I won't eat at home, it's a waste of time, I'll order a meal later and have it delivered directly to the office, when I get there the meal will also have arrived."

        Ye Chen sighed helplessly, "Alright then, take care of yourself, don't get tired."

        Xiao Churan smiled, "Don't worry, I know."

        Ye Chen remembered yesterday's incident of "spiking" Han Meiqing's millet porridge, and suddenly had a bright idea and said, "Right, wife, Dr. Shi has prepared a prescription to relieve fatigue, why don't I go back and prescribe some for you to take?"

        Xiao Churan's expression was a bit worried and she said daintily, "Is it Chinese medicine? I am most afraid of drinking Chinese medicine, it is really bitter to death, can you not drink it ......"

        Ye Chen was busy saying, "Don't worry, it's not a soup, it's a honey pill made into small pellets, like the Wuji Baifeng Pill kind."

        Xiao Churan breathed a sigh of relief and said with a smile, "That's good ...... as long as it's not boiled into a soup pill."

        Ye Chen nodded, "Then I'll go to Dr. Shi's Jishi Hall later and prescribe some for you, then you won't be so tired if you take a little every day."

        "Okay." Xiao Churan smiled sweetly, "Thank you, husband, I'll leave now!"

        Xiao Churan hurriedly drove away from home, and after Ye Chen briefly washed up, he took out his mobile phone and called Wang Dongxue.

        No matter if Wang Dongxue was allowed to do the ocean shipping business or not, he needed Wang Dongxue to give him some advice.

        After all, Wang Dongxue was a management professional and had more experience in this area than Ye Chen.

        When the call came through, Wang Dongxue's voice came through, "Young master, why are you calling me so early?"

        Ye Chen asked her, "Dongxue, are you still in Hong Kong?"

        "Yes." Wang Dongxue said, "Things are wrapping up here in Hong Kong, it's almost over, if you have an urgent matter for me, Young Master, I can fly back at noon at the earliest."

Chapter 2602

Ye Chen said, "That's not necessary, I'm calling you because I have a matter I want to ask you for advice."

        Wang Dongxue hurriedly said, "You are too polite, young master, if you have any questions, just tell me, I will do my best to answer them for you."

        Ye Chen said, "I am interested in trying out the ocean shipping industry, it just so happens that the Ito family in Japan can provide quite a lot of resources and help, and I have more than enough money in my own hands, so I would like to find an opportunity to get this business off the ground."

        "But the problem now is that I can't find a suitable person to take charge of this piece of project, and would like to ask if you have any good ideas, or if you can bring this piece of business up for the time being;"

        "If you can, I will definitely not be stingy with the salary piece, and will definitely give you a satisfactory account."

        After listening, Wang Dongxue said with immense seriousness, "Young master, if you need, I can do anything for you ......"

        Speaking of this, Wang Dongxue hesitated for a moment and added: "But a big project like ocean shipping, doing it casually, the start-up capital would cost billions and billions of dollars, it is indeed a big matter ......"

        "And although I'm doing quite well in the Empire Group, I'm mainly responsible for commercial real estate development projects, one is that I don't know much about the ocean shipping industry, and another is that I don't understand the rules of international trade either."

        "In particular, I don't understand the import and export trade regulations and tax related policies of other countries overseas, if you let me run this project, I may need a long time to understand all these situations first, and then build up the team, in that case, the preliminary preparation work may take several years ......"

        Hearing this, Ye Chen already understood Wang Dongxue's meaning in his heart, so he asked her, "Then you are more suggesting that I find someone with the right expertise?"

        "Yes." Wang Dongxue explained, "An industry like ocean shipping has to buttress the mainstream trading countries around the world."

        "The closer ones are Japan and Korea, followed by the oil producing countries in the Middle East as well as Australia, then Europe as well as North America;"

        "And that's just me picking up on the highlights, the other second tier countries don't have much demand singularly, but the total combined is still huge;"

        "If you want to get this business going, you first have to know the policies of these countries like the back of your hand, and you also have to have some local resources to be able to quickly interface with the local government as well as the ports."

        "So it has to be operated by someone who is very professional to make it feasible."

        Ye Chen asked her, "Then do you have any talents you can recommend?"

        "This ......" Wang Dongxue thought for a moment and said, "To be honest, I really have a very ideal candidate, only I don't know if he is willing."

        Ye Chen was busy saying, "What kind of person is it? If it's really suitable, I can go and talk to him."

        Wang Dongxue said seriously, "My professor when I was studying in America, he resigned and came to Jinling some time ago and is teaching at Jinling University of Finance and Economics."

        Ye Chen was startled and said offhandedly, "The person you are talking about, is his name He Yuanjiang?!"

        Wang Dongxue exclaimed, "Young master, you know Professor He?!"

        Ye Chen laughed, "I just met him last night, but I didn't have too much contact with him."

        Wang Dongxue was busy saying, "That's great! Professor He is really very impressive!"

        "He's a high achiever in Economics and Management himself, and before he went to teach at MIT, he worked in Silicon Valley and then on Wall Street, working for companies that were all big Fortune 500 companies, and in very high positions;"

        "He had an impeccable work history of twenty years, and then because his family suffered a bit of a change, he resigned from Wall Street and went to teach at MIT."

        Saying that, Wang Dongxue continued, "Young Master, from what I know about Professor He, there shouldn't be a second economic and management talent of his calibre to be found in China!"

        "Moreover, he has served in those multinational conglomerates overseas for many years, flying around several continents all year round, he knows the policies of the world's major trading countries like the back of his hand, and has many local resources everywhere;"

        "If we can convince him to join us, then this business of yours will definitely be able to start up in the fastest possible time and keep growing by leaps and bounds!"