Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2599-2600

 Chapter 2599

Early the next morning.


      The earliest high speed train from Suhang slowly docked at Jinling Railway Station.


      In the business cabin, an old man and a young grandfather and grandson came out, these two people are the American feng shui master Mai Chengxing, and his great-grandson Mike.


      Mike got out of the car, while reaching out to help McShing, while asking: "Grandpa, this time we came to Jinling, did you divine a fortune in advance, calculate whether this time is good or bad


      Mike knows his grandfather very well, he has been seeking stability for so many years, so has long developed a habit: as long as it is out of town, before going out will definitely divine a fortune to calculate the good and bad.


      Mai Chengxing mused: "Today at three o'clock, I started a trigram, but this time the trigram chaos and disorder, good and bad just about half of each.


      Each half of the fruit, full of surprise.


      Mike heard this knot


      He grew up with an ear for feng shui fortune has also studied, in fact, feng shui fortune, the most afraid to calculate the results of half of each, because this result is almost the same as no result, can not play any reference significance.


      The reason why feng shui fortune is sought after is because it can calculate the focus of each thing in the future development of the situation.


      Because of the world, the vast majority of things are not really half-good and half-bad, between good and bad, there must be a gap, only some gap is large, some gap is small.


      For example, a businessman wants to invest in a property in the next year, a truly capable feng shui master will be in the field after the survey, for him to measure the project's degree of good and bad.


      If you can figure out that the feng shui is lucky, the success rate is higher, so that the boss can continue to move forward with confidence;


      If you can calculate the feng shui deviation, the success rate is low, it can also let him act carefully, or even let him avoid a big hole.


      However, people are looking for you to ask the good and bad, you can not tell him that the good and bad half of each, then people find you to do what is the point of it!


      Therefore, the general divination divination out of the lucky half of this result, most of the strength is not, the level is limited.


      Divination is equal to no divination.


      However, he knew very well the skills of his grandfather, decades may not come out of such a result, so he hurriedly asked: "Grandpa, if it is really half of the good and bad, then does it mean that everything in Jinling is still unknown


      The reason for the unknown is that you can't see through it, so now I feel more and more firmly that this place is not ordinary, there must be very good people living here


      "For us, this time to Jinling, may not see the true face of Mount Lu, no success and return; may also get a great opportunity; there may also accidentally break a catastrophe


      "As the saying goes, misfortune is the blessing, blessing is the misfortune, since we can not see through the trend behind, then we want to get a good result, we can only do our best to do their own thing, in addition not to do any harm to heaven; harmful things, this is what the old ancestors said, but good deeds, do not ask the future.


      He said, he looked at Mike, serious exhortation: "We came to Jinling, you remember to keep a low profile low profile again low profile, encounter obstacles, Xu Xu Tu Tu, do not be impatient, also do not argue with anyone, understand?"


      Mike nodded solemnly and said, "Don't worry, Grandpa, I will follow your orders."


      "Yes." Mac Chengxing nodded his head slightly.


      He still knew this great-grandson of his very well. Although he was born in the United States, he was brought up with a national education and was a low-key and humble person who never caused any trouble.


      While talking, the grandfather and grandson had already left the train station, and Mike opened his mouth and asked: "Grandpa, where are we going at the first stop"


      Mac Chengxing said firmly: "To Jinling University of Finance and Economics Wu Donghai's son was in an accident there, we start looking for clues from there.


      "Good," Mike said: "Then you wait a moment, I will go across the street to rent a car.


      "No need." The company's main business is to provide a service to the public.


      The cab driver thought: "depends on where you want to go, how much road, I also have to calculate the gas and toll.

Chapter 2600

Mc Chengxing laughed: "I'll use the car within the city, a day down, estimated one or two hundred kilometers at most."


      The taxi driver said offhand: "Then you give two thousand dollars Baidu search: elite novel network


      Two thousand," exclaimed Mike aside: "You price a little too black it can not see us from the train station, it is subconsciously to rip us off ah"


      The cab driver's face was red, and then he said: "How about a thousand and a half?"


      Mike still wanted to speak, McDonald interrupted him with his hand, and said: "Two thousand, Mike, pay."


      Mike subconsciously said: "Grandpa, he just said a thousand and a half ah."


      The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.


      Mike suddenly a stirring, nodded hastily, from the wallet counted twenty hundred dollar bills handed over.


      In fact, he is not stingy, nor is he unable to afford two thousand dollars, but this feeling of others obviously slaughtering themselves makes him a bit unacceptable.


      However, once he thought of what his grandfather had said, that he should argue less with people, he immediately came back to his senses and then willingly paid out the money.


      The driver happily took the money, counted it carefully, and said: two of you please get in the car


      Mike helped McChrystal into the car, he went around to the other side and sat up.


      While driving towards the exit, the driver asked: "You two must be from abroad, right?"


      Mike asked curiously: "How do you know


      The driver laughed and said: "Who has nothing to bring thousands of dollars in cash out of the country, we are electronic payment, safe and save things.


      Mike nodded and said: "This is true, the domestic electronic payment is really very good, much more advanced than abroad.


      The driver proudly said: "Of course, a cashless society, look after we implement electronic payment, thieves are much less than before.


      The first stop for the two of you is to go where".




      Mike opened his mouth and said: "Go to Jinling University of Finance and Economics Ye Chen from last night until now, has been thinking about the matter of ocean shipping.


      He also realized that this is an excellent opportunity for development, just never thought about it, who should be manipulated.


      Ye Chen has self-awareness, he read less books, international trade, import and export trade and the collection and settlement of foreign exchange know very little, if he let himself to manage this project, he simply can not start.


      Therefore, to step into this industry, the first task to solve is to find a suitable person.


      Xiao Churan did not know Ye Chen's mind, she came out after washing, saw Ye Chen woke up still lying in bed dazed, so could not help but ask: "husband, what are you dazed early in the morning to think about it


      Ye Chen came back to his senses and laughed: "I'm, thinking about starting a business."


      "Business," Xiao Churan asked surprised: "You want to start a business ah"


      Ye Chen nodded and laughed: "There is this idea, just haven't found the entry point.


      Xiao Churan hurriedly said: "husband, I think you should not consider the matter of entrepreneurship."


      Ye Chen asked curiously: "Why?


      Xiao Churan said seriously: "Our family is not short of money, you usually read feng shui for others did not earn less, my side if the project of the Empire Group down, our family can not spend all the money, why do we have to go hard to start a business


      Ye Chen said seriously: "But wife, you yourself are not in hard business


      Xiao Churan sat down beside Ye Chen, holding his hand, said seriously: "Husband, entrepreneurship is indeed very hard, and there is no turning back the kind of bow, so I do not want you also so hard."


      Xiao Churan lamented: "These years you not only have to take care of me, take care of the home, take care of the orphanage Aunt Li, but also has been directed by my parents around, by parents and grandmother family despise, is hard enough, now it is easy to relax, why do you want to start a business!