Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2597-2598

 Chapter 2597

When he thought of the fact that he had never been to America, Xiao Changkun unconsciously hated Ma Lan in his heart.


      If it wasn't for her, I would have been a high achiever in the United States by now, maybe I would have been a professor at MIT or Harvard.


      He complained indignantly, "What happened was that I had just graduated from college and was completely trapped by this rubbish stock of Ma Lan, and I still haven't been able to get out of it."


      Ye Chen couldn't help but comfort him, "Come on dad, there are things you can't just think of in the most optimistic way, look at you now, although you are not too happy in your marriage, at least you are healthy, think about it from another perspective, if you are destined to be in a car accident when you arrive in the US, or to die in a shooting when you arrive in the US, mum trapping you in the country is tantamount to saving your s life."


      Xiao Changkun said with a depressed expression, "Don't fool me here, when we were young we were educated in materialism and Marxist theory, we didn't believe in fate, a Soviet revolutionary song sang back then 'There is never a savior, nor do we rely on the gods and emperors, my life was ruined by the hands of Ma Lan


      Ye Chen smiled helplessly and said:


      "Dad, how about


      Let's talk about that He Yuanjiang."


      Xiao Changkun hugged his arms and asked angrily, "What's so great about him? He's just a bit more educated, what's so great about him?


      Ye Chen said awkwardly, "That's all there is to it, isn't it?


      Xiao Changkun rubbed his temples: what a headache, hey Ye Chen, do you think he has a wife and children?


      Ye Chen thought about it, seriously said: "big night out running alone, I think he should not have; wife, but he is 55 years old, I think the children must have, according to this analysis, should have had more than a previous marriage history, but at the moment should be in a single state."


      The two of them are single, they are colleagues at the senior college, they both have many years of experience in the United States, and they both like sports and exercise, according to this analysis, it is most suitable for them to live together. I have nothing to do with it!


      The two of them would be perfect for each other, so there would be nothing for me to do," said Xiao Changkun, annoyed, "You said, he is a professor at MIT, but he came to teach at Jinling University of Finance and Economics.


      Ye Chen nodded and laughed: "Or a professor of economic management at MIT, the gold content is very high.


      Xiao Changkun asked curiously: "Do you know MIT


      "A little.


      Ye Chen said seriously: "Massachusetts


      After all, it is the world's first in these two years, but the strongest Massachusetts is not economic management disciplines, but science and technology, electronic engineering, aerospace these, economic management of the best should be Stanford and Harvard.


      Xiao Changkun asked curiously: "How do you know so well, I remember you only studied one year in college ah.


      Ye Chen said casually, "If you've never eaten pork, you've never seen a pig run.


      In fact, when Ye Chen was very young, he knew the universities in the United States like the back of his hand.


      It wasn't that he wanted to go to America himself, but his mother had grown up in America and was a Stanford graduate.


      Moreover, Stanford University is located next to Silicon Valley, the famous high-tech industrial base of the United States.


      Many of the biggest Internet leaders in Silicon Valley studied at Stanford University and then graduated to start their own businesses in Silicon Valley.


      Most of the first generation of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs who graduated from Stanford in the early 90s and worked in Silicon Valley were classmates of Ye Chen's mother back then.


      When Ye Chen was young, he would often hear his mother talk about the characteristics of American universities, especially Stanford, and he often heard her talk about it.


      Ye Chen remembers that when he was five or six years old and followed his mother to visit her family in the United States, she even took him on a tour of Stanford University.

Chapter 2598

At that time, he and his mother were accompanied by many familiar figures from Silicon Valley, but at that time, they were not well known, but now, any mention of any of them would be internationally known.


      If it wasn't for his parents' accident, Ye Chen's life path would have been to study in the US first, and after his MBA at Stanford, he would have stayed in Silicon Valley to start his own business, or returned to China to help his father.


      Unfortunately, the car accident when he was eight years old completely changed his life trajectory and prevented him from even finishing his undergraduate studies.


      Thinking of this, Ye Chen could not help but feel a bit melancholy and emotional.


      Xiao Changkun, who was unaware of this, saw Ye Chen's melancholy face and asked, "Ye Chen, what's wrong with you?


      The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.


      Xiao Changkun froze for a moment, shook his head and said: "I didn't see that you were quite humorous.


      Ye Chen smiled lightly and didn't say any more.


      In the early hours of this night, Su Shoudao arrived at the Jinling Buckingham Palace.


      Although the journey from the hotel lobby to the room was very smooth, Su Shoudao was still a bit dissatisfied.


      The reason for his dissatisfaction was that his luxury suite, which was far away from the presidential suite reserved by Yohiko Ito, was not even on the same floor.


      The Presidential Suite at Buckingham Palace is on the top floor of the entire hotel. The top floor is divided into two zones, East and West, with the East Zone being the Presidential Suite, and several rooms allotted to the Presidential Suite, and the West Zone, the Executive Zone.


      Yohiko Iten and his entourage had chartered the entire East Zone, while the entire West Zone was isolated by Richard Chen, where Su Ruoli, Su Zhiyu and Du Haiqing, all lived.


      Su Shoudao's men, who had no way to book a room on the top floor, really had no choice but to book a luxury suite for him.


      This luxury suite was on the second top floor, which was the highest room that could be booked, and the closest to Ito Yohiko.


      What Su Shoudao was unaware of was that his wife, and his two daughters, were living above him at the moment.


      But he couldn't be bothered to think about the whereabouts of his wife and children right now, because he couldn't wait to take down the Ito family and thus further lay the foundation for his future succession to the Su family.


      So, after he arrived at the room, he immediately held a conference call, pulling in all his men in Yanjing and Jinling, and said in a cold voice: "Listen up, I have two tasks for you now. The first task is that those of you in Yanjing must closely monitor the recent movements of the Ye family, to see if any Ye family members have left Yanjing or gone to Jinling recently, or whether any Ye family members have ever been to Jinling."


      Su Shoudao felt that in order to find out whether Ito Yohiko had come to Jinling to discuss cooperation with the Ye family or not, the most important thing was to find out whether any Ye family members had come to Jinling to meet with Ito Yohiko.


      After all, Ito Yohiko was the head of the entire Ito family, and even though he had started to let Ito Nanae take over the family business, his position in the family was still the highest.


      If the Ye family really wanted to talk to him about cooperation, at least it would have to be the oldest, Ye Changkong, who would come over and meet with Ito Yohiko.


      For such an important collaboration, even if the old man, Ye Zhongquan, came over personally, there was nothing wrong with that.


      Immediately afterwards, he issued a second task: "People in Jinling must keep a close eye on Ito Yohiko, find out his activities in Jinling, including where he has been, who he has met and what he has talked to, and find out as much as possible!