Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2591-2592

 Chapter 2591

Ye Chen now had a relatively sufficient amount of capital in his hands, and he still had Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical, a money printing machine that was constantly making money, so starting up ocean shipping was really not a difficult task for him.

        Whether it was setting up a company, docking a dock or leasing a cargo ship, there was no problem with the funds.

        However, the most crucial problem was that if one was to start such a large piece of new business, one must have someone who was capable enough to help him take care of it.

        The first person Ye Chen thought of was Wang Dongxue.

        It went without saying that Wang Dongxue's ability and character was absolutely trustworthy.

        However, the only problem was that Wang Dongxue also had to manage the Dihao Group, so if she was to take on the responsibility of ocean shipping, I was afraid that she would be too busy to do it.

        After thinking about it for a moment, Ye Chen decided to wait for Wang Dongxue to return from Hong Kong and talk to her first to see if she had any good ideas or if she knew any other talents who were good at management.

        He then said to the crowd, "Thank you all for your suggestions, I will give the matter of ocean shipping some careful consideration."

        Ito Yohiko hurriedly said, "If Mr Ye wants to do it, I will definitely give my full support!"

        Song Wanting also said without hesitation, "Master Ye, Wanting is also willing to support you unconditionally!"

        Qin Gang hurriedly said, "Master Ye, and me too! When we return tonight, I will give Li Tailai a call, he has deep roots in Haicheng and also seems to have a stake in its port, if you choose Haicheng as your main pier and base, with his assistance you will be able to get twice the result with half the effort!"

        Ye Chen nodded and said, "It's good, you can ask Li Tailai about the situation for me, I'll give it a comprehensive consideration after I go back."

        Qin Gang hurriedly agreed, "Okay Master Ye!"

        Just as Ye Chen was at the dinner table, having his heart set on ocean shipping, Master Su, who was also eating at his lakeside villa in Suhang, suddenly received a tip-off.

        Immediately after listening to the tip, he said to Su Shoudao with a dark face, "Shoudao, I just got word that Ito Yohiko of the Ito family has gone to Jinling!"

        "What?!" Su Shoudao exclaimed, "Dad, how could Ito Yohiko go to Jinling? The Ito family doesn't seem to have any business in Jinling."

        The old man, Su Chengfeng, said with a grave expression on his face, "Although I don't know exactly what business the Ito family has in Jinling, I think this time it's not simple because a bear-like and his sister, as well as his loyal subordinate, have chosen to stay at the Buckingham Palace in Jinling!"

        "Buckingham Palace?!" Su Shoudao blurted out, "Isn't that the Ye family's property?"

Chapter 2592

"Right!" Su Chengfeng gritted his teeth and said, "Jinling was already in the Ye family's sphere of influence, it belongs to the Ye family's territory, Ito Yohiko suddenly going to Jinling is strange enough in itself, and choosing to stay at the Ye family's hotel, this is even more a bit dangerous."

        Su Shoudao was busy asking, "Dad, are you worried that the Ito family will cooperate with the Ye family?"

        "Yes." Su Chengfeng said seriously, "At present, our ocean shipping industry is suspended across the board, and for a while the whole industry is in turmoil, on the one hand because we have stopped sailing, there is a big gap in demand for international shipping that is not being met, and freight rates are not considered to be rising, on the other hand, all these chartered ships in our hands are going to be released to ship owners, and once they are released to ship owners, these ships will become other Once they are released to the shipowners, these ships will become the object of competition among other families and enterprises, the most threatening of which is the Ye family!"

        Su Shoudao pondered for a moment and said, "Dad, if the Ye family really hooks up with the Ito family, that would be too bad for us! It's possible that the Ye family will completely overtake the Su family because of this opportunity!"

        Su Chengfeng hmmed and said grimly, "So right now there are several tasks that urgently need to be solved by you."

        Su Shoudao hurriedly stood up and said, "Dad, if there is anything I need to do, just give me an order."

        Su Chengfeng said, "I want you to go to Jinling, first find out what Ito Yohiko's motive is for going to Jinling, then find a way to establish contact with Ito Yohiko, then try to get cooperation with the Ito family, then the conditions can also be higher, first make the Ito family give up cooperation with the Ye family, then slowly build up cooperation with them, this time the top still I don't know how long the top will punish us, we have to be prepared for both!"

        Su Shoudao was busy saying, "Dad, if I also go to Jinling, then you will have no one to take care of you in Suhang, Zhi Fei is now in Jinling and can't get away for a while."

        "Don't worry about me." Su Chengfeng said indifferently, "No one knows I'm in Suhang now, so even if the outside world scolds me, there's nothing they can do about it, so just hurry up and get the Ito family's business done! Even if there's no way to reach a partnership with the Ito family, we must never let them get involved with the Ye family, once they get involved with the Ye family, then we'll be in big trouble!"

        In Su Chengfeng's eyes, the Ye family had always been his sworn enemy.

        The Su family and the Ye family were like two bullies in the village. In terms of fighting power, the Su family was slightly stronger than the Ye family, but if these two sides really fought, the Su family would not be able to win easily. Therefore, there has not been any major conflict between the two sides in the real sense.

        Now, the Su family has accidentally broken their foot and cannot recover from the injury for a while, so their fighting power is weaker than the Ye family's. The two sides have swapped situations, but neither side dares to fight the other to the death.

        However, at this time, the bully from the next village had gone to the Ye family as a guest, and the Su family's greatest fear was that the Ye family and the bully from the next village would join forces against him, and if that were the case, the Su family would hardly be able to fight.

        Su Shoudao spoke up at this time, "Dad, if they both reach a consensus, then it's a nail in the coffin for them to start cooperation next, it's hard for us to sway their choice!"

        Su Chengfeng said indifferently, "It doesn't matter if we can't influence their choice, the big deal is to find a way to kill Ito Yohiko in Jinling, and then dump the blame on the Ye family. Didn't they just try to get Zhi Fei and Zhi Yu killed and then dump the pot on the Ito family?"

        Su Shoudao said with some hesitation, "Dad, we are already encountering a lot of problems now, Ruoli, Zhiyu, and Du Haiqing, these are all places where the outside world is targeting the Su family, if we continue to make such moves, in case it really comes out, the consequences would be unthinkable!"

        Su Chengfeng said in a cold voice: "Unthinkable? I'll tell you what's unthinkable! Once the Ye family and the Ito family have reached a partnership, they will definitely take advantage of this opportunity to expand rapidly in the field of ocean shipping, and will probably destroy all our roots in a few months' time. If we lose this business, our strength will be shorter than that of the Ye family, and if we lose this business and it is picked up by the Ye family, then this is the opposite and we will be even more inferior to the Ye family! "

        Said Su Chengfeng with a cold expression, "No matter what, we can't lose this big piece of pie of ocean shipping! Even if I can't eat this bowl of rice, I will still smash the Ye family's rice bowl! If I can't eat this bowl of rice, anyone else can eat it, but not the Ye family!"