Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2583-2584

 Chapter 2583

While Xiao Changkun was running his legs after Han Meiqing at the riverside, Ye Chen was only a few kilometres away from the Song family's manor house in the far outskirts of Jinling, and only the last few kilometres remained.


      At this moment, in the banquet hall of the Song family's manor, the father and daughter of the Ito family, as well as Emi Ito and Koichi Tanaka, were talking with the Song senior accompanied by Song Wanting.


      The cooperation between the Song family and Nippon Steel was made possible by Ye Chen's cure of Shinwa Watanabe, the chairman of Nippon Steel, but it was also thanks to Yohiko Ito for pulling the strings.


      Moreover, after Song Wanting had an accident in Japan and was saved by Ye Chen, it was also thanks to the Ito family to take care of her.


      Therefore, Elder Song was very polite to these guests from the Ito family.


      As for Ito Nana-chan, she was busy chatting with Song Wanting about the whispers between women, and the two kept exchanging pleasantries, often laughing uncontrollably, as if they were good sisters.


      The Akita dog that Nanae Ito had brought with her was lying at her feet, staring around curiously with round eyes.


      Just in time, Qin Gang brought Qin Ao Xue, father and daughter, and arrived at the Song family one step ahead of Ye Chen.


      The two of them just entered the banquet hall, Song Wanting hurriedly got up and waved to Qin Aoxue: "Aoxue, come over here"


      The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.


      The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time. In addition, she was originally weaker than Ito Nana-chan, and she only managed to defeat her by relying on Ye Chen's pills, so she was a bit ashamed.


      The next thing she knew, she saw the Akita lying at Ito's feet and was instantly attracted by the dog's naive appearance, squealing: "Wow, is that Momotaro?


      With that, she rushed over.


      With this shout, she drew the attention of the others to her.


      Qin Gang was a little embarrassed all of a sudden and said to Elder Song and the rest of the Ito family, "Sorry everyone, this girl is usually unruly and always makes a fuss


      After saying that, he was about to reprimand Qin Aoxue, but Qin Aoxue had already run to the Akita dog and squatted down to tease the dog.


      Qin Gang shook his head helplessly, but then Elder Song said with a smile, "Mr. Qin, come and sit down, I'd like to introduce you to Mr. Ito of the Ito family in Japan."


      Qin Gang hurriedly walked . He shook hands with each member of the Ito family and said apologetically, "I'm sorry for what I just said, but my daughter likes to play with cats and dogs all day long, so please bear with me.


      Ito Yohiko laughed, "Mr. Qin, there is no need to be so polite, all young girls are like that, your family's Ao Xue, and our family's Nana-chan are similar in age, although they are both in their early twenties, they are still little girls at heart, I can't understand this state of affairs more."


      Qin Gang nodded and laughed: "Indeed, our children are about the same age, and they both love to practice martial arts.


      Ito Yohiko laughed and said, "I used to like to control my child, not only let her learn martial arts, but also let her learn qin, chess, calligraphy and painting, and even the tea ceremony and flower arrangement, always thinking of raising her to be a real lady in the true sense of the word."


      At this point, Ito Yohiko sighed and added: "But now I have realized that as long as the child is happy and does not go astray, that is enough.


      "Yes." Qin Gang nodded and smiled, saying, "I can't control her now, so I don't bother to do so either.


      Over here, Qin Ao Xue's attention was almost entirely drawn to the Akita dog.


      She stroked the Akita's head while looking at Nanaeko Ito with an expectant look on her face and asked, "Nanaeko, is this dog really for me?


      "Yes" Ito Nana-chan nodded and smiled, saying seriously, "His name is Momotaro, he is a little boy, although he is a boy, he has a very good temper and is very gentle, from now on he will ask you to take good care of him"

Chapter 2584

Qin Ao Xue was extraordinarily excited and said gratefully, "Nana-chan, thank you so much"


      Ito Nana-chan laughed and said, "We are all friends, why are you so polite.


      Qin Ao Xue blushed and said, "I'm sorry that I hurt you in the competition. The first time I saw you, I didn't have a chance to say sorry.


      Ito Nana-chan said, "Since it's a competition, there are bound to be winners and losers, and people get hurt, so we all compete fairly.


      Qin Ao Xue said sheepishly, "But I was so embarrassed when I was


      All of a sudden, Qin Aoxue didn't know how to explain.


      After a moment, she gritted her teeth and blurted out, "But I didn't win you on my own, I relied on Master Ye's help, so in the end, it was my fault for winning that competition.


      Ito Nanaeko smiled slightly and said seriously: "Ao Xue, everyone has their own different encounters, just like some people have more advanced fighting skills, while others have better ways to strengthen their bodies, so there is nothing wrong with winning. In the end, I can't thank you enough!


      "Ah" Qin Ao Xue asked in surprise: "There is still such a thing"


      Ito Nanaeko nodded: "It may sound outrageous, but it is indeed the case, if it wasn't for Ye Chenjun's special trip to Kyoto in order to treat my injuries, then I would have been a dead man by now.


      Hearing this, Song Wanting on the side suddenly felt a little sour in her heart.


      Before she met Ito Nana-chan, she had thought that she was the only woman who had allowed Ye Chen to go all the way to rescue her.


      But it turned out that Ye Chen was the same for Nanaeko Ito.


      As she sighed and lamented, Song Wanting also came to her senses and could not help but mentally remind herself: "Song Wanting, Song Wanting, how can you be jealous of a young girl?


      When she thought of this, she couldn't help but sigh and inwardly became frustrated.


      Hearing her sigh, Ito Nana-chan hurriedly asked, "What's wrong with you, sister Wanting?


      Song Wanting quickly denied it: "No, I just thought of how I almost died in Japan thanks to Master Ye's rescue, so I couldn't help but feel a bit sad.


      I can't help but feel a bit of emotion.


      Ito Nanaiko nodded empathetically.


      The reason why she and Song Wanting got along so well and treated her like a sister was that they were so similar in many ways.


      They were both young ladies from large families, but they had both been in danger of almost dying more than once, and both had been saved by Ye Chen when their lives were at stake.


      More importantly, Ito Nanaiko could see that Song Wanting, like herself, was deeply in love with Ye Chen.


      Therefore, having such similar experiences made her feel a sense of sympathy deep inside.