Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2579-2580

 Chapter 2579

Seeing Han Meiqing agree to let himself take her to the bedroom, Xiao Changkun's heart was bursting with excitement.


      Ever since Han Meiqing returned, Xiao Changkun had been looking forward to the opportunity to relive his old dreams with her.


      The usual Han Meiqing was beautiful and dignified, and very independent, so it was not easy to get close to such a woman.


      But Xiao Changkun knows in his heart that a woman who is strong inside will immediately turn into a Lin Daiyu who needs to be cared for by a man as soon as she falls ill.


      At this time, even the strongest women will remove their defences.


      Xiao Changkun diligently helped Han Meiqing into the villa lift and went all the way to the third floor.


      After directing Xiao Changkun to take her into the bedroom, Han Meiqing laid down on the bed with Xiao Changkun's help.


      Xiao Changkun diligently helped her to put two pillows behind her so that she could comfortably lean on the soft head of the bed.


      After lying down, Han Meiqing said to Xiao Changkun, somewhat weakly, "Changkun, I am still very cold, please help me to cover up the blanket. "


      Xiao Changkun said seriously, "Meiqing, you have a high fever now, it's not good to stay wrapped up in the blanket, it's not good for cooling your body, or your body temperature will get higher and higher.


      Han Meiqing nodded and said helplessly:But I really feel very cold now, from my head to my feet, my whole body keeps swaying, just help me cover up the blanket"


      Xiao Changkun sighed and said, "How about this, I'll first help you put the covers on to warm you up, then I'll go to the bathroom now and put a tub of warm water on for you, and while I'm doing that, I'll feed you something to eat, and later you'll go take a bath in the bathtub."


      Han Meiqing asked in confusion, "Can I take a bath with a fever?"


      "Of course you can." Xiao Changkun said, "The most important thing is to cool down your fever, soaking in a warm bath can quickly help bring down your body temperature and also relieve fatigue to a great extent.


      What Xiao Changkun said was true, whether it was an adult or a child, a bath can effectively lower the body temperature in the case of fever, but it also depends on the situation, if the body is too weak, it is naturally inappropriate.


      Xiao Changkun let Han Meiqing take a bath, partly out of concern, and partly because he thought he could use it to bring the two closer together, or even use it to make a final breakthrough.


      After all, if a weak woman wants to take a bath, she will need to help herself before and after, and that situation is definitely the best time to launch further attacks.


      The woman was not thinking much about it, she just felt that it was too unbearable, suffering from the bone-chilling cold she could only feel when she had a fever, and suffering from the discomfort caused by the high fever, the whole person was in great pain.


      Xiao Changkun said incomparably solicitous, "Oh, you're welcome, you wait, I'll put the water on for you first. Put it on."


      After saying that, Xiao Changkun hurried to the bathroom, opened the mixing valve of the bathtub, tested the water temperature and felt that there was no problem, then he hurriedly came out of the bathroom and said to Han Meiqing on the bed, "Meiqing, I'd better feed you something first, eat something to be able to resist."


      Han Meiqing nodded weakly and said, "I don't seem to have much appetite or taste with this fever, so why don't you just feed me two bites of millet porridge?"


      Xiao Changkun said, "Millet porridge is rich in carbohydrates, it can replenish energy at such times, and most importantly, it is also very nourishing to the stomach, most suitable for sick patients.


      Han Meiqing was moved and said, "Chang Kun, I'm sorry for your trouble.


      "Xiao Changkun hastily opened the lunch box containing the millet congee and took out the spoon given to him by the restaurant, he first scooped a spoonful for himself, tasted it carefully and said, "Well, the temperature is just right.


      As he said that, he hurriedly ladled another spoonful and passed it to Han Meiqing's mouth.

Chapter 2580

Although Han Meiqing had no appetite at all, she forced herself to open her mouth and eat a spoonful of millet congee, thinking that she had to be energised and nourished when she was ill.

        To her amazement, as soon as the millet congee entered her belly, she felt an extraordinary hot current flowing down her oesophagus into her stomach and melting away in her stomach, followed by a warming sensation all over her body.

        The warmth was rare for Han Meiqing, who had been feeling cold, and her whole body instantly felt more comfortable, so she couldn't help but exclaim: "Changkun, this millet congee is really comfortable to drink!

        Xiao Changkun laughed, "That's because I've been studying a lot about health care, so I've had experience with it for a long time.

        This is the wisdom of our old Chinese ancestors", he said, passing the soup spoon to Han Meiqing's mouth, smiling, "Meiqing, hurry up and take two more bites!

        Han Meiqing nodded, that bite of millet porridge just now made her feel that her entire spirit, had been restored to some extent, so she did not hesitate to take another bite.

        It was reasonable to say that the efficacy of this Spring Return Pill was indeed very strong.

        A Spring Return Pill could heal someone on the spot who was on the verge of death, it was simply a supreme remedy for healing the sick and saving people.

        Therefore, dealing with a fever and cold like Han Meiqing's was simply like an anti-aircraft cannon hitting a mosquito.

        However, although the medicinal effect of the Spring Return Pill was very strong, Ye Chen had also deliberately controlled the amount of medicine.

        He only scraped off a tiny bit of powder from a Spring Return Pill and put it into the congee. The amount of medicine was already very small, and when it was diluted by a bowl of congee, the amount of medicine that could really be consumed in each bite was actually minimal.

        But even so, two mouthfuls of the congee made Han Meiqing feel much more comfortable.

        As a result, Han Meiqing's body and mental state became better and better without her realising it, and her appetite became better and better, and within a short time, a bowl of congee was consumed by her.

        Xiao Changkun saw that Han Meiqing had eaten so much porridge and looked much better, so he sighed with relief, "Meiqing, I see that you look much better!

        Han Meiqing asked, "Is that so? I feel much better myself.

        Xiao Changkun laughed and said, "You don't say, this millet porridge is effective, as the old saying goes, grains and cereals are the most nourishing.

        The first thing that I want to do is to see if the water is ready, and then I'll help you get into the bath.

        Han Meiqing nodded: "OK, you go ahead, it's hard for you Chang Kun"

        "What's polite." Xiao Changkun smiled and waved his hand, hurriedly put down his utensils, took a step and went into the bathroom.

        As soon as he entered the bathroom, Xiao Changkun rubbed his hands with excitement.

        In his heart, he could not help but feel, "Oh, it's been almost thirty years since Mei Qing and I separated.

        The water was already half full, and he reached out to test the temperature of the water.

        So, he hurriedly turned around and went out of the bathroom, and as he walked out, he said excitedly, "Meiqing, the water is ready, you go and soak me!