Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2571-2572

 Chapter 2571

"Ye Chen?" When Song Wanting heard Ito Nanaeko's question, and then saw her big eyes full of expectation, she couldn't help but feel a little sad in her heart, "It seems that this little girl, her feelings for Ye Chen are really deep in her bones, but she lives in Japan most of the time, so I really don't know what she should do in the future."

        Immediately afterwards, she thought of herself and couldn't help but laugh at herself, "I'm just feeling sorry for her, but how can I not be the same? Although Ye Chen and I both live in the same city, he is after all a married man, and it's not so easy for me to meet with him in general."

        Thinking of this, she really sighed and said to Ito Nana-chan, "I haven't really seen Ye Chen these days, the last time I saw him was the time I went to Qin Ao Xue's house for a dinner gathering."

        Ito Nanaeko nodded somewhat disappointedly and sighed, "Well, I don't know if I'll have the chance to meet Ye Chen Jun more this time ......"

        Song Wanting asked in surprise, "You didn't tell him this time you came?"

        Ito Nanaeko shook her head, "I haven't told him yet."

        Song Wanting was busy saying, "Why didn't you tell him in advance? Do you want me to call him now and invite him to dinner at home tonight?"

        Ito Nanaeko blushed a little and said, "I ...... I actually want to give Ye Chenjun a surprise ......"

        After saying that, she looked at Song Wanting and asked with an expectant look, "Sister Wanting, can I trouble you with one thing?"

        Song Wanting smiled faintly and asked her, "Do you want me to call Ye Chen and invite him to dinner at home while not being able to tell him that you have arrived in Jinling."

        "Yes!" Ito Nana-chan could not hide her excitement and said, "Can you help me, sister Wanting?"

        In fact, Song Wanting herself, like Ito Nana-chan, had been devoted to Ye Chen for a long time.

        So, in the end, the two were actually still love rivals.

        It was just that Ito Nanaeko was already a few years younger than Song Wanting and was pretty and cute, and the way she was now looking at Song Wanting with her face full of expectation and a sparkle in her eyes made Song Wanting couldn't help but feel love and pity.

        Seeing her like a little girl in love, Song Wanting couldn't bear to say no, so she said reluctantly, "Alright, since you want to surprise him so much, I'll trick him into coming to the house."

        "Great!" Ito Nanaeko danced with excitement and said, "Thank you, sister Wanting! I'm really grateful to you!"

        Song Wanting shook her head helplessly, she had to admit that this little Japanese girl was so pampered that she could not resist even a woman herself.

        So, she had to take out her mobile phone and call Ye Chen.

        At this moment, Ye Chen was busy in the greenhouse vegetable garden at home.

        The compost that Xiao Churan had made a few years ago had almost matured. This organic fertiliser made from leaves, vegetable leaves and food waste was green and non-polluting, and was perfect for growing flowers and vegetables at home.

        Originally, Ye Chen and Xiao Churan had been working together on the greenhouse at home, but now that Xiao Churan had taken over the renovation project of the Empire Group, she was too busy every day, so Ye Chen took the initiative to take over all these matters.

        While he was busy fertilising, his mobile phone kept vibrating in his pocket, Ye Chen took out his phone and saw that it was Song Wanting calling, so he picked up and asked, "Wanting, what do you want from me?"

        "Master Ye ......" Song Wanting glanced at Ito Nanaeko and hurriedly said, "I want to ask if you have time to have dinner at my home tonight?"

        Ye Chen already knew from Richard Chen that Ito Yuuhiko was going to stay at Buckingham Palace today, so he also presumed that Ito Nanaeko would definitely go to Song Wanting's house, and at this time Song Wanting called to invite him for dinner, guessing that the odds were that she would be with Ito Nanaeko.

Chapter 2572

However, Song Wanting didn't explicitly say so over the phone, so Ye Chen couldn't directly show that he already knew the exact situation, so he pretended to be curious and asked, "Why do you suddenly want to invite me to dinner?"

        Song Wanting busily said, "It's like this. Grandpa said that he hadn't had the chance to invite you to his home recently, so he wanted me to ask if you had time to come over for dinner this evening."

        Ye Chen didn't expect that Song Wanting's remark was that Elder Song wanted to invite himself for dinner, never mentioning the matter of Ito Nana-chan, guessing that it should be because Ito Nana-chan wanted to give himself a surprise.

        When he thought of the beautiful, generous, gentle and quiet Yamato Nadeshiko, Ye Chen's heart was filled with longing for her, and the scene of his walk with her on a snowy night in Kyoto came back to him.

        After a moment of contemplation, Ye Chen said to Song Wanting, "Since it is an invitation from the old man, I naturally cannot refuse.

        When Song Wanting saw that Ye Chen had agreed, she said happily, "That's really great, do you want me to drive over to pick you up?"

        Ye Chen smiled, "Don't bother, my father-in-law happens to be at home, I'll drive his car there later."

        "Good." Song Wanting said with joy, "Then I'll wait for Master Ye at home!"

        Having said goodbye to Ye Chen, Song Wanting then said goodbye to Ye Chen and then ended the call.

        At the side, Ito Nanaeko, who was already dancing with excitement, hugged Song Wanting's waist and said happily, "Sister Wanting, you're so wonderful!"

        Song Wanting said with a smile, "Don't just thank me, this is the first time I've lied to Master Ye since I've known him, so when you meet him later, you'll have to explain to her why you let me lie to him."

        Ito Nanaeko said with a smile, "Don't worry, sister Wanting, I will definitely explain to Ye Chenjun, sister has helped me so much, how can I let sister take the blame for me again?"

        Saying that, Ito Nanaeko added, "Right sister Wanting, please make an appointment for Qin Ao Xue for me, I picked an Akita for her from home, it's at the bodyguard's place that came with her."

        Song Wanting smiled and said, "That's really great, Ao Xue doesn't know how much she likes that Akita you gave me, as soon as I post a picture of the little one in my circle of friends, she will definitely like it and leave a comment, she loves it so much, I'll let her know right now!"

        Ito Nanaeko was busy reminding, "Then make sure you tell her to keep it a secret from Ye Chenjun before she comes, don't leak the news of me coming to Jinling to Ye Chenjun in advance."

        Song Wanting nodded, "Don't worry, I will instruct her."


        At this time, Ye Chen saw that it was almost dinner time, and Xiao Churan had greeted him in advance that he would not come back for dinner tonight, so he finished the work at hand and returned to the villa.

        Ma Lan had already prepared a few dishes and when she saw Ye Chen enter, she hurriedly said, "Oh good son-in-law, have you finished with the vegetable garden?"

        Ye Chen nodded, "I've finished."

        Ma Lan said, "Oh, it's so hard for you! Mum is preparing the meal now, so go wash your hands and come over to eat."

        Ye Chen said, "Right mum, I have a dinner party tonight, so I won't be eating at home."

        "Ah?" Ma Lan was a bit surprised and asked, "Why are you suddenly going out to eat? Mum has almost prepared the meal, and she has even stewed a grassland lamb chop for you!"

        As he was talking, Xiao Changkun came down from upstairs and said hurriedly, "I won't be eating at home tonight either, Ye Chen has to come with me and go eat with the people from the Calligraphy and Painting Association!"