Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2557-2558

 Chapter 2557

As Yohiko Ito wanted to take her loyal subordinate Koichi Tanaka, as well as her sister Emi Ito, with her to Jinling, Nanaiko Ito hastily postponed the departure of her plane and cancelled her intention to travel to the airport by helicopter.


      The helicopter ride was not a friendly or convenient experience for Yuhiko Ito and Koichi Tanaka, who had both legs amputated, so Nanaeko Ito rearranged a convoy of more than ten people to Tokyo Narita Airport by car, together with the assistants and maids who needed to travel to Jinling together.


      In order to look after her father, Nanaiko Ito shared a business car with Yohiko Ito. As the car drove on its way to the airport, Nanaiko Ito was already full of excitement.


      Thinking that she would arrive in Jinling, where Ye Chen lived, in a few hours' time, Nanaiko Ito wanted to call him now and tell him the news.


      However, Ito Nanaeko did not want to make her purpose of going to Jinling too obvious.


      She had several reasons for going to Jinling this time.


      The first reason was that she wanted to see Song Wanting and the Akita dog she had given her;


      The second reason was to see Gu Qiuyi's concert. She really liked Gu Qiuyi and had always wanted to see her perform live;


      The third reason was to send Momotaro to Qin Aoxue because Qin Aoxue also liked Akita dogs and she had promised her through Song Wanting that she would give her one.


      These three reasons, however, were all just superficial rhetoric.


      The core motivation that really drove Ito Nanaeko and made her travel all the way to Jinling was because she missed Ye Chen day and night and wanted to find a chance to go and meet him.


      Moreover, she did not want to make her true motive too obvious.


      This was because she was worried that that would put a certain amount of psychological pressure on Ye Chen.


      That's why she used these three reasonable reasons to allow herself to arrive at Jinling first, and then contact Ye Chen after she arrived there.


      In this way, her core motive for going to see Ye Chen could be well concealed.


      At this moment, Ito Emi, who was sitting in the passenger seat, said to Ito Yuuhiko, "Oni-sama, I have already had someone book the hotel in Jinling.


      Ito Yohiko nodded gently and said, "Megumi, you can just decide these things yourself, there is no need to report to me."


      Emi Ito was busy saying, "Yes Oni-sama, I know."


      As she was talking, Ito Nanae suddenly received a phone call from Kawana Kurenai, who was sitting in a Mercedes-Benz car in front of her.


      Ito Nanae picked up the phone and asked, "Kawana, what can I do for you?


      Kawana Kurenai said, "Yes, Miss, Su Shoudao of the Su family in Yanjing, China, just called me, and he said on the phone that he hoped to talk to us about a framework cooperation."


      The Su family" Ito Nanaiko frowned and said without thinking, "Haven't we stopped cooperating with overseas companies for the time being? Just refuse him."


      Kawana Kurenai explained, "Miss, the Su family's cooperation this time is very different from the past, and the overall terms are very friendly to our Ito group.


      "Very friendly" Nanaeko Ito asked curiously, "How friendly exactly"


      Kawana Kurenai elaborated, "Miss, the Su family has had their shipping license revoked because of the big trouble they made in China, and now a large number of their transport ships can only be moored in the ports of China, which cannot generate profits. We need to put out a qualification in Japan, and they can run the rest themselves, and they can give us a 20 percent share of the profits.


      Ito Nanae said in surprise, "A direct share of 20 percent of the profits, is the Su family that generous?"

Chapter 2558

Kawana Kurenai said: "Su Shoudao did say so, but also said that the specific ratio, there is still some room to talk, I personally feel that even if it comes to 30, the Su family will not have any opinion.


      Ito Nanaiko silent for a moment, said: "Kawana, this matter first do not give him a reply, I always feel that the Su family do things is really a lack of basic moral bottom, as a last resort, or do not cooperate with this family.


      "Good," Kawana Kurenai did not persuade more, immediately replied: "Then I will hang him first.


      After hanging up the phone, Ito Yohiko asked, "How come the Su family came to us for cooperation?"


      Yes father-sama." Ito Nanaeko when it comes to talking about business, in front of Ito Yohiko, became like a subordinate, respectfully said: "Su family's shipping license was revoked, so now want to cooperate with us, demand a solution.


      After saying that, he introduced the conditions offered by the Su family roughly.


      Ito Emi, who was sitting on the passenger side, exclaimed: "If we can really get the Su family to give up 30 percent of their profits, it will definitely be a huge extra income for us


      Ito Yohiko shook his head and said lightly: "The nature of the Su family is an extremely selfish and self-serving family, in their logic, only he makes money from others, no one else makes money from him. Now at this time, the fact that they are willing to take out such a large amount of profit only proves that they are experiencing a very serious problem, once we help them to tide over their difficulties, they will definitely turn their attention to the part of the profit that they ceded to us, and then they will definitely try every way to get this money back with interest."


      "Yes." Ito Nanaeko nodded approvingly and said, "I share the same opinion as Father-sama, for a family like the Su family, we must respect and stay away from them


      Half an hour later.


      A Gulfstream g650 aircraft, from Tokyo Narita Airport.


      Ito Nanaeko, along with her father and aunt, took the plane to Jinling.


      Meanwhile, Su Chengfeng stood on the terrace of his lakeside villa. On the terrace of the lake house, overlooking the calm lake, his expression was very cold.


      He looked at Su Shoudao beside him and asked in a cold voice: "What, the Ito family has not replied yet?


      "No." Su Shoudao answered truthfully: "I contacted Ito Nanaeko's assistant, she said she would give feedback to Ito Nanaeko, probably because Ito Nanaeko still needs to think about it again.


      Su Chengfeng shook his head: "There is nothing to consider in such matters, if Nanaeko Ito is really interested, of course, will immediately contact us to discuss the details of the follow-up cooperation, if she is not interested, naturally, as it is now, the stone sinks into the sea, no longer respond."


      Su Shoudao said: "Or maybe they just want to deliberately hang us out, and then take the opportunity to ask us a lot of money!


      It's not likely." Su Chengfeng coldly said: "Even if it is to capture, but at least the surface will be promised, first between each other, to establish an open channel of communication, like this up directly without any response, the probability is that the other party is simply not interested.


      As we were talking, the butler Su Anshun came over and said in a low voice: "Master, Mr. Mai's plane will arrive in Suhang in another hour."


      "Oh," Su Chengfeng was immediately overjoyed and said, "Quickly, tell the kitchen to prepare a banquet for Mr. Mak according to the prepared menu, and also inform Wu Donghai to hurry over."