Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2545-2546

 Chapter 2545

Hearing Su Chengfeng's question, Wu Donghai's mind once again recalled Ye Chen's appearance, and deep inside, he could not help but feel a deep chill, and immediately afterwards, he replied, "Mr. Su, I am not going to hide from you, regarding Xiaoqi's matter, I also suspected before that it could be man-made, but after investigating a bit, I did not find any relevant clues, so  the possibility of a natural disaster is perhaps a little more likely, or the child himself was stimulated in some way."

        Su Chengfeng asked him, "Have you asked your son what unusual memories or impressions it had around the time of the incident?"

        Wu Donghai said truthfully, "I did ask him about this, but he told me that there was a period of memory gap before the incident, and he couldn't remember anything at all."

        Su Chengfeng nodded thoughtfully and said in a deep voice, "If that's the case, then I reckon it's a bit more likely to be a human accident!"

        Wu Donghai asked in mock shock, "Mr. Su, do you mean that someone deliberately harmed my son?"

        "Yes!" Su Chengfeng said seriously, "Generally speaking, even if someone can have mental problems, they don't behave as strangely as your son."

        After saying that, he asked, "And I heard that your son's condition seems to flare up every hour, is that right?"

        Wu Donghai said with great embarrassment, "That's right, indeed."

        Su Chengfeng gave a hmmm and said seriously, "Then this is even more problematic! Normally, even if a person is suffering from intermittent psychosis, intermittent sheep epilepsy, or even intermittent convulsions, this is all relatively random and in no way regular, so someone would fall asleep and suddenly get up and sleepwalk, or suddenly have sheep epilepsy convulsions all over their body, but have you ever heard of anyone having an attack with such a regular frequency of every hour? This is obviously not right!"

        Wu Donghai said, "Of course I know it's not right, I know that bastard Ye Chen did all this! But what can I do? The Eight Heavenly Kings of our family have all been cleaned up by Ye Chen, so if I still go against him, it's possible that one day I'll be just like my son and become an unlucky egg who has to eat that thing every hour ......"

        Thinking of this, he was depressed in his heart, but on the surface he still pretended to be shocked and asked, "Mr. Su Lao ...... What do you think, what kind of person would have such ability to make my son suffer from this kind of disease?"

        Su Chengfeng said, "There are so many possibilities for this kind of thing, whether it is the secret feng shui techniques in our country or the puppet surrender in Southeast Asia, there are such scientifically unexplainable means, I think you should find a master of metaphysics to give your son a good look, maybe you will be able to see where the problem lies!"

        "A master of metaphysics?!" Wu Donghai said seriously, "To be honest, our family really doesn't know any metaphysical masters, but I have heard that there seems to be some people in Hong Kong who are into feng shui metaphysics, I wonder if there are any high achievers over there."

        Su Chengfeng said, "Of the three places on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, Hong Kong should be the most developed in metaphysics, but when it comes to the top metaphysical masters, you still have to go to the United States to find them."

        "America?!" Wu Donghai was even more surprised and asked, "Mr. Su, I don't quite understand, isn't feng shui metaphysics something from our old Chinese ancestors? Why should the top academic masters look at the United States?"

        Su Chengfeng smiled lightly and said seriously, "But all very powerful masters of metaphysics are basically ancestors who have been diligently studying metaphysics for several generations, or even dozens of generations, and the history of the whole family studying metaphysics may exceed thousands of years. Once a huge upheaval occurs in history, some really competent masters of metaphysics of the older generation will divine the clues in advance and then avoid it in advance. "

Chapter 2546

He said, and then explained, "Anyone who has studied history knows that in '37 we experienced a great tribulation in China, and many of the top occult families at that time had already calculated this disaster in the land of China a year or two in advance, and many of them fled overseas in advance. Those who did not flee were either those masters who served the country and the people, or those who were not competent and of limited level and simply second-hand knives who could not calculate the disaster."

        "And those top masters who stayed behind also gave their hearts and souls for the country, plus the eight-year war, there were deaths and injuries, a large group of domestic masters of metaphysics withered away, instead the group that fled overseas survived intact."

        Wu Donghai couldn't help but ask, "Mr. Su, I still have one more thing I don't understand, why did all these fleeing masters of metaphysics go to America?"

        Su Chengfeng laughed, "Think back to the history of World War II that you studied in junior high school, at that time, the whole world was in ruins, and Europe, which was known as the birthplace of modern civilization, was also beaten into a pile of mud, even Britain was bombed into ruins, not to mention the European continent."

        "Throughout the world, only the United States, except for a small attack on Pearl Harbor, the homeland almost no war, those true masters of metaphysics have long counted on the United States of those years of peace and tranquility, so almost all a brain to flee to the United States, other people's World War II, is the war, these people's World War II, is in the United States to recuperate. "

        After saying that, Su Chengfeng added: "If you need, I can help you find a top metaphysical master from the United States, so that he can come and take a look at your son's situation."

        Wu Donghai asked with some excitement, "Old Mr Su, is what you say true?"

        "Of course!" Su Chengfeng smiled faintly and said seriously, "Since we are both interested in tying up to do something big together, then I must show something, so I will arrange for someone to help contact him and get the master to come over by plane as soon as possible. If we're fast, the master might arrive tomorrow night."

        Although Wu Donghai did not dare to betray Ye Chen, he could not help but get excited in his heart at the thought that the master of metaphysics that Su Chengfeng had found might really be capable of curing his son.

        This also made him appreciate the feeling of meeting both sides of the fence; if he could skillfully mediate between Ye Chen and the Su family, wouldn't he be able to please both sides and gain benefits from both sides?

        Thinking of this, Wu Donghai hurriedly stood up, clasped his hands together and bowed, "I would like to thank Mr. Su for my son! If you need me in the future, just give me an order, and I will not dare to disobey you!"

        Su Chengfeng waved his hand and said casually, "Little Wu, between you and me, there is no need to be polite."

        After saying that, he looked at Su Shoudao and instructed him, "Shoudao, you should talk to Mr. Mak in Los Angeles, it would be better to ask Mr. Mak to come to Suhang personally."

        Su Shoudao nodded and busily said, "I know dad, it's probably still dawn in LA time, why don't I wait for an hour or two before contacting him?"

        "Good." Su Chengfeng smiled faintly and said with emotion, "I haven't seen Old Mr. Mak for years, if he is willing to come over this time, I will also ask him to do some calculations for me, recently the Su family has been experiencing bad luck and has been hit by various blows one after another, maybe it has a lot to do with Feng Shui fortune!"