Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2541-2542

 Chapter 2541

Su Zhi Fei had a crush on Gu Qiuyi for many years, but only told his sister Su Zhiyu about it.

        The reason why he did not dare to say it was because he knew that the Su family would not allow him to be with Gu Qiuyi.

        Master Su had always had his eyes above the ground and simply did not despise these families in the country.

        Moreover, he had always aspired to make a major breakthrough in the overseas market.

        Therefore, he especially hoped that Su Zhi Fei, as the eldest son of the Su family, could marry a young lady from a top European or American family, or a royal princess from Europe.

        In this way, the Su family would be able to swap resources with each other.

        Otherwise, if it was just in the country, finding a family whose overall strength was a cut above the Su family's in marriage, then it would be clear that someone else would take advantage of the Su family.

        It was precisely for this reason that Su Zhi Fei did not dare to make any relevant statements.

        However, he never dreamed that his highly discerning grandfather would take the initiative to encourage him to pursue Gu Qiuyi, which was simply a great joy to him.

        However, Su Zhi Fei did not know that Elder Su had easily analysed his true purpose from his sponsorship of Gu Qiuyi's concert.

        To say this now is just throwing his weight around.

        Su Chengfeng profoundly understands one truth, and that truth is only six words: desire drives everything.

        If you want to use a person to the maximum, that is to master where his desires really are.

        The fact that Su Chengfeng had insight into where Su Zhi Fei's deepest desires were, that's why he chose to throw his weight around and support him in his pursuit of Gu Qiuyi, directly tying him firmly into his camp in one step.

        Therefore, when Su Zhi Fei expressed his absolute shock at his words, Su Chengfeng said seriously with the attitude of an experienced man: "Zhi Fei, the most important thing in choosing a spouse is cost effectiveness. If you marry her, it will be a very good value for money! So if you really want to pursue her, of course I'll agree with you with both hands."

        Su Zhi Fei said excitedly, "Thank you, Grandpa! With your words, I'm relieved!"

        At the side, Su Shoudao, for the first time, knew that his son's heart liked Gu Qiuyi of the Gu family.

        He frowned slightly and said seriously, "Zhi Fei, I don't object to your liking the Gu family's girl, but you should know that the Gu family has always had a prejudice against the Su family, especially Gu Yanzhong, who was his sworn brother back then. ."

        Su Zhi Fei nodded and said, "Dad, I have considered all that you have said, these old scores between the fathers are indeed a rather big influence, but I still believe that feelings come first, if I can really get Gu Qiuyi to like me, then I believe I can also get Gu Qiuyi's father to accept me."

        Su Shoudao sighed heartily, "I'm afraid it won't be that easy!"

        Su Chengfeng could not help but smack his lips, looking like he was racking his brains to come up with a plan for his grandson, and said, "Aiya! I don't think it's necessary to make a decision on this matter so early, Zhi Fei is only 26 this year, even if he gets married at 36, it's not too late, so he has plenty of time to make the Gu family change their attitude towards him."

        I heard that Gu Yanzhong was dying of pancreatic cancer. If that were true, there would be one less stumbling block for Zhi Fei to pursue the Gu family girl.

        Su Zhi Fei spoke up at this time, "Grandpa, since you are supportive, then I will definitely try my best to pursue Gu Qiuyi, as long as she is willing to be with me, I believe her father can't stop us from being together."

        "Yes." Su Chengfeng said with a smile, "Just go ahead and pursue it with confidence and boldness, grandpa supports it a hundred, a thousand times!"

        Saying that, he added very seriously, "If Gu Yanzhong is not willing to forgive our Su family for the 'Anti-Yeh Alliance' matter back then, then let your father personally come to the door and beg for forgiveness."

        "If that doesn't work, then my old bones will personally go and make amends to him! For the sake of my grandson's lifelong happiness, what's this little matter?"

        Su Chengfeng's attitude immediately moved Su Zhifei beyond measure.

        This was a radical change from his grandfather's previous character of being unquestionable and uncompromising.

Chapter 2542

He had thought that his grandfather must not have allowed him to pursue Gu Qiuyi, but to his surprise, he was so supportive.

        This instantly boosted his confidence in pursuing Gu Qiuyi by countless times.

        Thus, he immediately took a stand and said, "Grandpa, since that's the case, then I'll go to Jinling now and take advantage of the preparations for the concert to see if I can lure out the mastermind behind the curtain!"

        Su Chengfeng nodded in satisfaction and smiled, "I've asked someone to invite the head of the first family in Suhang, Wu Donghai of the Suhang Wu family, I guess it's almost time for him to come in a while, so don't rush to go first, it's not too late to leave after dinner."



        At this moment, Buckingham Palace in Jinling.

        Su Zhiyu had been bored in the hotel room all day, and her whole body was restless.

        At six o'clock, Richard Chen's men knocked on the door on time and two female bodyguards pushed in a food delivery cart, one of them said respectfully, "Miss Su, Ms. Du, dinner is ready, please move to the dining room for you two."

        Su Zhiyu couldn't help but ask, "When exactly will your young master be willing to see me? I've been waiting for a whole day ......"

        The female bodyguard said very politely, "Sorry Miss Su, our young master didn't come over today."

        Su Zhiyu asked afterwards, "Then did he say when he would come over?"

        The female bodyguard shook her head, "The young master didn't say so."

        Su Zhiyu was still not satisfied and asked again, "Then can you please call your young master and tell him that I want to speak to him."

        The female bodyguard smiled faintly, "I'm not going to lie, I'm not qualified to speak to the young master directly either, so I don't have the young master's contact information."

        "This ......" Su Zhiyu's eyes were red with anxiety as she choked out, "Then what exactly does your young master mean? After going to all that trouble to save us and settle us here, he ends up hiding and not showing up all the time ...... If he's really not going to show up, then let me and my mother leave here!"

        The female bodyguard said apologetically, "Miss Su, the young master's intentions are not for me, a servant, to speculate on. As for leaving here, I can't make the decision either, the young master has instructed us to ensure that you stay in this set of rooms and not to leave.

        Su Zhiyu suddenly felt a strong sense of aggression in her heart, and tears came out in a swish.

        Seeing this, the female bodyguard said with an apologetic face, "Miss Su, the meal is ready, please make yourself comfortable with Ms. Du, we will go out first."

        Du Haiqing hurriedly stepped forward and gathered Su Zhiyu in her arms to gently soothe her while saying to the two female bodyguards, "Thank you so much!"

        The two men made a polite greeting and hurriedly exited the room.

        Once out of the room, these two arrived at Chen Zekai's office, and after knocking on the door and entering, they faced Chen Zekai, as well as Ye Chen who was sitting on the sofa, and respectfully said, "Young master, Mr. Chen, Miss Su is a little agitated."

        Chen Zekai hurriedly said, "Tell me, how exactly is she agitated?"

        The female bodyguard then told the story of what had just happened.

        After listening, Chen Zekai nodded and said, "Alright, you have worked hard, go down and rest."

        The female bodyguard bowed and excused herself.

        At this point, Richard Chen looked at Ye Chen and could not help but ask, "Young master, are you really not going to meet her?"