Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2537-2538

 Chapter 2537

At four o'clock in the afternoon, the private plane Su Shoudao was on, began to drop in altitude over the suburbs of Suhang.

        Seeing that it was about to land at the Suhang airport, he you mobile phone to call his son, Su Zhi Fei.

        Su Zhi Fei, who was in this matter, had already driven his car to the Suhang airport, where he parked it in the car park and stayed in the car himself to wait for news from his father.

        When he saw his father calling, he hurriedly picked up and asked, "Dad, where have you arrived?"

        Su Shoudao said, "I should be landing in about twenty minutes, are you there yet?"

        "I'm here." Su Zhifei said, "Tell me when you leave customs and I'll come and pick you up."

        "Okay!" Su Shoudao instructed him, "Don't forget to wear a mask and sunglasses, our Su family is really overly sensitive now, don't let anyone notice that we're in Suhang."

        "I know dad."

        After hanging up the phone, Su Zhi Fei hurriedly put on his mask and sunglasses, then drove the car to the main entrance of the airport arrival lane, and waited for about twenty more minutes before Su Shoudao's figure appeared at the exit of the airport arrival hall.

        Like Su Zhifei, Su Shoudao was also wearing a pair of black sunglasses and a disposable black mask.

        However, Su Zhi Fei recognised him at once and hurriedly got out of the car, waved to him and shouted, "Dad, over here!"

        When Su Shoudao saw Su Zhifei, his spirit shook and he immediately ran two steps faster to rush over.

        Su Zhi Fei had accumulated a lot of negative energy in the past two days, and when he saw that his father had finally returned, he had a feeling of having found something to rely on.

        At this moment, Su Zhi Fei could not help but choke up and whispered: "Dad ...... You've finally come back ......"

        Su Shoudao patted his back and sighed, "Ai! Zhi Fei, dad is sorry to you, to your mother and Zhiyu, when you needed me the most, I was not able to be by your side to protect you instead."

        Su Zhi Fei said sadly, "Dad ...... Mum and Zhiyu, there is still no whereabouts, you must find a way to find them ah ......"

        Su Shoudao nodded solemnly, "Don't worry, I will do my best to find your mother and your sister."

        After saying that, he looked around and busily said, "Let's just get in the car first, there are too many people here, so as not to attract attention."

        "Okay ......" Su Zhi Fei hurriedly nodded and turned to help Su Shou Dao open the passenger car door, allowing Su Shou Dao to get in first.

        Once Su Zhifei returned to the car, Su Shoudao instructed him, "Drive straight to West Lake, your grandfather has a villa on the West Lake, he is living there now."

        Su Zhi Fei nodded and said, "Then I will navigate to West Lake first, you can give me directions when we are almost at West Lake."

        The Su family had too many properties all over the country and even all over the world, almost any slightly bigger city would have a Su family property in it, how many villas the old man actually had, even the old man himself was not sure, and this villa in Suhang, even Su Zhi Fei had never been there.

        Driving into the airport highway, Su Shoudao said to Su Zhi Fei who was beside him, "When you meet your grandfather later, never wait for your grandfather to take the initiative to apologize to you, you must take the initiative to apologize to him, it is better to be solemn and kneel down to apologize, do you understand?"

        Su Zhi Fei knew that this time his father's return from Australia was the key to his father as well as himself regaining the right to inheritance, he could not mess it up no matter what, so he said solemnly, "I know dad, don't worry, when I see grandpa I will immediately apologize to him on my knees ......"

        Originally, Su Zhi Fei was also considered a person with a backbone, but in front of the huge benefits, his bones unconsciously became much softer.

        Su Shoudao urged him again, "Your grandfather has met the biggest Waterloo in his life this time, judging from the influence of that video of yours, your grandfather will never be able to turn over in his life, so this time is a good opportunity for our grandparents, if we can seize this opportunity, on the one hand, let your grandfather see our ability, and on the other hand, let your grandfather see our absolute obedience, then we will have a chance to inherit the entire Su family."

        Su Shoudao turned his words and added, "However, if we fail to do so, your grandfather will definitely hand over the entire Su family's property to an overseas trust fund to take care of before he dies.

        Su Zhi Fei was busy asking, "Dad, how do you think we can get grandpa to recognise our abilities?"

Chapter 2538

Su Shoudao said seriously, "What happened to your mother and Zhiyu this time is an excellent opportunity. Anyone with a clear eye can see that this is clearly someone who wants to make a move against our Su family, and the other party is extremely capable and has probably been planning for a long time, if we can assist your grandfather, catch the person behind the curtain and solve all the threats to the Su family, then we will definitely make your grandfather impressed!"

        Immediately afterwards, Su Shoudao added, "You have to know that your grandfather is now nailed to the pillar of shame, and it will be impossible to clear his name again until he dies!"

        "So we just need to satisfy him and, in the time before he dies, keep obeying him and giving him respect while never challenging his majesty as the head of the family!"

        "Then, before he dies, he will definitely pass on the headship of the Su family to me! And as long as we survive until he breathes his last, the entire Su family will be ours to decide!"

        Su Zhi Fei nodded his head in a rush and said, "Dad, I'll listen to you on everything!"

        At five o'clock in the afternoon, Su Zhiyu, under the guidance of Su Shoudao, drove the car into a huge estate on the edge of the West Lake.

        West Lake was originally a nationally renowned tourist destination, and more than half of the area was open to all the people, so there were very few lake-front villas here, and they were extremely expensive.

        It is rumoured that a famous domestic e-commerce tycoon, a boss surnamed Ma, has a luxurious villa here, which is said to be worth several hundred million dollars.

        However, his villa is slightly inferior to Su Chengfeng's set.

        Su Chengfeng's estate cost him 800 million when he bought it ten years ago, and another 500 million to renovate and rebuild it.

        Su Zhi Fei drove into the manor and his butler, Su Anshun, was already waiting at the entrance of the main hall.

        As soon as he saw the father and son get out of the car, he hurriedly greeted them and said respectfully, "Grand Duke and Young Master! I didn't expect you two to come together!"

        Su Shoudao hurriedly asked, "Housekeeper, where is my father now?"

        Su Anshun said, "His Lordship has been looking forward to you two, so he instructed me to wait here early, and said that he would take you to him as soon as you arrived."

        Su Shoudao was busy saying, "Then hurry up and take us there!"


        Su Anshun led the father and son to the main hall in the manor.

        At this moment, in the main hall, Su Chengfeng, who was in a somewhat decrepit state of mind, was sitting in front of the burning fireplace, resting. Upon seeing his father and son coming, he hurriedly stood up from his recliner and took three or two steps to walk in front of them, saying with tears in his eyes, "Shoudao ...... Zhi Fei ...... I ...... I'm sorry for your family!"

        When Su Zhi Fei heard this, he recalled his father's explanation and without saying a word, he kneeled down in front of Su Chengfeng and confessed, "Grandpa ...... It's because I didn't know the rules and rushed you, so please punish you heavily!"

        Su Chengfeng's expression flashed with a hint of satisfaction, he hurriedly reached out to help Su Zhi Fei up and choked up, "Good boy, you are right, it is grandpa who is wrong ......"

        "It's grandpa who is old and confused, that's why he made such an impulsive decision for the sake of the family's face ......"

        "And, again, the miscreants took advantage of the opportunity to assassinate him, carrying many trumped up charges ......"

        Su Shoudao hurriedly stepped forward, holding Su Chengfeng, and said seriously, "Dad, you must not say that, Zhi Fei and I both know very well that everything you do is for the sake of the family!"

        Su Chengfeng nodded with relief, "If you two can understand my pain, I can die in peace!"

        Su Shoudao nodded solemnly, "Dad, don't worry, Zhi Fei and I can understand you very well ......"

        With tears in his eyes, Su Chengfeng said solemnly, "Shoudao, I promise you that I will do my utmost to find Haiqing and Zhiyu, and if Haiqing is still alive, I will definitely apologize to her in person, even if she wants my old life, I will willingly pay for it!"

        Su Shoudao hurriedly said, "Dad, our priority now is not to find Haiqing and Zhiyu, nor to find Shoude, but to work together to uncover the enemy hiding in the shadows!"