Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2535-2536

 Chapter 2535

In order to draw Wu Donghai in, Su Chengfeng asked his own butler to bring gifts directly to the Wu family to pay a visit.

        The seniority and status of the Su family's first butler is comparable to that of Tang Sihai, if not more so. Moreover, the first butler represents not only himself outside, but also Su Chengfeng, the head of the family, so having the butler pay a personal visit to the Wu family is definitely giving the Wu family face.

        Su Chengfeng attached great importance to the matter of bringing the Wu family together, which is why he had his butler come to pay a personal visit on his behalf.

        Su Chengfeng knew very well in his heart that he had become a rat in the street and it would be impossible for him to return to Yanjing in a short time.

        Therefore, he must be prepared to stay in Suhang for a long time.

        This incident gave him the feeling that it was very much like the history of 1860 when the British and French allied forces invaded Yanjing and the Qing Emperor Xianfeng fled to Jehol in a hurry.

        At the beginning, when the British and French forces invaded Yanjing, the Xianfeng Emperor also fled in the same haste as he did.

        However, the fate of the Xianfeng Emperor was a bit tragic.

        After waiting for a year in Jehol, he did not have the chance to return to the capital and died the year after he fled to Jehol at the age of 31.

        Su Chengfeng, in order not to repeat the latter of Xianfeng, had already made a full plan for himself from the moment he fled Yanjing.

        He came to Suhang because he wanted to quietly gain a foothold in Suhang, not only to enlist all the top local families in Suhang, but also to transfer the Su family's industries across the country, quickly to Suhang, to consolidate the Su family's foundation in Suhang.

        He wanted to make Suhang the second main base of the Su family.

        In addition to this, he also wanted to promote his eldest son Su Shoudao again and make him the acting chairman of the entire Su Group.

        Once Su Shoudao became acting chairman, it would mean that he had been formally established as the "crown prince" of the Su family, which would not only keep Su Shoudao honestly attached to him, but would also reduce the level of attention on him from the outside world to a certain extent.

        What he wanted was to bring Su Shoudao in and let him act as his puppet, appearing in public while he hid in Suhang and listened to the government, thus ensuring that his power would not be undermined by Su Shoudao.

        The entire Su family has been in Su Chengfeng's hands for so many years, whether it is the shares of the group, or the voting power and veto power of the board of directors, as well as the management of the family trust fund and so on and so forth, a series of manipulative powers are all in Su Chengfeng's hands alone.

        Therefore, as long as he did not give up these rights, even if Su Shoudao took the position of acting chairman, he could not have any real power, let alone take the opportunity to usurp the throne.

        Moreover, Su Chengfeng was an extremely exquisite person, and he had already made a will long ago that once he died, all the property of the entire Su family would be automatically handed over to a trust fund set up by a Swiss bank to manage, and none of the heirs of the Su family would have the right to call on the family assets, which exceeded a trillion dollars.

        As for the standard of living expenses, Su Chengfeng also set the standard long ago. His own sons and daughters are each entitled to receive $10 million per month and their spouses $5 million per month; his own grandchildren are each entitled to receive $6 million per month and their spouses $3 million per month, and if his grandchildren have children, each of them can receive $2 million per month until they turn 18.

        By calculation, if Su Chengfeng did not change his will before he died, after his death, these descendants of the entire Su family would collect a combined total of two to three hundred million dollars a month to live on.

        However, the Su family's assets exceeded a trillion, and the net profit every month exceeded ten billion, so the rest of this money, which no one was qualified to take out, could only be put in the trust fund to roll over with interest.

        It seemed very unfair to Su Shoudao's children and grandchildren, because even if they kept receiving living expenses until they died, the Su family's money would still grow more and more.

        However, Su Chengfeng had his own plans for this decision.

        First of all, this will was laid out as a talisman for Su Chengfeng.

        For, no heir of the Su family would ever have the intention of plotting against Su Chengfeng.

        The reason is that once Su Chengfeng dies, not only will none of them be able to inherit the position of family head, but even their income will be greatly reduced.

        Originally, the family could earn billions or tens of billions of dollars a year, and they could also get a lot of other resources from the family to support them, but once the old man died and everyone was lying on dead wages, it would be a big deal for the family to receive a few hundred million dollars a year, and it would shrink by more than ten times, or even tens or hundreds of times in one go.

Chapter 2536

The will, in addition to being a talisman, was also the equivalent of a family insurance policy.

        In ancient times, emperors feared that their heirs would be so dim-witted that they would lose their kingdoms and their children and grandchildren would not be blessed.

        In modern times, the rich and powerful are also worried about their sons and daughters losing their family fortunes.

        Therefore, almost every great tycoon would set up a trust fund to manage all the family's assets in the event that their children and grandchildren did not strive for success, thus ensuring that the heirs of the Su family would always have money to spend in the long run and that the family's assets would not be lost.

        Moreover, this rule of living off the heads of people is particularly likely to stimulate the desire of these children and grandchildren to reproduce their offspring.

        For, as soon as they produced an heir, it was tantamount to giving birth to a meal ticket.

        What the head of a family worries about most is the continuation of the incense. If this allows the offspring to have more children, and if it is paired with sufficient trust fund assets, it will be more likely to ensure the continuation and development of the family.

        For Su Chengfeng, if there is no one among his children and grandchildren who satisfies him, he will not change this will until he dies.

        But if there is someone who is highly capable and who can command his trust, then it is not too late to change the will when he is on his deathbed.

        In this way, the old fox will be able to hold the power of the entire Su family, as well as all the initiative, in his own hands, and no one of his children or grandchildren can threaten his rule over the Su family.


        On this side, Wu Donghai and Wu Xin had just returned home, and before the two of them had even warmed up their butts, Su Chengfeng's butler came to the door.

        When he heard that the Su family's first housekeeper had come to visit, Wu Donghai's first thought was: "This guy Ye Chen, he's really good at anticipating things! I've just returned and this Su family is already looking for me!"

        Thinking of this, he hurriedly said to Wu Xin, "Xiao Xin, in order to highlight the importance, you personally go outside to greet and invite the Su family's grand steward to my study!"

        Wu Xin nodded hastily and walked out quickly.

        Wu Donghai straightened his collar and went to his study first.

        A moment later, Wu Xin walked in with a middle-aged man of about fifty years old.

        As soon as this man entered, Wu Donghai immediately greeted him.

        Wu Xin hurriedly introduced him, "Dad, this is the great butler of the Yanjing Su family, Mr. Su Anshun Su!"

        Wu Donghai immediately said enthusiastically, "Mr. Su, I've heard so much about you! Please have a seat, please have a seat!"

        Su Anshun nodded slightly and said with a smile, "Mr. Wu, I'm here today to invite you to dinner at my residence on behalf of my master!"

        Although Wu Donghai had already guessed the other party's intention, he still pretended to be flattered and said excitedly, "Old Mr. Su wants to invite me for dinner? This ...... Is this true?"

        "Of course!" Su Anshun smiled faintly and said, "I wonder if Mr. Wu has time in the evening?"

        Wu Donghai did not hesitate to say, "Yes! Of course I do! Are you going to Yanjing? If so, I'll hurry and have the crew prepare for the flight!"

        Su Anshun shook his head and smiled, "My family's master is in Suhang, and he wants to host a banquet at his home in Suhang in the evening."

        After saying that, he reminded with a very serious expression, "Mr. Wu, the news of my family's master's visit to Suhang is currently known only to you, father and son, so bear in mind that this matter must not be leaked to anyone!"