Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2531-2532

 Chapter 2531

In Ye Chen's view, the Su family was now at a critical crisis point, plus they were being spurned by the whole country at the moment, so they were bound to be in desperate need of adding a new booster to their camp.

        Moreover, it just so happened that Su Chengfeng had now gone to Suhang, so Ye Chen speculated that he would most likely take the initiative to enlist Wu Donghai and turn him into a dog of the Su family.

        Even if Wu Donghai personally went to Yanjing and begged, Su Chengfeng would not give him a chance to meet him.

        However, the times were different now.

        The Su family was now isolated and had to enlist as many new teammates as possible, both in Yanjing and in Suhang.

        Therefore, Ye Chen wanted Wu Donghai to be his undercover agent to see what other tricks Su Chengfeng had up his sleeve.

        When Wu Donghai heard this, he also immediately understood Ye Chen's meaning.

        However, his heart was quite worried about this.

        "Ye Chen asked me to go undercover beside the Su family, isn't this sending me to be cannon fodder?"

        "In case the Su Family finds out about it, they will still screw my Wu Family to death?"

        "The Wu family's strength was already a great deal less than the Su family's, and after surrendering to Ye Chen and paying for a lot of shares, the Wu family's strength is now almost decimated, how can it withstand the Su family's tossing and turning?"

        Ye Chen could also see his worries and said indifferently, "Wu Donghai, I have always been clear in my rewards and punishments, if you do a good job this time, I will definitely not treat you badly in the future, and don't worry, with me around, the Su family will definitely not be able to do anything to you."

        Wu Donghai was still a little torn in his heart.

        After all, he didn't know exactly what benefits Ye Chen could give him for his so-called not treating him badly.

        Moreover, he didn't know whether Ye Chen would ask if he would live or die once the Su Family really wanted to deal with him.

        Seeing that he was still hesitant, Ye Chen said lightly, "Wu Donghai, how about this, if you help me get this done, then I will help you cure your son's illness, what do you think?"

        Wu Donghai subconsciously said, "Mr. Ye, my two sons ...... On their bodies ...... more or less have some hidden illnesses that are difficult to talk about, can you ...... can you really cure them?"

        Wu Qi was under the psychological implication of Ye Chen, and the fact that he had to add meals every hour was almost unknown to the people of the country, while Wu Xin, on the other hand, had previously had his leg broken, and although he was now healed to a fault, he had become a cripple and would not be able to fully recover for the rest of his life.

        Ye Chen sneered and said: ''What is your son's condition worth? When Hong Wu almost died at the hands of Zhang Zizhou, didn't I still bring him back to life in the end?"

        Yes. Wu Donghai's spirit was instantly lifted.

        He knew that Zhang Zizhou had gone to the Heavenly Fragrance Mansion to kill Hong Wu and Ye Chen's old husband, Xiao Changkun, and saw that Hong Wu was about to die in his hands, but he was still saved by a Spring Return Pill from Ye Chen, which was simply incredible.

        Therefore, he also could not help but think: "If Ye Chen is really willing to help, whether it is Xiao Xin's leg or Xiao Qi's hidden illness of having to eat that kind of stuff every hour, I am afraid that it can be cured ......"

        So, he asked excitedly, "Mr Ye, are you ...... You are serious about this?"

        Ye Chen nodded and smiled, "Of course."

        Wu Donghai was busy saying, "My eldest son, who has been lame in his leg, and my youngest son who has a psychological problem ...... Can you cure both?"

Chapter 2532

At this moment, Wu Xin, who had been standing by his side and didn't dare to speak, couldn't help but get excited.

        Ye Chen smiled and said, "It can be cured, but I have to say something in advance, if you help me get this done, I can help you cure one of the problems on your two sons."

        As soon as these words came out, Wu Donghai's expression immediately became somewhat disappointed and he thought to himself, "Only one can be cured? This fellow Ye Chen is clearly trying to hang on to me with the matter of his son!"

        However, it was better to be able to cure one than to be unable to cure any of them.

        He was really too distressed about his little son, and if he really had the chance to cure him, it would really make up for a huge regret he had.

        So, he immediately agreed and said, "Don't worry, Sir Ye, I will do my best to complete the task you have given me!"

        Ye Chen smiled faintly, looked at the time and said, "Alright, you two hurry back, once the Su family finds you, tell me at the first opportunity."

        Wu Donghai busily said, "Yes Sir Ye!"

        Ye Chen looked at Chen Zekai and commanded, "Old Chen, send the guests away."

        Chen Zekai immediately pointed to the door and made an inviting gesture, smiling, "General Wu, please."

        Wu Donghai hurriedly said to Ye Chen respectfully, "Sir Ye, I will go back first then!"

        Saying so, he took Wu Xin with him and carefully exited the room.

        Chen Zekai sent the father and son duo to the tarmac on the roof of the building, and once they got on the plane, Wu Xin hurriedly said, "Dad! If this is done, you must let Ye Chen cure my leg!"

        Wu Donghai said without thinking, "Your leg is basically fine now except for a slight limp, but your brother is still suffering every day, so of course he must be cured first!"

        Wu Xin became anxious and blurted out, "Dad! I am the eldest son and grandson of the Wu family! If I remain crippled for the rest of my life, how can the Wu family lose face?"

        Wu Donghai said sternly, "Have you ever thought about your brother? Have you ever thought about how he has survived step by step for so long to get to where he is now?"

        Wu Xin was also a bit anxious and said in a hurry, "My brother has gotten used to it for such a long time, I went to his room to see him yesterday and happened to see the servants serving him that, he didn't show any pain at all, the whole time was normal, just like a chronic patient taking medicine, numb."

        Saying that, Wu Xin couldn't help but say again, "Moreover, I should not say anything, the face that my brother should have lost has been lost long ago, even if he is cured, it is impossible to restore the damage he has done to the Wu family's reputation!"

        "Are you going to let your younger brother come out and take over the family's affairs when he is cured? If that's the case, as soon as he appears in the outside world's view, outsiders will point fingers at him and say that he's the psycho who ate that thing that was on fire all over the country before!"

        "In that case, our Wu family's reputation would take a second hit!"

        "But I'm different dad!"

        "I'm the future heir to the Wu family, the future calling card of the Wu family!"

        "If every time I appear in front of the public eye, I am a cripple walking with a limp, then the Wu family's face will also be tarnished;"

        "But if I am able to recover and become a normal person, then I will be able to appear in front of the public with a perfect image that is innocent enough and without any black history!"

        "When we work together as father and son, we will definitely be able to bring the Wu family back to its former glory!"