Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2525-2526

 Chapter 2525

Su Zhiyu's aura of light made Du Haiqing also have an enlightenment at once.

        She nodded approvingly and said, "Since this benefactor is trying to settle us properly and keep the secret that we are still alive, he must not have casually placed us in a hotel ...... that has nothing to do with us."

        "Moreover, he has also put so many men at the entrance, it is very likely that, as you said, this hotel is his property."

        "Even if it's not, then he should have a deep relationship with this hotel, too."

        Su Zhiyu nodded and, somewhat excited, ran to the desk in the living room of the suite and opened one of the drawers.

        Usually hotels would put in the desk, some kind of letterhead for guests to use to write things casually, and the name of the hotel would definitely be printed on it.

        When he saw the words "Buckingham Palace Hotel, Jinling" at the top of the letterhead, he could not help but exclaim, "Mom! The hotel we are in is called the Buckingham Palace, I remember, the Buckingham Palace seems to be the property of the Ye family, right?"

        Du Haiqing was instantly shocked, "Buckingham Palace? Could ...... Could it really be him ......"

        Originally, Du Haiqing had also wondered if the benefactor her daughter was talking about could be Ye Chang Ying's son.

        But she also overturned this guess of hers, after all, Ye Chang Ying's son had been unaccounted for some years ago and had not returned to the Ye family, it was unlikely that a fallen young master who had fallen away would have such a powerful ability.

        But now, once she heard that the hotel she was in, was the Buckingham Palace, she immediately started to suspect again.

        Here, Su Zhiyu saw her mother's shocked look and even said "he", so she subconsciously asked, "Mum, do you know something? Who is he you are talking about?"

        Du Haiqing came back to her senses and said with a complicated expression, "Actually, there is another son of the Ye family who has been missing for many years ......"

        Su Zhiyu suddenly realized and said offhandedly, "Mom, what you are talking about, should be that Uncle Ye's son, right?"

        Du Haiqing nodded and said frankly, "That's right, it's him."

        Being a woman as well, Su Zhiyu knew her mother's heart very well.

        She knew that for so many years, her mother had actually been deeply in love with that Ye Changye, and could be said to be extremely infatuated with him. Even though Ye Changye had died nearly twenty years ago, her mother still couldn't get him out of her mind.

        It was for this reason that she came to Jinling after learning of the fact that her father had cheated on her, and then got herself killed because she wanted to buy Ye Changye's former home.

        Du Haiqing didn't hide anything from her daughter either, so she wasn't surprised when Su Zhiyu brought it up.

        Su Zhiyu was a little surprised and asked, "Mom, didn't that Uncle Ye's son disappear after Uncle Ye's death? I seem to remember that the Ye family never found out his whereabouts either, so how could you think he was the benefactor?"

        Du Haiqing nodded and said seriously, "That day at your Uncle Ye's old mansion, I saw a boy who looked almost identical to your Uncle Ye when he was young, his age looked almost six or seven years old, a few years older than you, about the same age as your brother, and his age matched your Uncle Ye's son."

        Su Zhiyu couldn't help but ask, "Could it be a coincidence? After all, there are still a lot of people who look alike ......"

Chapter 2526

"No." Du Haiqing said seriously, "If everything is really just coincidental, most will only be coincidental in one dimension, for example, if you happen to meet someone who looks like me, it's normal, and if I happen to meet someone who looks like your Uncle Ye, it's also normal ......"

        "But ......"

        When Du Haiqing said this, his tone and expression took on a serious tone for a few moments as he continued, "But, surprisingly, I met this young man by chance in Jinling, which is where your Uncle Ye was killed back then, and his son happened to disappear in Jinling, so this is the second coincidence."

        "And! I didn't just meet him in Jinling, I met him in front of your Uncle Ye's former residence! If he had nothing to do with your Uncle Ye, why would he appear there?"

        Su Zhiyu was silent for a moment, nodded and said seriously, "Mom, I think your analysis is very reasonable, the young man you met at the entrance of Uncle Ye's former residence is most likely Uncle Ye's son ......"

        Speaking here, Su Zhiyu turned his words and said, "Mom, Uncle Ye's son, if he disappeared in Jinling back then and has been in Jinling, so the one you saw may indeed be Uncle Ye's son, but Uncle Ye's son may not be the benefactor! Do you have any clear evidence on this point?"

        Du Haiqing shook his head and said, "I don't have any direct evidence either, after all, I haven't met that benefactor you mentioned until now, but since that benefactor arranged for us to stay at the Ye family's hotel, then I believe that he must have a deep relationship with the Ye family."

        Su Zhiyu fell into deep thought and said with her mouth chanting, "If it's really like you said, Mom, that Uncle Ye's son, is the benefactor, then how could he be so powerful after being alone in Jinling for so many years, with no one to rely on?"

        "This ...... It doesn't make sense at all! Even a top martial arts family can't cultivate an expert like that."

        "You see the He family is so powerful, wholeheartedly cultivating Su Ruoli into a material, but Su Ruoli's strength is a hundred thousand miles worse than that of En Gong, when those ninjas kidnapped me in Japan, I reckon Su Ruoli could barely win one on one, one on two would be a sure defeat ......"

        The first thing I can say is that I can't say, but my intuition tells me that the benefactor you're looking for is probably him."

        Su Zhiyu sighed and added, "But I still can't understand, if the benefactor is really Uncle Ye's son, then he should hate the Su family only ...... After all, it was Dad who stepped in and started that anti-Yeh alliance back then, and the Su family has been at odds with the Ye family for so many years, so how could he save us? Especially me and my brother, both of us are surnamed Su, to him, we are the children of his enemies ......"

        Du Haiqing shook his head, "These are questions that I can't understand either, but I believe that sooner or later, I will figure it out, after all, this benefactor didn't just put us out of his mind after rescuing us, by settling us here, he has already maintained a bond with us, I believe it won't be long before he should reveal the true face of the mountain!"

        Su Zhiyu also couldn't help but get a little excited, whispering to herself, "The benefactor has saved our family of three so many times, if I could really meet him, I would definitely be a cow and a horse in this life to repay his kindness!"

        As she said this, her expression could not help but reveal a few moments of the kind of shyness and longing that a young girl feels for her beloved.

        It was not her fault.

        Any woman who had experienced two life-and-death situations, and the same face had saved her on both occasions, would probably have a soft spot in her heart.

        What's more, Su Zhiyu had been pining for Ye Chen ever since she returned from Japan.

        This time, not only had she met Ye Chen, but she had also been saved by him once again, and he had even saved her mother, which had completely captured Su Zhiyu's proud teenage heart.

        The young man he saw outside Ye Changyang's former residence came to mind.

        When she thought of him, she couldn't help but think of the love of her life, Ye Chang Ying.

        In a few moments, her eyes suddenly filled with tears and she sighed in her heart: "This girl, Zhiyu, is afraid that she has already fallen in love with that benefactor. If she is really looking for Chang Ying's son, then it is really fate that has made people happy. ......"