Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2521-2522

 Chapter 2521

What leapt into Su Zhiyu's eyes was a luxurious suite in a hotel, where she was lying on a large, comfortable bed over two metres wide.

        For a moment, she thought she was out of her body after death.

        So she immediately tried to find out where her mother was, and looking around her, she realised that she was lying right next to her!

        She couldn't care less about the dream reality at that moment, and couldn't wait to reach out her hand and shake her mother's body, shouting under her breath, "Mom ...... Mum, wake up ......"

        Only then did Du Haiqing, who was still in a deep sleep, wake up, and when she had recovered, she looked at Su Zhiyu in front of her and exclaimed, "Zhiyu ...... Are you all right?"

        Su Zhiyu said hurriedly, "Mom, I ...... I don't know if I'm alright ......"

        Du Haiqing looked around and subconsciously asked, "Are we ...... Aren't we in the tunnel? How could ......"

        Su Zhiyu also subconsciously shook her head repeatedly, "I don't know what's going on either, it looks like this is a hotel ......"

        Saying that, Su Zhiyu suddenly thought of Ye Chen's face!

        It suddenly occurred to her that the one who appeared in front of her before she passed out was the same benefactor she had longed for and tried with all her might to find.

        Then she realised something and exclaimed, "Mother! It must have been Eunuch who saved us!"

        "Eunuch?!" Du Haiqing subconsciously asked, "You mean the benefactor who saved you in Japan?!"

        "That's right! That's him!" Su Zhiyu was so excited that her voice trembled a little, and her tears slipped down her cheeks completely uncontrollably as she choked out, "Mom ...... The last thing I remember before I passed out was that I was dying and my consciousness was on the verge of breaking apart, and then ...... And then I saw my benefactor!"

        Du Haiqing couldn't help but ask, "Could it have been a hallucination at that time due to unconsciousness? Isn't that person in Japan? How come he appeared in Jinling?"

        Su Zhiyu said firmly, "Mom. It's him, it's really him! I definitely won't remember wrong!"

        With that, she hurriedly checked her body.

        She soon found that her body, which had been badly injured in the accident, was now unharmed, and said excitedly, "Mum! It must have been my benefactor who saved us from the tunnel! And the injuries on our bodies, he must have healed them too!"

        Only then did Du Haiqing realise that her own body, too, was not feeling any abnormalities at all at this point.

        It was important to know that before this, she and her daughter had been involved in a man-made car accident in the tunnel and had suffered tremendous injuries.

        She could not help but exclaim in her mind, "It is almost impossible for anyone to survive a car accident of that severity!"

        "Yet, Zhiyu and I are now unharmed ...... This is unbelievable ......"

        So she hurriedly pursued the question, "Zhiyu, that benefactor of yours, why did he come to our rescue?"

        "I don't know." Su Zhiyu shook her head with a bewildered expression and said, "I've recruited him for a long time, but I've never found him, and this is only the second time I've seen him ......"

        Saying that, she couldn't help but sigh, "Mom, my benefactor he saved me once again ...... And not only did he save me, but he also saved you, counting up, the two of us, and my brother, the three of us owe four lives to our benefactor ......"

        Immediately afterwards, Su Zhiyu could not help but complain, "Mom! The feng shui master that grandpa found is simply nonsense! He told me not to look for my grandfather, saying that my destiny was in conflict with his and that there would be some kind of catastrophe, but he surely couldn't imagine that it was my grandfather who saved me once again! You even scolded me when I said his fortune telling was not to be trusted ......"

Chapter 2522

Du Haiqing immediately stopped it, "Zhiyu! Don't talk nonsense! How do you know Master Lai's calculations are not correct? Master Lai said a long time ago that you should not look for him, and if you had listened and obediently gone back to Yanjing, you naturally wouldn't have encountered such a big thing."

        Unconvinced, Su Zhiyu blurted out, "Then if I go back, won't your safety be unprotected, mother! In case I'm not here, if my benefactor won't show up, then you'll be in bad luck, mum ......"

        Du Haiqing sighed and said, "Ai, this is the cause and effect of the world, Master Lai only calculated the connection between you and him at that time, he did not calculate that I would also have a connection with this benefactor of yours through you, nor did he calculate that I would also be saved by your benefactor because of this ......"

        At this point, she could not help but feel: "This benefactor is really a valuable person for our family ...... I wonder if I can find him and thank him in person ......"

        Su Zhiyu came back to her senses and said with excitement, "The hotel we are staying in must have been arranged by our benefactor, I'll go and ask the service staff right now!"

        After saying that, she hurriedly got up from the bed, rushed out of the bedroom in three or two steps, and went straight to the door of the executive suite.

        Su Zhiyu had just pushed the door open when she saw four strong young women outside the door, completely blocking the way.

        She hurriedly asked, "Hello, may I ask where I am?"

        One of the women spoke, "Hello Miss Su, what you are in now is the hotel that our young master has arranged for you and Madam Du."

        Su Zhiyu was surprised and asked, "Then may I ask who your young master is?"

        The woman shook her head and said, "I'm sorry Miss Su, the identity of our young master is highly confidential and we are absolutely not allowed to divulge it to the public."

        Su Zhiyu was reluctant and asked again, "Then can you take me to see him? I want to thank him in person ......"

        "Sorry." The woman continued to shake her head and said apologetically, "Our young master has had instructions that if you and Miss Du wake up, you should first rest well in your room and feel free to talk to us if you need anything, but you can't go half a step out of the room."

        "Huh?" Su Zhiyu couldn't help but ask, "I wonder what your young master's intention is in making this arrangement?"

        The woman explained, "It's like this, our young master has instructed that your grandfather is scheming to kill your mother, and your own safety is not guaranteed, so he needs you and Ms. Du to stay in the hotel room for the time being and not go out."

        Su Zhiyu was in a somewhat lost mood, but once she thought that her benefactor was also looking out for her and her mother's safety, she nodded and said helplessly, "Alright then ...... Please thank your young master for me ......"

        With that, she hurriedly asked again, "I ...... I have one more question."

        "Please speak, Miss Su."

        Su Zhiyu asked with a face full of expectation, "Will your young master come here? I ...... I would like to see him ...... I wonder if I have the honor?"

        The woman smiled faintly, "Miss Su, I can't answer this exactly, the young master didn't tell me whether he would come or not."

        Su Zhiyu was even more disappointed in her heart.

        She didn't expect that she had been saved once again by her benefactor, and had even been settled into a high-class hotel by him, but she still couldn't see his face.

        At this point, she couldn't help but ask, "Then please, do you know where my mobile phone is? If you do, can you return it to me?"

        The woman said, "Sorry Miss Su, our young master has instructed that you and Madam Du cannot contact anyone outside for the time being, because many people are now looking for the whereabouts of you two, and once they know you are still alive, I'm afraid they will turn against you, so I hope you can understand!"