Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2513-2514

 Chapter 2513

Right now, Su Chengfeng was in complete disarray.

        It was precisely because of this that his thinking had begun to diverge, and even jumped around a little.

        In the dark, he felt that the mastermind behind this matter was most likely the super expert who had saved Su Zhi Fei as well as Su Zhi Yu in Japan.

        The butler, however, felt a little whimsical.

        He said politely, "Master, the master that Miss met in Japan at the beginning has not been identified even now, and we don't even know whether he is a Chinese or a Chinese expatriate living in Japan."

        "Moreover, Kyoto and Jinling are thousands of kilometres apart, in a vast sea of people, how could these two people overlap so coincidentally, this possibility is there but the odds are just a little too low ......"

        Su Chengfeng shook his head and said seriously, "The basis of my judgment is not chance, it's feeling!"

        After saying that, Su Chengfeng analyzed, "This mysterious person in Jinling gave me a feeling of being powerful as hell, a feeling that I had only experienced once before."

        "And the last time I had this feeling was after hearing about that super expert in Japan!"

        "That guy, just by himself, was able to easily kill a number of top Japanese ninjas in close physical combat, and was himself unharmed... this kind of expert is something I have never heard of in all these years!"

        "Although I have heard of many duels between Chinese and Japanese masters, and most of these were won by Chinese masters, but to be honest, I have never heard of a single duel between Chinese and Japanese masters where the Chinese masters were able to win unharmed."

        "Even if Bruce Lee were to face off against a Western master, it would be impossible to guarantee that he would win unscathed."

        "Once the opponent can manage to emerge unscathed, it proves that he is geometrically times ahead of his opponent in terms of strength!"

        "In other words, if this mysterious man is able to fight one against seven unharmed, then it is not a problem at all to fight one against ten, even if the number of opponents doubles, perhaps he can still win at a certain cost!"

        "One man killing fourteen top ninjas, how many such people do you think there can be in the world?!"

        The butler was in deep thought for a moment.

        Only after a long time did he nod seriously and said, "Master, you are right ...... He could take out seven Japanese ninjas unharmed, so his ceiling is far from seven, if you count it that way, this man's strength is simply unheard of ......"

        Su Chengfeng continued, "And this time, the mastermind behind Jinling was not only able to easily capture the four Ma Chongxin, but he was also able to quietly take away Su Shoude under the noses of more than 20 experts from the Su family, this strength is also unheard of to me."

        "So, this mastermind behind Jinling gives me the same feeling as that mysterious Japanese expert."

        "Two mysterious people whose identities are completely unknown, yet they are able to give me the same feeling, which compels me to connect the two together!"

        Speaking of this, Su Chengfeng said in a firm tone, "And! The connection between these two mysterious people is not just that they feel the same, what's important is that there is a completely overlapping clue!"

        The butler hurriedly asked, "Master, what is the clue?"

        Su Chengfeng spat out two words coldly, "Know the fish!"

Chapter 2514

The butler looked horrified and blurted out, "You mean that last time in Japan, that mysterious expert saved Missy, and this time in Jinling, he still saved Missy?!"

        "That's right!" Su Chengfeng nodded and said offhandedly, "I just have this feeling right now! I always feel that Zhiyu is not dead! If she's really still alive, then the person who saved her must be the mysterious person who already saved her once in Japan!"

        The housekeeper asked, "Master, if the person behind this incident in Jinling is really the mysterious man in Japan, then I can understand him saving Miss, but what is his intention in kidnapping the Second Prince?"

        Su Chengfeng said, "If he kidnapped Shoude, the odds are that he wanted to avenge Zhiyu and her mother's death, right? After all, Shou De is the one who represented the Su family to deal with this matter in Jinling, so it would be the easiest thing to take advantage of him."

        The housekeeper hesitantly said, "That mysterious man, why is he so kind to Eldest Miss? Not only did he save her twice, but he also helped her out?"

        Su Chengfeng said somewhat despondently, "This, I can't say, if my speculation is true, then I really made a bad move this time ......"

        Saying that, Su Chengfeng sighed and muttered to himself, "If I had known that this mysterious expert had love and righteousness for Zhiyu, killing me, I wouldn't have done it to Du Haiqing, she is after all Zhiyu's own mother, if I kill her, Zhiyu, if she lives, will never forgive me in her life ......"

        In an instant, Su Chengfeng's expression became chagrined beyond belief and said in agony, "If my speculation is correct, then this mystery man, originally had a chance to be available for my Su family! And how could it have developed to this point today!"

        The butler hurriedly pursued, "Master, if that's the case, then is there still room for redemption?"

        "Redeem?" Su Chengfeng's face was wrinkled in annoyance as he said, "How can I undo it now? I expelled her father and killed her mother, and what's more, Shoude and that damned Ma Chongxin have put the blame on me, how can Zhiyu forgive me? I'll be lucky if she doesn't want me dead ......"

        The butler thought for a moment and hurriedly said, "Master, I do have an idea, I don't know if it's feasible ......"

        Su Chengfeng was busy saying, "Speak quickly!"

        The butler whispered, "In my opinion, why don't we hurry up and get the Grand Duke back now! On the one hand, you should apologize to him and explain that you laid your hands on Du Haiqing also to safeguard the family's reputation, and as for the grand miss, this is simply someone trying to plant evidence to frame you! On the other hand, by letting him come back and continue to sit in his previous position, it is tantamount to you taking a step back and showing him a good time."

        Su Chengfeng's expression immediately became very odd.

        The butler continued, "Master, if you are right, if Missy is still alive, then her mother must also be alive, you expelled the Grand Duke to Australia before, and today you expelled the Young Master from the house, this is almost the same as offending all four members of the Grand Duke's family ......"

        The first thing you need to do is to get rid of the problem. Ruo Li's whereabouts are unknown until now, if this mysterious person is really in Jin Ling, then I reckon Ruo Li might be alive too, and might even be beside him ......"

        "So it seems that it is the five members of their family that you have offended, Master ......"

        "Therefore, the most important thing for you now is to hurry up and break them one by one, try your best to salvage them, as long as there is someone in their family of four who speaks for you, you will have a chance to break the game, instead of being a plate of dead flags ah!"

        Su Chengfeng was silent for a long time.

        He understood what the steward meant.

        He knew that he had indeed offended his eldest son, Su Shoudao's family, too severely.

        If Su Shoudao was recalled to Yanjing, confessed his mistakes and showed him goodwill, and then restored to his position as heir, then there would be a possibility of reversing the matter.