Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2509-2510

 Chapter 2509

After hearing the news of Su Shoude's disappearance, Ye Zhongquan immediately summoned his sons and Tang Sihai to a meeting overnight.

        In this meeting, Ye Zhongquan as well as several sons were overflowing with excitement.

        The Su family's losses this time were indeed heavy.

        The last round sacrificed the eldest son and preserved Master Su's reputation, but in the blink of an eye, the second son was also folded in, which will definitely make the whole Su family's military heart in turmoil.

        And the shortage of manpower is the next most serious problem for the Su family.

        But at this time, Tang Sihai suddenly received a message, look down at the phone, suddenly excited to say: "Master, it seems that someone in the short video platform exposure Su family! Now the netizens are discussing very fiercely!"

        "Oh?!" Ye Zhongquan hurriedly asked, "What is the content of the exposure? Quickly let me take a look!"

        Tang Sihai immediately opened the short video platform, ranked in the 1st place of the algorithm recommendation, is the video that Ye Chen uploaded.

        The crowd hurriedly gathered around, and just after watching a few dozen seconds, all of them were excited beyond attachment.

        After watching the video, Ye Zhongquan was so excited that his speech trembled a little: "This ...... This ...... This is really God's help to me! God help me! Su Chengfeng, that old man, this time will not be fiercely pressed to the ground hammering? The Su family is finished this time! Hahahaha!"

        Ye Chen's eldest uncle Ye Changkong also could not help but feel: "Once this video is released, the Su family will basically have no room to turn back, not only will the people of the country crush them, the police will also crush them, and the Du family will not let them go!"

        "Yes!" Ye Changyun said with a smile, "As I see it, it won't take long for the Su family's strength to be weakened one after another from multiple aspects, and maybe we won't have to do anything and become the number one family in the country again in a few days!"

        Ye Zhongquan nodded and said, "This time is not ordinary, this old thing Su Chengfeng dare to joke with the life and safety of hundreds of people this time, the people at the top can not easily forgive him! This time he is really in trouble with the fire!"

        The eldest, Ye Changkong, couldn't help but ask, "Dad, how do you think the top will punish the Su family?"

        Ye Zhongquan said seriously, "Such a major matter, and it has caused such great public anger, someone from the Su family may have to take criminal responsibility, otherwise it is not good to give an explanation to the general public."

        Ye Changkong exclaimed, "Criminal liability? Could it be that Su Chengfeng that old thing to go to jail?"

        Ye Zhongquan shook his head and said, "Su Chengfeng is more than seventy and almost eighty years old, basically unlikely to go to jail, even if sentenced, it should also be executed outside of prison."

        Ye Changkong asked again, "Dad, then you think, Su Chengfeng will be arrested and sentenced this time?"

        Ye Zhongquan smiled: "It depends on whether Su Chengfeng can still find a scapegoat this time."

        Here, he said with a sneer: "But I think, this time, if Su Chengfeng still want to find someone to take the blame, the entire nation is unlikely to agree, after all, he has already had a precedent of dumping the pot to Su Shoudao, in this case, even if he pushed another son out to take the blame, the public will not buy."

        Ye Changkong smiled and said, "If you say so, then he, Su Chengfeng, will not be able to escape this time."

        Ye Zhongquan nodded and said, "This time he wants to dump me is certainly impossible, but this kind of thing you also know, people are not his kill, and that Liu Zhan has also died, this kind of thing now dead, if Su Chengfeng then sophistry, bite the bullet and say they just want Liu Zhan to help teach Du Haiqing, and did not instruct Liu Zhan to kill, then it is not It is possible to directly set him a crime of intentional homicide."

      Said, Ye Zhongquan added: "Su family, after all, still has a very strong strength, Su Chengfeng must have a way to help themselves as much as possible to reduce the strength of punishment, plus he is really old, this kind of person court is not really sentenced him a felony, so I estimate that he is likely to fall a not light or heavy crime, and then sentenced to a few years in prison, the age is really very old The court will then apply for an extra-penitentiary sentence, basically even if you get over it."

        Ye Changkong could not help but feel: "Hey! If only that Liu Zhan had not died, if he had been captured alive, then let him tell the truth in court, that Su Chengfeng death can not escape."

        Ye Zhongquan smiled faintly: "Changkong, you, in front of Su Chengfeng, or too naive."

        Ye Changkong asked in confusion, "Dad, what do you mean by that?"

        Ye Zhongquan lightly said, "If Liu Zhan really didn't die, Su Chengfeng would have fled the country overnight by now!"

Chapter 2510

"How can a man like him let himself stay in the country and become a prisoner?"

        "You have to know that he doesn't have more than ten years to live, in case he is sentenced to another 10 years or more in prison, then he can only end up in prison for the rest of his life!"

        "If that's the case, why not just escape?"

        "As long as he escapes, with his level of assets, he can live extremely prosperous in any place in the world!"

        "The big deal is to give up the Su family's headship, then retire early himself and enjoy a decade or so of his later life."

        "When he dies, then let his family transport his remains back to China and bury them in the Su family's ancestral tomb, which is also considered returning to his roots, in this way, he doesn't have to sit in jail for a day."

        Only when Ye Changkong heard this did it dawn on him.

        So, he said with some embarrassment, "Dad, still you think more comprehensively ......"

        Ye Zhongquan sighed softly and thought in his heart, "I have to say, these few sons of mine, only Chang Ying is really the one with great wisdom, the remaining three, are really lacking in goodness."

        While he was sighing inwardly, his cell phone suddenly rang.

        With Ye Zhongquan's identity, those who know his cell phone number and can call him directly, except for his own family, may not be more than 10 people.

        So the moment the phone rang, he was more or less surprised.

        When he looked down, Ye Zhongquan burst out laughing.

        "Haha! Surprisingly, it's Su Chengfeng calling, this old thing, calling me at this late hour, I don't know what kind of idea he's playing!"

        Several other people were also immediately curious.

        You should know that the Su family and the Ye family, usually have almost no contact, especially the two family heads, each seeing the other as a thorn in each other's side.

        Previously, some negotiations on the division of territory were not negotiated by the two personally, but each handed over to their own next generation.

        Now, Su Chengfeng suddenly called Ye Zhongquan, everyone was curious about what Su Chengfeng wanted to do.

        Ye Zhongquan picked up the phone and turned on the speaker by hand, and Su Chengfeng's voice immediately came from the other end of the phone: "Aiya, Brother Ye! I haven't seen you for many days, I wonder what Brother Ye has been up to lately?"

        Ye Zhongquan grunted and laughed, "Aiya Su Chengfeng, at this time, do not engage in polite pleasantries, what is the matter you say."

        Su Chengfeng hesitated for a moment, then said, "Okay! Since Brother Ye is so quick, I won't bother with you, I'm calling here because I hope Brother Ye can help me with a favor!"

        Ye Zhongquan laughed: "Looking for my help? What kind of help?"

        Su Chengfeng sighed and said seriously: "Brother Ye, I know that in the past, I did have a lot of offenses, but this time I really encountered a little trouble, so I hope that you can forget about the past, help me to delete the video about our Su family on your short video platform."

        Ye Zhongquan pretended to be surprised and said, "Aiya, you want me to delete that video, huh?"

        "Right!" Su Chengfeng was busy saying, "I wonder if Brother Ye can help? If it is possible, Brother Ye just name a price!"

        Ye Zhongquan laughed and said exaggeratedly, "Aiya, Su Chengfeng, I'll say it from the bottom of my heart, you're thinking of fart eating!"