Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2507-2508

Chapter 2507

Su Chengfeng was so emotional that he couldn't catch his breath, and his body fell straight to one side.

        The housekeeper hurriedly stepped forward to hold him up and said, "How are you, Master? Are you all right?"

        Su Chengfeng was so angry that he could not even speak, and his chest was heaving rapidly. When the housekeeper saw his state, he hurriedly took out the intercom and shouted, "Where is the doctor?

        Su Chengfeng said with difficulty while breathing heavily, "Quickly ...... Quickly help me to sit on the sofa ......"

        The butler hurriedly helped him up and carefully helped him to the sofa.

        After Su Chengfeng sat down, the housekeeper hurriedly helped him comb his front and back.

        At this time the family doctor also rushed over, holding an oxygen bag and quick-acting heart pills.

        Together with the housekeeper, Su Chengfeng took the quick-acting heart pills and then administered oxygen to him, which helped him to feel better.

        At this moment, Su Chengfeng was full of anger, he clenched his fists and cursed through clenched teeth, "This is someone deliberately trying to screw the Su family to death, deliberately trying to screw me to death!"

        The housekeeper said, "Master, you should not worry about this, no matter what, your body is the most important, you must not get angry and break your health ......"

        Su Chengfeng said in agony, "I'm finished, I'm all finished now! This video has not only released what happened to Su Ruoli and Du Haiqing, but also put the black pot of Zhiyu on me, and Liu Zhan strapped an explosive and stormed into the Treasure Pavilion to take hostages. This is to portray me as a public enemy!"

        At the thought of this, Su Chengfeng's inner despair was unbearable!

        He knew too well the quality and character of the Chinese people who were cynical and vindictive.

        He knew all too well the cynical nature of the Chinese people.

        So what if you are rich?

        In front of the people, the richer you are, the less you can be arrogant and domineering and do whatever you want!

        Although the Su family is rich and powerful, they only dare to do many dirty things behind the scenes and never dare to come out in the open.

        Sometimes when the public accidentally catches a hint of something, they have to spend a lot of money and energy to do crisis PR.

        Just like before when many people on the internet suspected that it was Su Chengfeng who wanted to kill Du Haiqing, Su Chengfeng, for the sake of his own image, poured several hundred million dollars in one day to wash his name all over the internet.

        The reason was also because he was afraid of exposing himself and provoking verbal criticism from the whole country.

        However, Su Chengfeng could never have dreamed that the situation he originally thought he had under control would completely collapse in an instant!

        The impact of this video right now is like a huge tsunami that has come crashing down on us.

        In the face of a catastrophe like a tsunami, human beings have no chance of escape at all.

        The extreme anger of the public opinion was almost like a withering of the earth, leaving no room for him to turn back.

        Su Chengfeng muttered to himself in pain, "All the efforts I made before, all the PR, all of a sudden it's all gone to waste ......"

        At this point, he continued sadly, "Not only has it become a sham, but it has backfired! If I had known this would be the case today, I would not have chosen to go after Du Haiqing in Jinling ...... That was lifting a stone to smash my own feet, I was raising a machete and breaking my own hand ......"

Chapter 2508

The butler also sighed: "Ai! Master, I also didn't expect that Ma Chongxin personally brought someone to Jinling to do this matter, but it still turned out to be this shit, and the Second Prince, I really can't imagine that someone in the small Jinling would dare to lay hands on the Second Prince, is he tired of living?"

        Su Chengfeng roared, "Investigate! You must find out who is fighting against me! I want all websites and apps to take down this video within 10 minutes, and no media will be allowed to publish any opinions or views on this video!"

        The butler said with difficulty, "Master ...... The other platforms and APPs are fine, but this short video platform, that is the Ye family's ah ......"

        "What the hell?!" Su Chengfeng's eyes widened and he questioned offhandedly, "This short video platform is owned by the Ye family? Since when did the Ye family enter the internet industry?"

        The butler spoke up, "Actually, the Ye Family bought this short video platform several months ago, and it seemed to have cost over eighty billion at the time."

        "However, I don't know what exactly the Ye family's purpose is in buying this short video platform."

        "Moreover, although this short video platform is very hot, because it is basically free for users, so the profit this is rather single."

        "Apart from advertising, it's just to let a bunch of weblebrities go up and have a live broadcast to sell goods, and then the platform takes a cut from it, the profit margin is much lower than the industry we usually engage in."

        Su Chengfeng said with a desperate look on his face, "What the hell is wrong with the Ye family, buying something but this kind of online platform? It's really fucking evil!"

        The Su family and the Ye family were both top-notch big families with a hundred-year history.

        This kind of big family, just like the Rothschild family, generally operated in traditional industries.

        For example, the energy industry, the financial industry, the manufacturing industry, the real estate industry and the ocean shipping industry.

        But the oldest families, basically, do not touch the Internet industry.

        This is not to say that they are not interested in the Internet industry, but because they have been working in the traditional industry for many years and all their strengths, contacts and resources are all focused on the traditional industry.

        Moreover, this kind of people's way of thinking is also relatively conservative in comparison, so they generally do not take the initiative to go into the Internet.

        This is why the bigwigs of the Internet all over the world are basically emerging tycoons, and it is rare to hear of any of the top big families with a hundred-year history that have created any outstanding results in the Internet industry.

        The Su family is naturally no different.

        Su Chengfeng basically has no contact with the Internet, so the Su family is hardly in the business of the Internet either.

        Therefore, he basically had little understanding of short video platforms either, only knowing that they were some of the more popular platforms for young people to spend their leisure time.

        In his impression, the Ye family seemed to be no different from the Su family.

        But he really did not know that the Ye family had actually bought the short video platform.

        If this short video platform was owned by the Ye family, then the possibility of trying to get the Ye family to get rid of this video in public relations would be almost nil.

        But Su Chengfeng was not willing to give up.

        He knew that the most important thing he could do now was to hurry up and delete this video so that no one else could watch it anymore and completely interrupt its spread.

        So to achieve this, he could only seek help from the Ye family.

        So he covered his chest and spoke with difficulty, "Go and bring my mobile phone over, I want to call Ye Zhongquan!"