Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2497-2498

 Chapter 2497

Steve naturally did not dare to be negligent and could only hurry to hold the flowers tightly in his arms.

        At this time, Hong Wu pointed to the entrance of the dog cage and said to Steve, "Next, we have Mr. Steve, presenting flowers to his dog son, Walter! Everybody applaud!"

        His group of minions immediately applauded enthusiastically.

        Steve's expression was ugly, but he didn't dare to say a word of dissatisfaction.

        When Hong Wu saw that he was still dawdling and not taking any steps, he couldn't help but scold him, "What are you dawdling about? Do you want me to give you another hospital bed next to your son's bed?"

        Steve shuddered in fear, before he hugged the flowers in a panic and took a difficult step into the entrance of the metal cage.

        Steve, who was wearing only a pair of trousers, was frozen like a popsicle by now, so he walked like a zombie with limited mobility.

        When he stepped onto the red carpet and stumbled to Walter's bed, Hong Wu immediately stepped forward and said, "Next, please ask Mr. Steve to lay flowers for his dog son Walter!"

        After that, he explained to Steve, "Don't be in a hurry to let go when you lay the flowers later, you both have to hold the flowers at the same time and face our brothers over there with the cameras, so they can take a picture of you both, how can we not record such a ceremonial scene?"

        Steve wanted to die, his son was now lying in bed in this state, he didn't even know what was wrong with him, but at the moment he could only play this highly insulting game with him at Hong Wu's request ......

        Walter was even more of a painful mess deep inside at this point.

        If he had known that things would have developed into this damned state, beating him to death, he wouldn't have dared to have any unpleasant thoughts about Wang Dongxue.

        But now it was too late to say anything.

        Steve had no choice but to hand the flowers to his son, while still holding the other side of the flowers in his own hand.

        Father and son looked into the camera together.

        A few of the boys took the hand-pulled salute and crackled it over and over, with coloured sequins falling all over the father and son's heads and bodies.

        At this moment, the flash clicked, and a picture full of black humour was taken.

        Hong Wu then said in a loud voice, "This is the end of the welcome ceremony for Mr Steve and his son's reunion, everyone applaud!"

        A crowd of youngsters applauded, before Hong Wu smiled and asked Ye Chen, "Master Ye, are you still satisfied?"

        Ye Chen nodded and smiled, "It was a good job, it was a bit interesting."

        Hong Wu hurriedly hugged his fist and said respectfully, "Thank you for the compliment, Master. If there is another time, I will definitely make it more grand!"

        Ye Chen looked at Su Shoude, who was stunned, and asked, "Mr. Su, do you think our hospitality is quite elaborate?"

        Su Shoude's face turned pale with fear as he wailed in his heart, "You call this fucking polite? You call this fucking polite? You're a devil!"

        However, he did not dare to say so, he could only comply with Ye Chen's intention and nodded his head repeatedly, "Preachy ...... Tasteful ...... Duke Ye is really too prescriptive in what he does!"

        Ye Chen gave a hint and said, "Some day if your son is in my hands, I will definitely also give you two masters such a ceremony, and then it will definitely make it even more grand than this."

        Su Shoude said in horror, "Ye ...... Mr. Ye, my son he is an honest boy ......"

        Ye Chen said in a cold voice: "Just because you are a bad to shit father, your son is no better!"

        Su Shoude instantly looked ashamed and did not dare to say more.

Chapter 2498

Ye Chen ignored him, looked at Steve and spoke, "Steve, do you know why I have your son here?"

        Steve's eyes were red and he shook his head.

        Ye Chen looked at Walter and said coldly, "Come on, Walter, introduce your glorious history to your father."

        "I ......" Walter didn't know what to do for a moment.

        Ye Chen said in a cold voice: "Speak quickly!"

        When Walter saw that Ye Chen had moved with anger, he shivered in fear and hurriedly said, "I'll say, I'll say it ......"

        Then he looked at Steve and choked up, "Dad, it's all my fault, I'm to blame ......"

        With that, he then told the whole story of how he coveted Wang Dongxue's beauty while spying on the Empire Group's industry in Jinling, and in order to achieve the goal of killing two birds with one stone, he poisoned Wang Dongxue's father.

        After hearing all this, Steve's whole person was already near collapse.

        Only at this moment did he realise that his son, who on the surface appeared to be well-behaved and understanding with unlimited potential, was in fact a complete scum of the earth in his bones.

        It was because of this son's beastly behavior that he buried his own future and also ruined himself along with.

        He was so filled with rage that he slapped Walter across the face and shouted, "You bastard! You've not only ruined yourself, you've ruined me!"

        Walter cried, "Dad ...... I'm sorry ...... I ...... I didn't want things to turn out like this ......"

        Saying that, he looked at Ye Chen and choked up, "Mr. Ye, there is a head for injustice, and there is a master for debt. I'll take the blame for what I've done myself, please let my father leave here and go back to America."

        Ye Chen could not help but laugh out loud, "Walter, do you really think I am a three-year-old child? If I let your dad go back now, in case he goes back to get help and comes back to save you, won't that be a problem for me myself?"

        After saying that, Ye Chen added, "Besides, I told you before, since you were able to drag Wang Dongxue's father down, then I can follow suit and drag your father down as well, from now on, your father will also have to stay here for enough ten years, as a way to take care of you and atone for your sins together!"

        Walter looked at Steve with tears streaming down his face and cried, "Dad, I'm sorry ......"

        Steve was similarly in tears.

        He really didn't expect that a trip to China would completely bury his future, or even his freedom in life.

        Ye Chen then pointed to the empty cage next door and said to Su Shoude, "Mr. Su, this is the single room you will live in from now on, if you feel lonely, this father and son next door can still be your companion, after a while, I will find an opportunity to bring your father here as well, and you two pairs of fathers and sons will be able to make a mahjong table."

        When Su Shoude heard this, a chill ran through his heart.

        "Ye Chen forced me to record so many videos, if this is really exposed, the old man will definitely hate me to death, in case he really gets the old man over here too, this father and son cage meeting, really how awkward it is ......"

        "Moreover, if Ye Chen really got the old man in, wouldn't that make my big brother whole?!"

        "When the time comes that the two of us masters live in a dog cage here and he inherits the Su family headship outside, then wouldn't he turn over a serf and become the final big winner?!"

        Thinking about this, Su Shoude's heart was as uncomfortable as it could be.

        He had originally thought that by forcing his elder brother Su Shoudao out, he would become the heir to the family head.

        Seeing his great success, he did not expect that a trip to a small place like Jinling would bring him to such an end ......

        Just as his entire body was in agony, Ye Chen suddenly remembered something and opened his mouth to ask: "Hey right Mr. Su, when we first met in the hotel room, who did you send a voice to say you were going to beat someone's ass?"