Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2495-2496

 Chapter 2495

As Su Ruoli was Su Shoudao's daughter, deep down her heart was naturally thicker in blood than in water.

        However, she could not help but think in her heart, "I already owed Duke Ye a life, and Duke Ye, moreover, had given me a heavenly chance to grow my martial strength rapidly, so I must be obedient to him in order to repay his kindness, for reasons of reason and sense."

        "If my father really bears unshirkable responsibility for the death of Duke Ye's parents, then if Duke Ye were to seek revenge on him, I would naturally have nothing to say ......"

        "So, one can only hope that father he is not directly related to the death of Ye Chen's parents ......"

        "Fortunately, Lord Ye is also a person, very upright and fair, since he has said that as long as father is not his father's enemy, he will be able to spare father's life, then the rest will depend on whether father is innocent in this matter."

        Thinking thus, she respectfully said to Ye Chen, "Sir Ye, with these words of yours, Ruo Li is relieved!"

        Ye Chen nodded slightly and said to Hong Wu, "Alright, escort this Su Shoude to the single private room prepared for him, and by the way, take this Steve with you as well, to meet with his son."

        As soon as Steve heard that Ye Chen wanted him to meet with his son, he immediately opened his mouth and asked, "Where is Walter now?!"

        Ye Chen laughed, "Your precious son, right now, is lying in the special private room I have prepared for her."

        Steve blurted out, "Lying down? Is he sick?!"

        Ye Chen said indifferently, "Given that your son's character is really too scummy, so I'll ask him to come here and have a proper bed-rest reformation. As for why exactly he is lying down, when you meet him later, it's better to let him tell you himself."

        Having said that, Ye Chen stood up and ordered the crowd around him, "Pick them both up and take them away!"

        Hong Wu and Chen Zekai personally went up, one picked up the other, dragged the two of them and headed out.

        Ye Chen put his hands behind his back and followed them with a single step.

        When they arrived at the kennel area of the dog farm again, Su Shoude and Steve trembled with fear at the sight of the iron cages.

        As they were dragged further in, they discovered that the iron cages on either side of them housed a number of very fierce fighting dogs.

        They were even more dumbfounded to find that several of the cages contained not dogs, but people!

        Steve soon saw his son!

        His son, Walter, was lying on a hospital bed, looking frail.

        Just beside Walter stood a yellow-skinned young man who was carrying a bowl of white porridge and somewhat roughly shoving a spoon into Walter's mouth.

        This young man was Jiro Kobayashi, who worked as a bagman at the dog farm.

        Steve immediately struggled and shouted, "Walter!myson!whathappenedtoyou?!"

        Hong Wu went up and gave him a big slap on the face, cursing and shouting, "F*ck! What the f*ck are you talking about? Don't you both know Mandarin? Speak Mandarin to me! If you speak that shit in front of us again, I'll cut your tongue out!"

        Steve was so aggrieved by the slap, but he didn't dare to fight Hong Wu at all, so he covered his face and choked up and asked in Mandarin, "Walter, my son ...... You ...... What's wrong with you?!"

Chapter 2496

Walter also struggled to get up, but tried several times without success because of his weaker body.

        So he could only lie helplessly on the bed and while shedding tears, he spoke in Mandarin: "Dad ...... I ...... I have been poisoned and now I have uremia ......"

        After saying this, he could no longer control his emotions and cried out, "Dad! You have to save me dad! This hellhole is like hell ...... If you don't think of a way to get me out, I might die here."

        Ye Chen laughed, "Walter, it's impossible for your dad to save you, but the good news is that I plan to leave your dad here to take care of you, and you two will live in a single room from now on."

        After saying that, Ye Chen said to Kobayashi Jiro, "Jiro, from now on you won't have to feed this Walter, concentrate on feeding your dog."

        When Jiro Xiao Lin heard this, he was overjoyed and said, "Excellent, Sir Ye! You don't know, I have to feed this Walter every day, and I also have to serve him shit and urine, which is much more disgusting than serving a dog."

        Ye Chen smiled slightly, "Let his father do this from now on, you haven't put in much work these days, ask Hong Wu to give you a day off later, as long as you don't leave the dog farm, you can do whatever you want."

        Xiao Lin Jiro was so excited that he bowed repeatedly, "Thank you, Sir Ye! Thank you, Sir Ye! If I can have a day off, I ...... I would like to have a good sleep and then ...... And then drink two more beers ......"

        After saying that, he looked at Ye Chen and asked somewhat nervously, "Sir Ye, can I ...... Can I have two bottles of beer?"

        Ye Chen smiled, waved his hand and said to Hong Wu, "Hong Wu, have someone prepare a case of beer for Jiro tomorrow, so that he can relax and unwind!"

        Hong Wu immediately said, "Okay Master Ye, leave it to me!"

        When Jiro Kobayashi heard that he could have a case of beer, he was so excited that tears welled up in his eyes and he choked up, "Master Ye, thank you ...... I ...... I haven't had a beer in a long time ......"

        Ye Chen smiled, "As long as you behave well, not to mention beer, even white wine red wine or even your Japanese sake can be fixed for you."

        As if hitting chicken blood, Kobayashi Jiro said excitedly and repeatedly, "Mr. Ye, I will do my best again and do my best!"

        Ye Chen nodded his head and waved his hand, "Alright Jiro, you go and rest first, you are not needed here."

        Kobayashi Jiro hurriedly said, "Alright Lord Ye, I'll leave you to it for now!"

        Hong Wu then gave a wink to his men, and immediately one of his men came forward and led Jiro Xiaobayashi away.

        Ye Chen asked Hong Wu at this time, "Where is the welcome ceremony I asked you to prepare? People have been here for half a day, why don't you hurry up and start?"

        Hong Wu hurriedly nodded and said, "It will start, it will start!"

        After saying that, he hurriedly shouted at the people around him, "Quick, get the props!"

        As soon as the words left his mouth, several of his men immediately brought out a large roll of red blankets from the empty dog cage next to him, and several of them spread the red blankets in an orderly manner from the corridor of the kennel, all the way into Walter's single dog cage, directly to the edge of Walter's hospital bed.

        One of them brought a red suit jacket to Hong Wu, who then turned into a master of ceremonies and said with a serious and emotional expression: "Today, Mr. Steve Hogewitz has travelled a long way to reunite with his dog son, Walter, on this happy day. historical moment!"

        After saying this, one of the boys hastily held a bouquet of flowers and shoved it into Steve's arms, threatening in a low voice: "Hold tight, if you drop one flower bone I'll break your legs!"