Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2493-2494

 Chapter 2493

At this moment, Ye Chen looked at the flustered Su Shoude, smiled slightly and spoke, "The video just now, a total of three segments were taken."

        "The first segment was your confession that it was Su Chengfeng who wanted to kill Du Haiqing, while also dumping the blame on Su Chengfeng, saying that he also wanted to finish off Su Zhiyu;"

        "The second paragraph is that you yourself admitted that it was actually you who hired Liu Zhan to kill Su Zhiyu;"

        "The third paragraph, is your confession that back in Japan, it was Su Chengfeng who secretly betrayed Su Ruoli and then dumped the pot on your elder brother Su Shoudao ......"

        Speaking here, Ye Chen smacked his lips and continued, "Tsk ...... But well, the first paragraph and the second paragraph themselves are somewhat contradictory, so if I were to send it out, I would have to take one of the two ......"

        After saying that, Ye Chen looked at him with interest and asked, "Su Shoude, which ones do you think I will send out?"

        Su Shoude shook his head, he couldn't figure out Ye Chen's preferences, and didn't know what Ye Chen really wanted.

        In fact, the first and second paragraphs, no matter which one was sent out, he would be out of luck himself.

        Seeing that he didn't say anything, Ye Chen smiled and said, "To tell you the truth, I'm going to send out the first and third paragraphs, because these two paragraphs, dumping the matter of Du Haiqing, Su Zhiyu, and Su Ruoli on Su Chengfeng alone, that should be enough for that old dog to get a good drink!

        "I, for one, still prefer to concentrate my firepower on offensive battles, so I'll have to concentrate all my firepower together first to bring down this old dog Su Chengfeng!"

        After saying that, Ye Chen smiled, turned his words and continued, "As for the second video well ...... I plan to keep it for now and send it to your big brother Su Shoudao for a good look in the future."

        Su Shoudao asked, dumbfounded, "Why ...... Why do you want to send it to my big brother ......"

        Ye Chen laughed: "If I send the first and third video to your big brother, and your big brother knows that it was Su Chengfeng who tried to kill his two daughters and also his wife, do you think he will fight with Su Chengfeng?"

        Su Shoude said with embarrassment, "This ...... My elder brother is afraid that he has this heart, but he doesn't have this ability either ......"

        "Never mind." Ye Chen laughed, "Whether Su Shoudao has this ability or not is put aside first, as long as I can make their father and son completely turn against each other, it will be enough for me."

        Su Shoudao couldn't help but winced.

        "I really can't figure out why this young man in his twenties in front of me is so ventriloquist?"

        "If he really sends out the video here, big brother and the old man are afraid that they will form a deadly feud ......"

        "The point is, I've shaken out all the things about the old man and dumped the pot on Su Zhiyu as well, the old man will hate me to the bone too!"

        At this time, Ye Chen added: "When the first and third videos are sent out, Su Shoudao will definitely want to kill Su Chengfeng in his dreams, and Su Chengfeng, probably wants to kill you in his dreams! By then, you will be begging me to take you in and save your dog's life, otherwise, as soon as you go out, I am afraid that you will be screwed by Su Chengfeng, and even if he doesn't screw you, he will still make your life worse than death."

        Su Shoude was even more terrified inside.

        "What Ye Chen said is exactly right."

        "If these two videos are sent out, the old man will definitely want to flay me alive ......"

        "This is not an exaggerated sentence, this is a standard declarative sentence!"

        "At that point, I'm afraid I'll really have to beg Ye Chen to take me in, otherwise, as long as he lets me out, even if the old man knows that I was coerced by him, he will definitely not forgive me ......"

Chapter 2494

Ye Chen continued at this point, "As for the second video just now, the one where you personally admitted that you tried to get Su Zhiyu killed, I will wait until your big brother takes out Su Chengfeng and becomes the head of the Su family before sending it to him."

        "In case Su Shoudao has a chance to turn the tables, that way, even if Su Chengfeng is taken out, you won't be able to breathe a sigh of relief because once your big brother knows that it was you who tried to kill his daughter, he will also find a way to find you and then do whatever it takes to screw you over."

        "See, how about this closed loop design of mine? Whether your father wins, or your brother wins, you will end up dead."

        Hearing this, Su Shoude's eyes had burst into tears.

        He understood.

        He really got it this time!

        "What this Ye Chen is trying to do is to put me and the old man and my big brother in a state of mutual hostility at all times, and even kill each other off ......"

        "With these videos in his hands, I'll be a dead man anyway!"

        "The game between the old man and big brother, if the old man wins, I have to die; if big brother wins, I still have to fucking die!"

        "Ye Chen ...... You ...... You have a poisonous heart!"

        Ye Chen saw Su Shoude's old tears, sneered and said, "So if you want me to say it, just stay here honestly, I have asked Hong Wu to prepare a single room for you, definitely the best treatment here, as long as you are still here, I can keep your dog's life, but if you want to escape it doesn't matter, when the time comes either your father wants to fix you up or your big brother wants to fix you up, you will be able to weigh it up."

        Su Shoude cried out at once: "Mr. Ye ...... Please give me a way out ...... How about you and I work together, you help me take care of my father and my big brother, after I inherit the Su family property, all the assets of the Su family will be divided into 30% for you!"

        The first thing you can do is to go to Yanjing and finish off my father, and then go to Australia and finish off my big brother as well!"

        When Hong Wu heard this, he immediately cursed, "Fuck! Su Shoude, what the fuck do you want? You want to fool Grandmaster Ye and get him to help you get to the top? Are you fucking worthy?"

        Hearing that Su Shoude wanted to provoke Ye Chen to kill his father, Su Ruoli hurriedly blurted out, "Sir Ye, you can't listen to his lies! This kind of person has no credibility whatsoever!"

        Ye Chen smiled faintly and spoke, "Su Shoude, even if I killed your father and your big brother, I wouldn't let you go and inherit the Su family."

        Saying this, Ye Chen's expression suddenly became very cold as he said in a stern voice, "I will pick up where I left off and push down the entire Su family!"

        Su Shoude was frightened by Ye Chen's eyes, his liver and guts splitting.

        Because, Ye Chen's eyes carried full killing intent!

        At that moment, Ye Chen turned around, looked at Su Ruoli and said indifferently, "Ruoli, I know you care about Su Shoudao, after all, he is your father, I can understand that, but I can tell you clearly right now, if Su Shoudao really has something to do with my parents' death, I will definitely kill him with my own hands, and if you dare to stop me then, I will also kill you."

        Su Ruoli's body trembled instantly, and he quickly lowered his head and said respectfully, "Sir Ye, Ruo Li's life was saved by you, Ruo Li does not dare to stop you from doing anything, if father he is really your father's killer, and you want to avenge your father, Ruo Li will never stop ......"

        At this point, Su Ruoli fell to the ground with a poof, choking on a sob and begging, "Sir Ye, Ruoli has only one request! If the father has nothing directly related to the death of your parents, please spare his life ......"

        Ye Chen said with an expressionless face, "Don't worry, I, Ye Chen, only kill scum and scum that harm Heaven and earth, if your father really has nothing directly related to my parents' death, I will naturally spare his life."

        Immediately afterwards, Ye Chen turned his words around and said in a cold voice, "However! No matter what, Su Shoudao will have to pay the price for forming the 'Anti-Ye Alliance' back then! Even though the deadly crime can be spared, the living crime is still hard to escape!"