Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2491-2492

 Chapter 2491

"Good Master Ye!"

        Hong Wu answered, immediately walked forward, grabbed Su Shoude's hair, flung his hand is a fierce slap, smacked Su Shoude eyes.

        Su Shoude grew up, for the first time by outsiders directly hit his face, his heart was furious, but he did not dare to send out a fire in his stomach, he could only bear it.

        Ye Chen glared at Su Shoude and said coldly, "When I don't let you speak, you can't say a word."

        Su Shoude could only cover his face and nod his head repeatedly, not daring to say half a word more.

        Ye Chen looked at Ma Chongxin and asked him, "Let me ask you, when Su Chengfeng gave you the order, did he tell you to kill Du Haiqing alone, or did he tell you to kill Su Zhiyu along with him?"

        Ma Chongxin blurted out, "Back to Master Ye, Su Chengfeng told me to kill Du Haiqing at that time."

        Ye Chen asked, "Then did he have any discontent with Su Zhiyu and felt that she had turned her elbow to the outside?"

        "No!" Ma Chongxin did not hesitate to say: "Su Chengfeng is very fond of Su Zhiyu, often lamented with us that the generation of the Su family, the most intelligent, the most capable, in fact, is Su Zhiyu!"

        At this time, Su Shoude, his face was already a miserable white.

        Ye Chen glanced at him and asked Ma Chongxin: "According to your meaning, that is to say, Su Chengfeng could not possibly want to kill Su Zhiyu together, right?"

        Ma Chongxin said solemnly, "That's right! Master Ye, although Su Chengfeng is sinister and poisonous, he really loves Su Zhiyu from the bottom of his heart, so it is impossible for him to kill Su Zhiyu."

        After saying that, Ma Chongxin sighed and added: "I'm not going to hide from you, in the tunnel, when I found out that Su Zhiyu was also on Liu's chariot, my whole body was almost scared to death, because I knew in my heart that if Su Chengfeng knew that Su Zhiyu was dead, he would definitely condemn me ......"

        Ye Chen nodded and asked him, "That's why you killed Liu War with one shot?"

        Ma Chongxin said truthfully: "I killed ...... At that time I wanted to ask Liu Zhan, who ordered him to harm Su Zhiyu, but he not only did not say, but also insulted me, I was impulsive, so I killed him with one shot ......"

        At this time, Su Shoude on the side has been scared to the point of tensing.

        Ye Chen looked at him and questioned in a cold voice: "Su Shoude, you said that your old man wanted to kill Su Zhiyu, but now it sounds like that's not the case!"

        Su Shoude explained in a panic: "This ...... This ...... This I ...... I'm actually not very clear ...... Maybe ...... Maybe I made a mistake ......"

        "Got it wrong?" Ye Chen sneered: "Su Shoude, if you don't have a ghost in your own heart, you can't deliberately put Su Zhiyu's pot and dump it on your old man, say, is this matter planned by you behind the scenes?"

        Su Shoude, as if his tail had been stepped on, said offhandedly, "No. ...... It has nothing to do with me ......"

        Ye Chen nodded: "Do not tell the truth is it, but also good to do, Lao Chen!"

        Chen Zekai immediately stepped forward: "Master Ye, what are your orders?"

        Ye Chen said indifferently: "I asked you to find the African hyenas that like to pull out the anus, have you got the door?"

        "Yes!" Chen Zekai hurriedly said, "Jinling Safari introduced a group of African hyenas some time ago, the owner of the Safari has a good relationship with me, and is also a senior member of my hotel, I can contact him and borrow this group of African hyenas!"

        "Good!" Ye Chen nodded, looked at Su Shoude, said indifferently: "Since you want to resist, then go discuss life with the African hyenas!"

        As soon as Su Shoude heard this, the whole person was instantly scared out of his mind!

        He didn't doubt Ye Chen's determination at all, this guy not only had amazing strength, amazing tactics, even his guts were amazing!

        If he really pissed him off, he was afraid that he would definitely not end up well ......

Chapter 2492

The terrified Su Shoude hurriedly took off, "I said, I said all ......"

        Ye Chen nodded and opened the recording function of the phone video.

        Su Shoude saw that he was going to record a video and panicked, "Ye ...... Mr. Ye, what you want to know, I all truthfully confess, but can you please do not record the video ......"

        Ye Chen asked him in return, "What? You dare to do still dare not admit it?"

        Su Shoude stammered and said, "No ...... No, I just ...... I'm just ...... Just a little not quite used to it ......"

        Ye Chen looked at him with disgust and said in a cold voice: "Grumbling, nonsense, Hong Wu, then palm your mouth!"

        Hong Wu did not say a word, rushed up and kicked Su Shoude on his fat belly, kicking him over to the ground, then directly stepped on his chest, bent down and slapped two slaps.

        Su Shoude was smacked around, aggrieved tears in the eyes.

        He has never suffered such a crime in his life, his heart is naturally 10,000 suffocating.

        But he also knows that there is no point in holding back now.

        If you don't cooperate honestly, Ye Chen will let this Hong Wu remove his arms and legs next.

        At this moment, Su Ruolei, who had not spoken, said, "Mr. Ye, against this kind of son of a bitch, slapping him is too cheap, just one word from you, I will cut off both of his arms, see if he still dares to play sloppy with you!"

        Su Shoude's liver trembled with fear and he said, "No! Don't! I'll tell you, I'll tell you now!"

        Ye Chen said coldly, "If you don't get straight to the point, I'll hand you over to Ruoli."

        Su Shoude couldn't help but shiver and said with trepidation, "Back to Mr. Ye, it was indeed me who asked Liu Zhan to kill Su Zhiyu, I asked my men to call his family for 20 million, and then asked his family to inform him and ask him to take Su Zhiyu with him when he killed Du Haiqing ......"

        Ye Chen questioned, "Why did you want to kill Su Zhiyu? She is your own niece, and she has not provoked you, right?"

        Su Shoude said: "I ...... I want to eliminate the future problems ...... Because the old man is very dissatisfied with my big brother, and also very dissatisfied with Su Zhi Fei, if we take out Su Zhi Yu again, the future head of the Su family, it will definitely be me ......"

        Ye Chen nodded, and asked, "Who was it that decided to betray Su Ruoli in the first place?"

        Su Shoude said without hesitation, "It was also my father's idea ......"

        Ye Chen asked rhetorically, "In that case, your elder brother, Su Shoudao, was actually used as a scapegoat by Su Chengfeng?"

        "Yes ......" Su Shoude said honestly: "Ruo Li was betrayed just exploded, the people of the country are scolding the old man, the old man felt that his life of fame, can not late in life all smashed in Su Ruo Li's body, so it all dumped on my big brother, and then drove my big brother to Australia ......"

        Ye Chen nodded, ended the video recording, faintly said: "If you cooperate earlier, you will not have to receive these slaps, so next time be alert and do not make the same mistakes."

        Su Shoude can not say bitter, the expression is more ugly than a dead father, crying face asked: "Mr. Ye ...... Are you planning to send out all those videos just now?"

        About the Su family's current situation, Su Shoude couldn't be clearer.

        Originally, because of the kidnapping of Du Haiqing and Su Zhiyu today, suffered from the questions of the nation's netizens.

        It was not easy to find a large number of water army out to play the victim, forcibly subvert everyone's perception, if all the things he just said were exposed, then the Su family would be all finished.

        Not only will the Su family be finished, he will also become a thousand-year-old sinner of the Su family.

        The old man is afraid that he would hate to pick his own skin ......