Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2489-2490

 Chapter 2489

Hearing Ye Chen's words, Su Shoude's fat body suddenly trembled with fear, and said offhand: "I don't know anything, what do you want me to say ......"

        Ye Chen took out his phone from his pocket, pointed the camera at Su Shoude, and sneered: "I'll only give you one chance, tell me honestly, your Su family, how did you plot to kill Du Haiqing and Su Zhiyu!"

        "If you perform to my satisfaction, I can temporarily keep your dog's life, but if you don't perform to my satisfaction, then I will let you be listed as a missing person permanently!"

        Su Shoude gave a frightened jolt.

        He was not a fool, Ye Chen kidnapped himself directly, on the one hand proving that he had extraordinary strength, on the other hand also proving that he must have enough ability to take care of the aftermath.

        So, he thought in his heart, "I disappeared silently in the eyes of the outside world this time, the outside world is afraid that they won't be able to find me at all, and even if Ye Chen killed me, it would be hard for the outside world to find his head."

        "More importantly, everyone knows that the Su family scales must not be touched, but even so, Ye Chen still dares to make a move against me, which proves that he simply does not put the Su family in his eyes ......"

        Ye Chen does not put the Su family in his eyes, this is what worries Su Shoude the most.

        He felt that Ye Chen did not figure money and did not give any face to the Su family, in this case, if he really wanted to kill himself, it was probably just a matter of words.

        Therefore, if he did not behave well enough, he might really die in his hands.

        So he sighed inwardly: "Today betrayed my father, if I can survive, my father will certainly not forgive me in the future, but in the final analysis, the most important thing right now, or to save your life first ah ......"

        "Otherwise, my father's reputation is preserved, my head is lost, what the fuck do I want?"

        Thinking of this, he hurriedly said, "I ...... I said ...... I say all!"

        Ye Chen pointed at the camera and said in a cold voice: "Come, look into the camera and give me a clear explanation word by word!"

        Su Shoude immediately said, "The killing of Du Haiqing and Su Ruoli was indeed done by our Su family, but it was all planned by my father Su Chengfeng alone, and I had nothing to do with it!"

        Immediately after, Su Shoude then told the whole process of the old man Su Chengfeng plotting to kill Du Haiqing.

        Ye Chen's mind moved slightly, opened his mouth and asked him: "Okay, then I ask you, why did Su Chengfeng want to kill Su Zhiyu? Su Zhiyu is his own granddaughter, this seems a bit unreasonable, right? Could it be that there was someone else who wanted to kill Su Zhiyu?"

        When Su Shoude heard this, he became so nervous that his breathing was disordered, and his brain immediately raced.

        He knew very well that Su Zhiyu was the one he wanted to kill, and it was not Elder Su's intention.

        However, in this situation, Su Shoude definitely did not dare to admit it.

        "Although I can't figure out this Ye Chen's preference for Su Zhiyu, but Ye Chen saved Su Zhiyu twice in Japan and in Jinling! This is a solid fact!"

        "So, if I confess to Ye Chen that it was actually me who wanted to take out Su Zhiyu, then Ye Chen might get even more upset with me ......"

        Thinking of this, Su Shoude's heart gave birth to a plan and said offhandedly, "I'm not going to hide it from you ...... In fact ...... In fact, my father is also very dissatisfied with Su Zhiyu, always feel that she is always defending her mother Du Haiqing, elbow to elbow, my father even suspected that Su Zhiyu is not even the seed of the Su family, so they plan to kill her and Du Haiqing together, to put an end to ......"

        Ye Chen looked at him with interest and asked, "Is that really the case?"

        Su Shoude firmly nodded and said, "Really really! Everything I said, all true!"

        Ye Chen sneered and said, "It's interesting ...... It's really interesting!"

        Su Shoude looked at Ye Chen, and his heart was tense for a while.

        He didn't know what exactly Ye Chen meant.

Chapter 2490

I don't know whether he believed his own words, or he knew long ago that it was he who had secretly killed Su Zhiyu.

        So, he decided to do everything he could to make Ye Chen believe himself and said off the record, "In fact, my father has long been dissatisfied with my elder brother's family, and drove my elder brother to Australia long ago, and then deprived him of the right to inherit the family head ......"

        "This time, my father didn't just want to take out Du Haiqing and Su Zhiyu, just before I came to Jinling, he also wanted me to put Su Zhifei under house arrest as well ......"

        "But Su Zhi Fei this kid reacted faster, fled early, but even if he escaped, many of the Su family underlings are also looking for his whereabouts everywhere, once he is found, the light is the same as my big brother, was driven to Australia; the heavy is the same as his sister Su Zhi fish, directly cleaned up the portal."

        Ye Chen heard him finish, stopped the video shooting and frowned: "Su Shoude, you claim that your father tried to kill Su Zhiyu, but according to what I know from other places, the situation does not seem to be like that, why do you want to put a shit on your own father's head?"

        Su Shoude was immediately startled and said offhandedly, "No! I didn't put any shit on my father's head, what I said was the truth!"

        "The truth?" Ye Chen sneered, "Then, I'll find someone to come over and confront you face to face!"

        After saying that, he immediately said to Hong Wu: "Go and bring that Ma Chongxin here!"

        When Su Shoude heard the three words Ma Chongxin, he was scared out of his mind!

        He didn't expect that Ma Chongxin was still alive!

        What's more, he didn't expect that Ma Chongxin was in Ye Chen's hands!

        "This is the end ...... This is completely finished ...... Ma Chongxin is the old master's personal guard, he came to kill Du Haiqing is on the old master's order, he must know that the old master did not order to kill Su Zhiyu as well ...... When he comes, then will I not be exposed?!"

        Originally, Su Shoude was frozen into a dead dog by a basin of cold water, but now, he was so nervous that he started to sweat.

        He looked at Ye Chen in a panic and stammered, "Ye Chen ...... You can't trust that Ma Chongxin ah! That guy is never full of talk, not a word of truth!"

        Ye Chen smiled faintly: "Later when he comes, you two can confront each other on the spot."

        Su Shoude heart nervous to the extreme, do not know a moment Ma Chongxin came, their tricks will not be Ye Chen recognized.

        Soon, Ma Chongxin, who was handcuffed and ankle-cuffed, was brought over by Hong Wu's little brother.

        Just outside, Ma Chongxin saw Ye Chen, the first time kneeled down and begged for mercy, now see Ye Chen, he was about to kneel down again to beg a few words, but saw that there were two middle-aged men stripped naked in the room, only to find that one of them, is the second son of the Su family, Su Shoude!

        Now, Ma Chongxin's whole body was struck by lightning.

        He never dreamed that he would see the second son of the Su family here!

        At the same time, he was even more frightened and scornful of Ye Chen in his heart.

        Because he really didn't expect that Ye Chen would be so rigid that he wouldn't even spare the second son of the Su family!

        Seeing Ma Chongxin's legs trembling in fear, Ye Chen looked at him and pointed at Su Shoude and asked in a cold voice, "Ma Chongxin, do you know this person?"

        Ma Chongxin hurriedly nodded and said respectfully, "Back to Master Ye, I know him ...... He is the second son of the Su family, Su Shoude ......"

        Su Shoude at this point apprehensively stared at Ma Chongxin, opened his mouth to remind: "Ma, in front of Mr. Ye, you have to pay more attention to what you say! No matter what you say, you are responsible for it!"

        Ye Chen frowned and asked Su Shoude back, "Did I tell you to speak?"

        After saying that, he pointed at Su Shoude and ordered Hong Wu, "Hong Wu, slap my mouth!"