Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2483-2484

 Chapter 2483

How can Su Chengfeng not accept that his second son has just arrived in Jinling and has not even been able to spend a night in Jinling, and the person has already disappeared.

        Moreover, He Lao's strength, he knows.

        Having served in the Su family for many years, he is almost unbeatable.

        Su Shoude has his covert protection, how can he still disappear?

        He Lao on the other side of the phone was also lamenting at this time, ashamed beyond words: "Master ...... I've been on the same floor with the second son, and I've been watching out for any movement, but I didn't expect that the second son would suddenly seem to have evaporated and disappeared from his room ...... This ...... This whole thing is simply too weird to believe ......"

        Saying that, he hurriedly added: "By the way, not only did the second son disappear, but even the second son's newly met friend also disappeared together."

        Master Su hurriedly asked, "New friends? What friend?"

        Elder He hurriedly explained, "It's an American whom the second son met at the airport, their family has some relationship with the Rothschild family, and he coincidentally booked the same hotel as the second son, so the second son invited him to stay next door to him."

        Master Su asked offhandedly, "Could it be that the American has some kind of problem?"

        "Not quite like that." Elder He said, "That American I've observed is an ordinary middle-aged man, not like someone with kung fu or any special strength, so it definitely can't be him."

        Master Su frowned and said in a cold voice: "This matter is even more bizarre, it is already very difficult to make a person disappear silently under your eyes, let alone getting two people away at the same time!"

        Elder He hurriedly said, "Yes, Master, I suspect that the other party must be an expert among experts!"

        Master Su said nervously, "How can such a powerful person exist in such a small place as Jinling? You have been among martial artists for so many years, have you ever heard of any masters appearing in Jinling?"

        "Never." He Lao said truthfully, "Master, frankly speaking, there is not even a single martial arts family in Jinling that can be slightly called out."

        "That's even weirder ......" Master Su felt a burst of apprehension at the bottom of his heart, he could not help but rub his temples, said: "Jinling this place, is really some strange strange, Haiqing and Zhiyu their mothers are still missing, guarded and suddenly disappeared, feel like this place has a kind of indefinable, unexplained powerful magnetic field, everywhere there is a strange and mysterious ...... "

        He Lao hurriedly said, "Master, the bizarre things are not only this, the second son of the American known today, the reason why he came all the way to Jinling, is also to find his son, it is said that his son disappeared some time ago with a dozen of his men, can not find any news and clues ......"

        "This ......" Elder Su felt a chill run down his back.

        He really did not understand what kind of powerful person was hiding behind.

        To have this kind of strength with only one hand, that person must be extraordinary!

        So, he hurriedly gritted his teeth and instructed, "Old He, I don't care what kind of methods you use, you must find the whereabouts of Shou De, if you can't find them, then you don't have to come back!"

        Said, he glanced aside Du Zhenhua, hurriedly added: "And Haiqing and Zhiyu! All three of them are from our Su family, make sure to bring them back safely!"

Chapter 2484

He Lao was busy saying, "Don't worry, Master, I will do my best!"

        Master Su spoke, "Good! Investigate the clues in Jinling first, and I will send someone over to support you immediately!"

        After hanging up the phone, Master Su said to Du Zhenhua with a guilty face, "My dear grandfather, you have just heard that not only Haiqing and Zhiyu have disappeared, but also Shoude has disappeared, like you can no longer suspect that I am behind this, right? Haiqing is my daughter-in-law, Zhiyu is my own granddaughter, Shoude is my own son, this is obviously someone is deliberately targeting our Su family ah!"

        Du Zhenhua originally came here with the motive of asking for a crime, but what happened just now made him involuntarily dispel his suspicion of Su Chengfeng.

        In his opinion, it is absolutely impossible that Su Chengfeng is behind this, someone is not even sparing Su Shoude, this is clearly to go against the Su family.

        Thinking of this, he hurriedly opened his mouth and asked: "Old Su, you tell me the truth, you have recently offended someone? Think carefully, who is more suspicious?"

        Elder Su spread his hands and said, "You know my character, usually not too restrained, so I have offended many people, so now you ask me to think, I can not think of who it is."

        Du Zhenhua couldn't help but sigh, he knew very well in his heart that Su Chengfeng was telling the truth.

        Ever since the Su family surpassed the Ye family and became the number one family in China, Su Chengfeng has been arrogating to himself the status of the boss of the business world, and he usually sees everything and no one in his eyes, so he has naturally offended many people.

        I sent Ocean and Haiying to Jinling two hours ago. In my opinion, why don't we join our two families to investigate together?

        Master Su saw that he had temporarily resolved Du Zhenhua's suspicions, slightly relieved, said: "Oh in-laws, you can be willing to investigate with me, that's really good! I was afraid that you would complain about me, misunderstand me, and have ill will towards me, but I never thought that you would be willing to join hands with both families, which really touched me!"

        Du Zhenhua said apologetically, "Just now, I was in a hurry, so I said something inappropriate, I hope you don't mind too much."

        Master Su immediately said ashamedly, "How could that be, in-laws! You gave Haiqing to our Su family and failed to protect her, which is in itself the responsibility of the Su family, even if you beat me up, it's still me, Su Chengfeng, who deserved it ......"

        Said, he gave a long sigh and waved his hand: "Hey, let's not talk about this! The most important thing now is that we must hurry to send more people to Jinling, even if we turn Jinling upside down, we must rescue them all!"

        Du Zhenhua nodded and said, "In that case, Hai Feng and I will go back and sort out our resources and contacts, and transfer all the people we can to Jinling as soon as possible!"

        "Good!" Elder Su also deliberately pretended to be excited and spoke, "In that case, then I will also immediately mobilize all the manpower that can be mobilized over there, all of them!"

        Du Zhenhua gave a hint and said, "My in-laws, then we will take our leave first!"

        Master Su said, "I'll see you out!"

        Du Zhenhua hurriedly said, "In-laws Gong stay, we'll just go out by ourselves."

        Master Su pretended to be angry and said, "In-laws, what else do you have to be polite to me? Come, I'll see you off!"