Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2481-2482

 Chapter 2481

"Kidnapping?!" Elder He's expression twitched for a moment.

        What he feared most was Su Shoude being kidnapped.

        So, he couldn't help but think in his heart, "How can I say that I am also one of the Su Family's patriarchal experts, and I personally came to Jinling this time to protect the Second Prince, if I really let him be kidnapped silently under my eyes, then where can I put this old face? How can I explain to the master when I return?"

        Immediately, he remembered Steve, who lived next door to Su Shoude, and as if grabbing a life-saving straw, he blurted out, "Could the boss be next door talking to that American?!"

        The assistant, like him, was waiting for a miracle to happen, seeing that the presidential suite could not be found anywhere, his heart was also panicked to death, hearing this, immediately brightened up, excitedly blurted out: "Possible, really possible!"

        After saying that, immediately turned and ran outside.

        Others also hurried to follow.

        As a result, when they reached the next room and pressed the doorbell, there was still no response from inside.

        The original still hold a ray of hope of the crowd, the heart immediately sank to the bottom.

        The crowd looked at He Lao, waiting for him to make a decision.

        The usual face is always a breezy, unfathomable He Lao, at this time, the expression, like when his father died when he was 18 years old.

        With a black face, he kicked open the door of Stephen's room and rushed in again with the crowd, only to find that Stephen, like Su Shoude, had also evaporated ......

        He Lao, like a dog, sniffed here, looked there, and touched everywhere for half a day, but did not find any valuable clues, the heart was even more panicked, so much so that touching the last, the hand could not control the trembling.

        Finally, he sat down on his butt and said with a face like death: "Quick ...... Quickly call the master to report!"


        A few minutes ago, Su Chengfeng had just laid down.

        Originally, what had happened in Jinling had made him sleep and eat.

        Especially the fact that the whereabouts of Du Haiqing and Su Zhiyu were unknown, made him worry all the time that something would happen to him.

        And, he did worry about his eldest granddaughter Su Zhiyu, after all, he grew up spoiling her, indeed, he loves her very much.

        However, with the Su family gradually taking control of public opinion, his inner worries have been alleviated.

        Although there is still some worry about Su Zhiyu, but he later thought carefully, Su Zhiyu and Du Haiqing is together in the car, together with the accident, together with the disappearance, if you hope that Du Haiqing died, then Su Zhiyu will certainly also be difficult to escape a death.

        If you hope that Su Zhiyu survived, then Du Haiqing 80% will also survive.

        Therefore, he later put his heart crossed, secretly thought: "the most worry-free result, or the two simply die together, or if only Zhiyu alive, then her character, will certainly try everything to investigate the whole thing, the beginning and end, then perhaps also with me to turn against each other, why not just settle it, and save me from laying a mine ...... "

        Think about this layer, he more or less relieved.

        Now just waiting for Su Shoude, as soon as possible to feedback back to determine the news of their mothers died.

        Just at this time, the butler knocked on the door to inform: "Master, the Du family is here ......"

        "The Du family?" Su Chengfeng had a big headache and asked, "Who are the people coming?"

Chapter 2482

The butler busily said, "Du Zhenhua Du senior, with the Du family boss Du Haifeng came together."

        Master Su could not help but rub his temples, secretly sighing: "Really fucking annoying, what is the Du family doing here looking for me? Did they come to me to ask me for a favor? I don't think so, Jinling is not my territory, and there is no evidence that Du Haiqing was harmed by me, so why ask me?"

        "But, after all, the Du family is still my in-laws, and also has a deep relationship in the high level, can not be openly offended, it seems that we can only go to deal with it!"

        Thinking of this, Master Su then said to the butler, "You arrange for them to go to the living room and sit down for a while, I'll come over here."

        "Yes, Master!"

        A few minutes later, Master Su stepped into the living room.

        Just as he reached the living room, he saw the Du family's father and son standing in the middle of the living room, full of anger.

        He immediately put on a pained expression and greeted them, sobbing, "The in-laws ...... How are Haiqing and Zhiyu and their mothers doing, do you have any news?"

        Du Zhenhua said in a cold voice: "Su Chengfeng! I still want to ask you! The matter of Haiqing and Zhiyu's mother, are you related to them or not? You'd better tell me the truth, otherwise, I'll be at odds with you!"

        "Me?!" Master Su pointed to his nose and said with heartache, "Haiqing is my daughter-in-law and Zhiyu is my granddaughter, how could I possibly hurt them?"

        After saying that, he immediately added: "I'm not going to lie, I've sent Shou De to Jinling to investigate and rescue them, even if it's a desperate effort to keep them both safe!"

        Although Du Zhenhua had some suspicions about Master Su, but after all, there was nothing to prove.

        And one thing that confused him was that he knew that Master Su loved Su Zhiyu, his granddaughter, and if something happened to Du Haiqing himself, they would think that it was probably the work of Master Su, or Su Shoudao, who was far away in Australia.

        However, just because Su Zhiyu also followed the accident, so they all think that these two people are not so much to plot against their own granddaughter, or plot against their own daughter.

        So, for the time being, Du Zhenhua, who could not judge the situation clearly, coldly questioned, "Did Su Shoudao's visit to Jinling yield any results of the investigation?"

        "This ......" Elder Su expression some regretful said, "currently have not received any clear feedback, just told me that he had people looking all over the hospital in Jinling, have not found the two of them."

        Said, the old man Su hurriedly said: "In-laws, you do not hurry, why do not I make a phone call now, ask Shou De has any latest situation?"

        Du Zhenhua nodded and said, "Okay, then ask him!"

        As he was talking, the housekeeper's cell phone suddenly rang, he hurriedly went to the corner and picked it up, then ran over and reported, "Master, it's Lao He calling, saying he has something important to report to you!"

        "Oh?" Master Su hurriedly said, "Quickly give me the phone!"

        The butler hurriedly handed the phone to him, and after Master Su picked up, he immediately asked, "Old He, did you find any important clues in Jinling?"

        He said with a trembling voice: "Old ...... Master ...... Yes ...... I'm sorry ......"

        "Sorry for what?" Master Su sensed something unpleasant and asked with a frown, "What is so important, say it quickly!"

        He Lao choked, "The second son ...... The Second Prince he ......"

        Master Su was frantic and cursed, "Don't stammer with me when you speak! Shou De what happened to him? Tell me quickly!"

        He Lao heaved a long sigh, "Ai! Master! The second son is ...... He ...... He has disappeared!"

        Master Su's entire body instantly shuddered and roared, "Disappeared? What the fuck are you talking about? A good living person, under your eyes, just arrived in Jinling and disappeared?