Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2467-2468

 Chapter 2467

Once Chen Zekai heard that Ye Chen wanted to use Su Ruoli, he immediately asked with some concern: "Young master, Su Ruoli this person, still not sure whether it is controllable or not, she has been under our house arrest now, if we let her out, she will not take the opportunity to escape?

        Ye Chen shook his head: "With what I know about her, she definitely won't."

        Chen Zekai asked in confusion, "Why are you so sure, young master? This woman has always been ruthless, not an easy light!"

        Ye Chen laughed: "She was pitted too badly by the Su family, now she has a chance to capture Su Shoude first, it's also a chance for her to take revenge, based on that, it's impossible for her to turn against the water."

        Said, Ye Chen added: "And she is now in the Su family's view, the missing status, once she really gets rid of my control, or get rid of my shelter, it is likely that the Su family will find out, at that time, the Su family will definitely want her life."

        "I'll take another step back and say that even if the Su family doesn't go after her, the Japanese government will definitely not let her go if they know where she is, after all, she is the fugitive that the Japanese government wants to catch the most, bar none."

        Chen Zekai nodded and said seriously, "I understand young master, if that's the case, then Su Ruoli is indeed a very good candidate, her personal strength is very strong, acting together with you, not only can she help you, but also won't hold you back."

        Ye Chen smiled, "During this recent period, Su Ruoli's strength has improved again, it is already incomparable to the previous time when she was in the Su family."

        After saying that, he stood up and said, "You stay in the office first, I'm going to have a chat with Su Ruoli."

        Chen Zekai asked, "Young master, what about Du Haiqing and Su Zhiyu?"

        Ye Chen said, "They should be able to wake up in the morning, you just need to arrange someone to guard the door tonight.

        Chen Zekai immediately said, "Yes, young master."

        Ye Chen added: "Besides, do you know Du Haiqing and Su Zhiyu?"

        Chen Zekai thought about it and said, "I know them, but they[] shouldn't know me."

        "That's good." Ye Chen spoke: "Tomorrow after they wake up, no matter what questions they ask about me, you should not answer, they ask you where this is, you should not answer, they want to leave, or contact with the outside world, you absolutely can not agree, just tell them that I told them to stay here honestly."

        Chen Zekai immediately said, "Okay young master, I understand!"



        Su Ruoli was in her room practicing the He Family's Form Yi Quan.

        Ever since the last time, Ye Chen had completely opened up her Ren Vein, she had felt a huge improvement by the day.

        So, she took this good opportunity to spend all her time and energy on practicing Form Yi Quan diligently, and her strength kept improving like a rocket.

        However, these days, in addition to practicing hard, she would also always think of Ye Chen uncontrollably.

        These days, her mind would always involuntarily, turning over and over to think of Ye Chen's good.

        Whether it was Ye Chen who saved her, or Ye Chen who helped her open the Ren vein and let her strength soar, to her, deep down she was very grateful.

        The more she thought about it, the more she would naturally look forward to meeting with Ye Chen.

        But Ye Chen does not always seem to come to this hotel, so she is more or less regretful.

Chapter 2468

Just when she was practicing until she was covered in sweat, the doorbell suddenly rang to.

        Su Ruoli was a little excited all of a sudden.

        She had lived here for some time and understood the service routine of the service staff here.

        Here every day three meals are regular, the service staff will bring food and drink as well as daily necessities, all ready to send over.

        Other times, the service staff basically will not take the initiative to come over to disturb.

        And now is not the time to eat, so it is very likely that Ye Chen came!

        Thinking of this, Su Ruoli hurriedly and joyfully ran to the door.

        Through the display screen, she saw at a glance that Ye Chen was standing at the door of her room at this moment, and her heart suddenly leapt.

        She then remembered that she did not organize her clothes, wearing the most basic practice underwear, and at once some hesitation, do not know whether to change clothes first, or first open the door to Ye Chen.

        But on second thought, still worried about making Ye Chen wait too long is not appropriate, so also can not care so much, directly open the door.

        The moment the door opened, Ye Chen a glance will see just wearing a sports underwear Su Ruoli, a moment more or less embarrassed.

        Su Ruoli also some bashful red face and said: "Sorry Mr. Ye, just now some rush, did not care to clean up properly some, or you first come to sit down, I'm going to change clothes."

        Ye Chen walked into the room, smiled faintly and said, "I came over to talk to you about one thing, to see if you are interested in doing it with me."

        Hearing this, Su Ruoli was instantly more bashful and stammered as she asked, "Ye ...... Mr. Ye, I don't know what you are talking about ...... What is the matter ......"

        Ye Chen did not know that she had a misunderstanding in mind, and said with a straight face, "Su Shoude has come to Jinling, I intend to find a suitable time to directly control him!"

        Su Ruoli instantly woke up from the shame just now and[] asked offhandedly, "Su Shoude? How did he come to Jinling? Did he come to target you, Sir Ye?!"

        Ye Chen shook his head and said, "No, Su Shoude is here to find Du Haiqing and Su Zhiyu."

        "Huh?" Su Ruoli was even more puzzled, "Why would he be the one to find the First Young Grandmother and First Miss?"

        Su Ruoli was under house arrest here, and although she did not suffer at all, she really did not have much contact with the outside world, nor did she have a channel like a cell phone or computer to get information from the outside world.

        Therefore, Su Ruoli did not know that the big event that happened in Jinling today.

        So, Ye Chen then roughly introduced the cause and effect of the matter with Su Ruoli.

        When Su Ruoli heard that Master Su had instructed someone to assassinate Du Haiqing, and even someone wanted to kill Su Zhiyu, the whole person was righteously indignant and angrily denounced: "The Su family is really too sinister and nasty! The same trick, already used once on me, will be used on the first young grandmother, and even involved the first young lady ......"

        Said, she could not help but some despondent said: "In fact, the youngest grandmother has been quite good to me, only she did not know my true identity before, Miss ...... Missy she is also quite good to me, but she did not know before, I am her half-sister, I do not know now, how to face her in the future ......"

        Then, she hurriedly asked Ye Chen: "Master Ye, the youngest grandmother and the eldest miss are okay now, right?"

        Ye Chen gently nodded and said, "Don't worry, their lives are no longer in danger and they are also safe."

        "It's good that it's okay ......" Only then did Su Ruoli breathe a sigh of relief, and then, immediately, she said firmly, "Sir Ye, if you trust Ruoli, Ruoli is willing to follow you and serve you as a dog and horse!"