Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2461-2462

 Chapter 2461

Steve knew that the Su family was now the strongest family in China in terms of overall strength, so he himself was keen to make friends with him.

        Now, learning that he had come to Jinling for almost the same purpose as himself, and that he had invited himself to go to the hotel with him, it was definitely a good opportunity to establish a friendship with the Su family and at the same time increase the chances of finding his son.

        It was definitely a two-for-one deal!

        So, he said with great gratitude, "Mr. Su, to be honest, since my son and his men have disappeared, I don't even have anyone available in Jinling, so I don't have anyone to arrange a pick-up, so if I can travel to the hotel with your car, then I would really appreciate it!"

        Su Shoude smiled slightly, "Mr. Steve is too kind, our Su family had some connections with the Rothschild family back then, although there were some unhappy times, but in the end we still reached a cooperation, so there is some friendship!"

        Steve nodded gently, flattered, "If there is a chance in the future, I hope we can also have substantial cooperation with the Su family, even including the Rothschild family side, I can also ask my mother to make more visits to see if we can facilitate new cooperation."

        Su Shoude gave a hmmm, in a pleasant mood.

        Although he did not take Steve seriously, he nevertheless had a strong desire to make friends with the Rothschilds.

        He could not help but think in his heart, "After all, the Rothschild family is the most powerful family in the world, and its real influence is more than ten times stronger than that of the Su family. more stable!"

        Thinking of this, he couldn't help but smile and say to Steve, "Come, come Steve, take my car and let's go to the hotel together, besides I'll be the host tonight, the two of us will have dinner, and by the way, we can also exchange clues with each other, and we can also cooperate with each other in the next matter of finding people."

        Steve immediately said excitedly, "Great Mr. Su, I have no problem at all!"

        Su Shoude invited Steve to ride in his own car, while the others Steve had brought with him were not so well treated, and they had to take their own cars to the hotel.

        Together with Su Shoude, Steve sat in the back of one of the President I. As the motorcade drove out of the airport, Steve probably told Su Shoude a little about his son Walter.

        However, Steve was not aware of his son Walter's intentions towards Wang Dongxue, nor the nasty deeds he had done to Wang Dongxue's father, so it seemed to him that his son was just down to earth and developing his business in Jinling, and to his surprise, he suddenly evaporated one day.

        After listening to his introduction, Su Shoude was even more puzzled and said in a low voice, "It would be fine if it was your son who disappeared alone, but to have so many people missing all at once is a bit too unbelievable ......"

        "Yes!" Steve sighed, "I suspected at first that he had been kidnapped, but, as far as I know, I haven't received any information about the kidnappers demanding ransom even now."

        Said Steve and added, "I also had someone check, all my son's bank records, and since he disappeared, not even a single penny has been woven out of any of his bank accounts again, if the other party is really trying to get rich, then there is no way they wouldn't want to ask for money even now ......"

        "Right." Su Shoude frowned and spoke, "To be able to make a dozen people disappear at the same time at once, and also to erase all the surveillance records, the power behind it must be very uncomplicated ......"

        The person who can do this must also be extremely uncomplicated. Jinling itself is a small second-tier city, even if there are really big people hiding in it, there can never be more than two powerful forces here ...... It is possible that the same people who made Steve's son disappear and took away Du Haiqing and Su Zhiyu are the same people."

Chapter 2462

So Su Shoude hurriedly asked Steve, "Has your son offended anyone during his time in Jinling?"

        "This ......" Steve shook his head and said, "My son has never been to Jinling before, not even to China, he was sent to Jinling by his family this time to develop the family business, and he has been here for a short time, so I don't think he should have any enemies in this place."

        Su Shoude asked him, "Has your son got married yet?"

        Steve said hastily and truthfully, "Married, and with two children."

        Su continued, "And does he have a good private life?"

        Steve said seriously, "I've never heard of him having an improper relationship with any woman."

        Sue Shourd asked again, "And is he a drug addict?"

        "No! Absolutely not!" Steve said hastily, "There is absolutely no place for any addicts in our family, and all adult males are required to undergo regular and periodic urine tests. Once he is found to be an addict. Walter will never touch this red line of the family!"

        Su Shou De stretched out four fingers and spoke, "Most criminal cases in the world cannot escape four possibilities, the first is for money, the second is for addiction, the third is for love, and the fourth is for revenge."

        "If the other party kidnapped your son and didn't want the money, that rules out the possibility of an attempt to get money."

        "If your son has been regularly urine tested and is indeed not an addict, then that aspect can also be ruled out."

        "As for the emotional aspect, although you said your son has a very good private life, but knowing people, not to mention that you are the father, to put it bluntly, how many women your son has actually slept with, his good friends probably know better than you do, so I think the possibility of it being for emotional reasons is still there."

        "There is also revenge due to hatred, even if your son has just come to Jinling, it doesn't mean that he won't offend people, maybe he has really offended some big people in Jinling who are very skillful."

        At this point, Su Shoude smacked his lips and said, "I think it's 50/50 between love and revenge, so you can start investigating from these two aspects first."

        Steve nodded gently, "Thank you Mr Su for reminding me, I will actively search for relevant clues and see if I can find any breakthrough points!"

        The reason why Su Shoude gave Steve so much analysis was that he hoped Steve could find clues to his son's disappearance through these aspects.

        He himself now suspected that the disappearance of his son, and the disappearance of Du Haiqing and Su Zhiyu were all the work of the same people, and he himself had no way to find clues, so if Steve could, it would be a kind of curve to save the country.

        At this moment, Steve suddenly spoke up, "Right! My son seems to have a well-connected college friend in Jinling, and it seems to be a woman!"

        Su Shoude immediately said excitedly, "That's a valuable clue! If this woman has something to do with your son's disappearance, then let's find a way to find a breakthrough from her first!"