Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2459-2460

 Chapter 2459

The Jewish man who spoke was Walter Hogwarts' father, Steve Hogwarts.

        Since Walter and his men had all disappeared, the entire Hogwarts family had been trying to find out everything they could about them and their whereabouts.

        But no matter how much they inquired, the feedback came back with the same result.

        No one had seen Walter and his men, and no one had seen how they had evaporated, and even the Skynet surveillance cameras in every corner of the city had no images of Walter.

        This immediately made the Hogwarts family realise that it was highly likely that Walter had attracted someone very powerful to the Golden Mile.

        Therefore, Walter's father Steve personally rushed to Jinling to do everything he could to find Walter and bring him back to the United States.

        At this moment, the plane next to him also opened its rotating ladder.

        Su Shoude stepped out of the hatch and walked straight down.

        At this moment, a welcoming convoy of six bulletproof Cadillac Presidential One vehicles had already driven up to Su Shoudao's plane, and nearly twenty black-clad men of similar height and build came out of the vehicles at once, each standing straight beside the convoy.

        These were the security team Su Shoudao's men had temporarily prepared for him, and during the time Su Shoudao was in Jinling, these men were responsible for the explicit security work.

        However, these were only superficial security forces, mostly window dressing. The Su family had sent twenty of their top experts to Jinling twenty minutes earlier, and these men would be protecting Su Shoude in secret and following Su Shoude's instructions and dispatches to find Du Haiqing and Su Zhiyu in Jinling.

        Walter's father, Steve, noticed Su Shoude and he did[] not expect that the unassuming Chinese man would have such a big presence.

        So, he hurriedly stopped and spoke to the assistant behind him, "Check the registration number of that plane next to you, and be quick!"

        Every aircraft, whether it was a civilian airliner or a private jet, had to have a registration number.

        Moreover, the registration number is usually painted on the fuselage of the aircraft.

        Generally speaking, the registration number takes the combination of one letter, plus four numbers.

        For example, the combination B-2233.

        The letter B stands for the country.

        No matter where you are in the world, if you see an aircraft with a registration number that starts with B, you can safely and boldly confirm that it is an aircraft registered in China.

        So, Steve Hogwitz wanted to conclude which company the aircraft actually belonged to by looking up the registration number, and subsequently presumably deduce the identity of Su Shoude.

        Luckily, this kind of query was not too difficult, and just as Su Shoudao was walking down the spiral staircase, Steve's assistant finally found out the result and immediately reported, "Boss, this plane is registered under the name of the Su family's business in Yanjing!"

        "The Su family!?" Steve was instantly shocked, and immediately spoke, "No wonder it has such a big show!"

        After saying that, he immediately quickened his pace and ran down the spiral staircase in three or two steps, heading straight for Su Shoude.

        Before he could get close to Su Shoude, several men in black immediately rushed forward and surrounded him, scolding him in a stern voice, "Who are you? Please step back immediately, or else don't blame us for treating you badly!"

        Steve hurriedly explained loudly in Chinese, "Don't misunderstand, I don't mean any harm, I just want to say hello to Mr. Su!"

        Su Shoude was about to step into the car when he heard Steve's words, looked at him curiously and asked, "Do you know me?"

Chapter 2460

Steve hurriedly said, "Mr. Su, I am the head of the American Hogwarts family, I don't know if you have heard of our family."

        Su Shoude could not help but frown.

        "The Hogwarts family in America? I don't seem to have heard of such a number one family ...... Is it very powerful?"

        As he was wondering, Steve hurriedly added, "My mother, is from the Rothschild family!"

        In the whole world, the Rothschild family's popularity can be said to be unknown to everyone.

        As expected, once Su Shoude heard this, the American introduced himself as being related to the Rothschild family by blood, he immediately took it seriously.

        Then, Su Shoude quickly walked up to Steve, took the initiative to extend his hand and introduced himself, "Hello, I am Su Shoude."

        Steve hurriedly shook Su Shoude's hand in a flattered manner and at the same time said, "Hello Mr. Su, my name is Steve Hogewitz! It's a great honour to meet you!"

        Su Shoude nodded and asked curiously, "Where did you come from, Mr. Steve?"

        Steve hurriedly responded, "I flew all the way from New York and just landed at Jinling Airport."

        "Yes." Su Shoude smiled faintly, "The two of us are back and forth."

        Saying that, he asked, "Does Mr. Steve have any family business in Jinling?"

        "No." Steve explained, "My eldest son had been expanding the family business in Jinling some time ago, but he suddenly disappeared a few days ago, and I came to Jinling this time to find out his whereabouts."

        "Oh?" Su Shoude became curious all of a sudden and thought to himself, "What a coincidence! This Steve actually came to Jinling to look for someone too? A person with blood ties to the Rothschild family would go missing in Jinling?"

        "But when you think about it, this hellhole of Jinling is indeed a bit weird, not only is someone with blood ties to the Rothschild family missing here, even the daughter-in-law of the titular Su family, the eldest granddaughter of the Su family, has also disappeared in this place, it seems that this small place is really hiding a dragon and a tiger!"

        Thinking of this, Su Shoude suddenly had a flash of light: "Could there be any connection between this Steve's son's disappearance, and the disappearance of Du Haiqing and Su Zhiyu?!"

        At this thought, Su Shoude immediately felt that the two incidents might be related in some way!

        So, he immediately said to Steve, "To be honest, I am also here to find someone in Jinling this time, it seems that we both have the same purpose, maybe there is some kind of connection between the people we are looking for!"

        "Is that so?!" Steve exclaimed, "Mr. Su, this matter even bothered you to come in person, could it be that ...... Could it be that someone from the Su family also disappeared in Jinling?!"

        Su Shoude nodded, "Indeed!"

        After saying that, Su Shoude immediately said, "Steve, I think we can exchange information with each other on the matter of finding someone, and perhaps we can find any valuable clues!"

        "Right!" Steve said without hesitation, "If I can investigate this matter with Mr. Su, then my heart will be much more secure!"

        Su Shoude asked him, "Which hotel did you stay in when you came to Jinling this time?"

        Steve blurted out, "I stayed at the Jinling International Hotel, where my son was staying before he disappeared!"

        Su Shoude nodded, "Coincidentally, I've also booked the Jinling International Hotel, in that case, why don't we go together! On the way we can just as well have a good chat!"