Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2453-2454

 Chapter 2453

Meanwhile, the Su family in Yanjing.

        Holding his mobile phone, Master Su resisted the urge to drop it and read through the news content, then cursed angrily, "Damn it! This damned Ma Chongxin, how the hell did he do it! Why is Zhiyu in the car too? Where the hell are Du Haiqing and Zhiyu now? Where did Ma Chongxin and the others go?"

        Su Shoude was already scared out of his wits, but he said, "Dad, Ma Chongxin can't be contacted at all, and his sister-in-law and Zhiyu are still alive, so do you think someone might be working against the Su family?

        Master Su only wanted Du Haiqing's life, it was Su Shoude who had someone find Liu Zhan's family and add 20 million dollars to get Liu Zhan to get Su Zhiyu killed along with him in order to put an end to future problems.

        Now that the incident has come to light, Su Zhiyu's whereabouts are still unknown, and if word of this really gets out, then he will be finished.

        So he could only deliberately change the subject to draw the attention of Elder Su to the opposite side of the entire Su family.

        Elder Su said with a dark old face at this time, "I can't say anything about this issue, now that people are missing, there are no valuable clues at all!"

        "I don't know what's going on, this whole thing is fucking bizarre everywhere! It's weird as hell! I, Su Chengfeng, have been around the world for dozens of years, but I've never encountered anything so bizarre!"

        He said in a cold voice, "I have a lot of questions that I can't understand right now."

        "For example, why was Zhiyu in the car?"

        "That Liu Zhan was buttressed by Ma Chongxin, I gave Ma Chongxin a very clear mission, I told him long ago that as long as Du Haiqing's life, whether it was Zhiyu or Zhifei, if they went to the auction site, don't hurt them!"

        "Zhi Fei is fine, he flew back to Yanjing in advance and didn't go to the venue at all, but why was Zhi Yu in the car? This is clearly against my orders!"

        Su Shoude hurriedly said, "Dad, could it be that Liu Zhan who went AWOL?"

        "Impossible!" Elder Su said firmly, "I know something about this man, his ruthlessness is one thing, so is his clean and unobtrusive actions!"

        "And for every case he has done before, he has had excellent pre-planning and has steadfastly followed the plan, never doing anything impromptu!"

        "This is also the fundamental reason why he can always be wanted and still remain uncaught, such a person will do things and calculate every single minute, there is no way he would go AWOL and bring Zhiyu on board as well!"

        When he said this, Elder Su's expression was astonished and he shouted sternly, "Someone else must have instructed him to do this!"

        Su Shoude was so scared that he couldn't help but shudder and said, "Dad, since Liu Zhan has always been contacted by Ma Chongxin, then I guess Ma Chongxin is probably involved in this matter, and now that he has disappeared, I suspect that he is probably paid by our competitors and secret enemies!"

        After saying that, Su Shoude immediately observed the change in the expression of Master Su's face during the period.

        With this move, he was trying to focus the spearhead on Ma Chongxin's body.

        "Anyway, this Ma Chongxin didn't get the job done, he was already doing a bad job himself, plus he disappeared for no reason and his whereabouts are unknown, the old man must be very dissatisfied with him, dumping the pot on him at this time is definitely the best solution!"

        "Moreover, who knows if this Ma Chongxin is still alive? If he's dead, it's better to dump all the pots on him, and he won't even have a chance to explain!"

Chapter 2454

At this time, however, Elder Su shook his head gently and said indifferently, "It's true that Ma Chongxin didn't get this done, but I still have little doubt about his loyalty as a person."

        Su Shoude hurriedly added fuel to the fire, "Dad! As the saying goes, you don't know who you know! You have always valued Ma Chongxin, but who knows if Ma Chongxin will betray you when tempted by the interests of others?"

        Elder Su snorted coldly, "Shou De, can't you even see through such a basic issue? What a disappointment to me!"

        "Huh?" Su Shoude didn't know why the old master suddenly said that, and hurriedly said with a nervous face, "Dad, forgive my stupidity, but please clarify."

        Master Su questioned in a cold voice, "If someone could really buy Ma Chongxin to deal with the Su family, then why would he let Ma Chongxin deal with Zhiyu? Ma Chongxin is my personal bodyguard, and he is also the captain of the guard team! He could have bought Ma Chongxin to kill me, even if he couldn't kill me, he could at least create a big threat to me, so why bother putting so much effort into Zhiyu, a girl?"

        Su Shoude instantly understood, cold sweat immediately soaked his back, his heart secretly thought: "I did not expect the old man to be so difficult to fool ...... It seems that we cannot continue to forcefully dump the pot on Ma Chongxin, otherwise the old man will definitely notice the abnormality!"

        The fact that he didn't betray you, and that his whereabouts are unknown now, proves that the person who is secretly running the whole thing is very strong! We must be cautious!"

        Elder Su rubbed his temples, "I'm not at the point of considering the mastermind behind this, I still have many other questions I can't figure out, I can't figure out why Liu Zhan was shot and killed? From the pictures at the scene, the car crashed into that damned state, Liu Zhan would definitely die even if he was the king of heaven, so why would someone still give him a shot? Why was it necessary to give him this shot?"

        Su Shoude also said with a puzzled look on his face, "That's really true! On the high-definition picture you just asked for, you can clearly see that Liu Zhan's abdomen and lower half of his body have crashed into a puddle of mud, there was no need to give him a shot to the head at all ......"

        Elder Su frowned and muttered, "Let me think about it ...... Since the crash happened as scheduled, it proves that everything was still going according to plan up until the time of the crash, in other words, Ma Chongxin must have been present at the scene when the crash occurred ......"

        Said the old man and a little bit in his mind to review: "Ma Chongxin since he was at the scene, then when he saw Zhiyu also sitting in Liu Zhan's car, what would be his reaction?"

        Su Shoude could only follow the words of the old man and said, "If Ma Chongxin did not betray you, then he must have been very shocked to see Zhiyu ......"

        "Right!" Elder Su nodded, "Ma Chongxin must have been shocked, angry and even scared when he found out that Liu Zhan had gotten Zhiyu on board as well ......"

        Speaking of this, Elder Su continued, "In that case, Ma Chongxin and Liu Zhan will definitely clash, and he will definitely question Liu Zhan as to who ordered him to hurt Zhiyu ......"

        When Su Shoude heard this, he was instantly shocked!

        "If we go by Master's analysis, then Ma Chongxin has probably already extracted the key information from Liu Zhan's mouth ......"

        "Although I didn't contact Liu Zhan directly, I did have someone contact Liu Zhan's family, then asked him to do that stinky girl Su Zhiyu together under the pretext that the Su family wanted to kill one more person ......"

        "If the old man knows this information, he must know that the person who wants to harm Zhiyu is someone from the Su family ......"

        "When that happens, I will be the biggest suspect ......"

        Thinking of this, Su Shoude hurriedly said, "Dad! I see that now there are already netizens who are starting to suspect that our Su family is behind this, now our top priority is to hurry up and do crisis PR ah!"

        Master Su nodded gently and said offhandedly, "Immediately carry out crisis PR, and at the same time, through the media, express strong condemnation of criminals like Liu Zhan, and at the same time, offer a reward of 50 million dollars for valuable clues! Whoever saves them, mother and daughter, I'll reward them with a hundred million!"