Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2449-2450

 Chapter 2449

Ma Chongxin almost collapsed.

        He didn't expect that Ye Chen would be so ruthless as to use this matter to directly blow the reputation of Elder Su, as well as the entire Su family, out of the water.

        He could already foresee how passive the Su Family would be once this matter was exposed!

        This could be a huge calamity that the Su Family had not experienced in decades!

        He subconsciously said, "You ...... You can't turn right and wrong upside down like that ......"

        Ye Chen sneered, "Now you're still worrying about your master? Don't worry, I will delete what you just excused for that old dog Su Chengfeng, and then release the video, by then, the reputation of the Su family will fall into the septic tank, and there is a credit to you in this."

        Ma Chongxin's face was ashen all of a sudden.

        Ye Chen also ignored him and turned to Chen Zekai and said, "Send these four guys, secretly, to Hong Wu's dog breeding farm under strict supervision."

        Chen Zekai immediately nodded, "Okay Master Ye, I have urgently deployed two more helicopters to come over, they will be here soon."

        Ye Chen said, "Also, tell Hong Wu that I will give him $30 million in cash later on. It's time for his dog farm to be expanded and upgraded!"

        Chen Zekai could not help but laugh out loud.

        He understood what Ye Chen meant, saying that he was upgrading the kennels, but in fact the main reason was that Ye Chen had sent too many people inside.

        If they didn't upgrade it, after a while there would be more people than dogs in the dog farm.

        So, he immediately said, "Okay Young Master, I understand, I will talk to Hong Wu later to make it clear."

        At this time, eight more men in black with loaded guns rushed in and came in front of Chen Zekai, saying respectfully, "Mr. Chen!"

        Chen Zekai nodded and hurriedly ordered them, "You guys, tie up these four guys one after the other, take them out and send them to Hong Wu's dog farm first!"


        Several people answered and immediately tied up Ma Chongxin and the other four like grasshoppers and took them out.

        Apart from Chen Zekai, all the others left the tunnel, and Ye Chen had already arrived at the side of the Rolls Royce by now, looking at Su Zhiyu and Du Haiqing who were unconscious due to serious injuries inside the car, and sighed helplessly.

        When Chen Zekai heard him sigh, he hurriedly went forward and asked, "Young master, are you sighing because the two of them are hopeless?"

        Ye Chen shook his head, "I'm sighing because the two of them are still saved."

        Chen Zekai asked in confusion, "Young master, if the people are still saved, then why are you sighing?"

        Ye Chen let out a sigh, "Ai, I sighed because I had to save Su Zhiyu once again, this is already the second time I have saved her life."

        Saying that, Ye Chen added, "I saved her twice, I saved her brother once, I saved her half-sister once, that son of a bitch Su Shoudao, there are only three children in total, I saved three children four times, you say, what the fuck is this?"

        Chen Zekai also said helplessly, "Young master, I'm sure you must also feel that sin is not as bad as children, although the older generation of the Su family are not good, Su Zhiyu is indeed different from them."

        Ye Chen shook his head, "I don't really have much contact with her, nor do I know much about her, whether she is the same as Su Chengfeng and Su Shoudao, I also have no idea at all."

        Chen Zekai said seriously, "Young master, Su Zhiyu has a very good reputation in Yanjing, she is gifted and extremely studious, she is humble and never puts up a show of being a second generation rich person, she has never heard of her using her status as Su's granddaughter to bully anyone since she was young, you should not be wrong to save her."

        Ye Chen nodded his head, "I hope so."

        With that, he took out a rejuvenation pill from his pocket, split it in two and stuffed it into the mouths of the mother and daughter respectively.

        The mother and daughter were originally on the verge of running out of oil, but with half of the Spring Return Pill in their mouths, their bodies also immediately began to enter a state of rapid recovery.

        Ye Chen felt that their breath was obviously getting stronger and stronger, so he was also relieved.

Chapter 2450

At this time, Chen Zekai, who was at the side, asked, "Young master, what should we do about the two girls? Should we just let them leave after they recover, or ......"

        Ye Chen waved his hand, "If we let them leave from here unharmed and directly into the public eye, the video I just shot would have no meaning, as long as the person is alive, the person is not dead and nothing is seriously wrong, in the eyes of ordinary people, the Su family would not be that evil."

        After saying that, Ye Chen added: "How about this, take it to your hotel and put it under house arrest, just like Su Ruoli, eat and drink well, but never allow any contact with the outside world and never leave the room for half a step!"

        "Good!" Chen Zekai nodded and asked, "Then how do we get them out?"

        Without speaking, Ye Chen leaned down directly, and with two hands, he forcefully broke the backrests of the two rows of seats at the front and back that were squeezing the mother and daughter.

        Chen Zekai first looked confused, then came back to his senses and said to himself, "I'm so young and weird, when the young master was in Changbai Mountain, invoking heavenly thunder to destroy the eight kings of the Wu family, it was like a miracle, what's this matter in front of him ......"

        Just as Chen Zekai was mocking himself, Ye Chen had already pushed the seats away from the front and back of the mother and daughter duo squeezed together.

        After that, he first carried Du Haiqing out from inside and carefully placed her on the ground by the tunnel, then returned and carried Su Zhiyu out as well.

        At this moment, Su Zhiyu's entire body was in a very chaotic state.

        In this chaos, her brain was still functioning normally, but she was almost disconnected from the outside world.

        Her world was already in darkness, and only her mind remained.

        And her entire mind had been completely immersed in her own consciousness.

        She vaguely remembered that just before she had passed out, she had heard someone speaking, as if someone else had appeared.

        Moreover, she also felt that the voice seemed somewhat familiar.

        "That voice seemed exactly the same as the one I heard when my brother and I were kidnapped in Japan and almost about to be killed!"

        "And the owner of that voice was the benefactor I had been searching so hard for!"

        "However, before I closed my eyes, my consciousness was blurred and I couldn't be sure if I was hallucinating or not ......"

        "After all, the voice of my benefactor, hovered in my mind every day, it was normal to have hallucinations in times of emergency ......"

        "Now that I think about it ...... The master Grandpa found at that time was really accurate in his calculations ......"

        "He said that my grandfather's fate was too hard and that I shouldn't continue to search for him, otherwise I would only be flying into a flame, and it seems that it wasn't just a matter of faith ......"

        "It's just that I'm about to die in Jinling, yet I still don't have the chance to find my benefactor... God told me to fly like a moth to a flame, but won't he even give me the chance to see the flame once more?"

        "Now that I think about it, it's really so ungrateful to die here just like this without any results ......"

        Just as Su Zhiyu's thoughts, in the midst of feeling resigned to her impending death, she suddenly felt that her disconnected body seemed to have some sensation.

        Immediately afterwards, she felt that someone was lifting her body upwards with both hands under her armpits.

        At this moment, she felt a sense of panic and anxiety because she didn't know what was going on, and she couldn't tell if the sensation was real or unreal.

        She even felt that it might be her own soul, trying to leave her body.

        At that very moment, she tried with all her might to open her eyes, and after several efforts, she finally perceived a glimmer of light in the midst of the endless darkness!

        In a vague way, she saw a man's face!

        Surprised and delighted, she concentrated all her strength on her eyelids and struggled to open her eyes.

        The next second, a face that she had longed for appeared in her eyes!

        In this instant, Su Zhiyu's heart could not help but exclaim, "It's him! It's really him!"