Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2447-2448

 Chapter 2447

As soon as Ye Chen's words came out, Ma Chongxin and the others almost immediately trembled violently with fear!

        They couldn't understand why this man in front of them was so vicious that he would use African hyenas to torture them, so cruel, was he still human?

        So, one of them couldn't take it anymore and cried, "I'll tell you! I'll tell you everything!"

        As soon as he said that, the other two people around him also hurriedly took a stand, "I'll say it too!"

        Ye Chen nodded in satisfaction, "Okay, the three of you have this attitude, I will give you time later to explain in detail."

        After saying that, he looked at Ma Chongxin and sneered, "Looks like you have hard bones, I wonder if African hyenas can gnaw on them?"

        As soon as the words left his mouth, Ye Chen laughed mockingly, "Look at my memory, I forgot that African hyenas don't like to gnaw on bones very much, they like to find a weak point on their prey and then attack that one point desperately with their teeth, we'll see if you can carry it off when the time comes."

        Ma Chongxin's face was already as white as paper, and in his panic he hastily cried out, "I'll tell! I'll tell you everything! Please be merciful ......"

        Only then did Ye Chen snicker, clicked on his phone's video recording, re-recorded a new video, and spoke, "Come on, say it, first introduce yourself, then tell us in detail, who actually commanded you to do this?"

        Ma Chongxin forced himself to endure the severe pain all over his body and spoke, "I ...... My name is Ma Chongxin ...... I am the head of the Su family in Yanjing and the captain of Su Chengfeng's personal guard team, I have been serving beside Su Chengfeng for nearly twenty years, this time, I was instructed by Su Chengfeng himself to come to Jinling to assassinate Su Chengfeng's eldest daughter-in-law, that is, Su Shoudao's wife, Du Haiqing ......"

        Ye Chen asked again, "Su Chengfeng, that old dog, why did he want to assassinate Du Haiqing?"

        Ma Chongxin's eyes fluttered wildly in fear, and he thought to himself, "This guy ...... What the hell is this guy's deal ...... He did not take the high and mighty Master Su into account at all, and he even openly called him an old dog. Is this guy really not afraid of death?"

        However, doubt was doubtful, Ma Chongxin could not dare to be disobedient to Ye Chen right now.

        So, he could only stammer and say, "This ...... This matter is because ...... Su Chengfeng was very unhappy with Du Haiqing, and he felt that Du Haiqing was going to divorce Su Shoudao at this time, which would have been to throw stones at the Su family ......"

        "What was even more unacceptable to him was that Du Haiqing had come to Jinling at this time to remember that Ye Changye of the Ye family, and even had to participate in a public auction to bid for the old mansion where Ye Changye had lived ......"

        "Su Chengfeng felt that Du Haiqing had seriously damaged the reputation of the Su family, disgracing the Su family and bringing shame to his face as well, so he had the idea to clean up the family ......"

        Ye Chen asked again, "Then how did Su Chengfeng plan the whole thing?"

        Ma Chongxin was busy saying, "Su Chengfeng wanted to follow the European royal family's method of assassinating a famous royal princess by creating a car accident to take out Du Haiqing, so he found Liu Zhan, asked Liu Zhan to act out a scene of being chased, then took the opportunity to hold Du Haiqing hostage, then asked me to plan a car accident in the tunnel to directly take out Liu Zhan and Du Haiqing together ......"

        Ye Chen sneered, "Oh? So, this old dog Su Chengfeng, in order to ki ll a Du Haiqing, deliberately commanded Liu Zhan to strap explosives all over his body, and also hold hundreds of people hostage?"

Chapter 2448

At this point, Ye Chen's voice steeply raised a few notches as he rebuked, "Is this old dog Su Chengfeng still a human being or not? For the sake of his own selfish interests, for the sake of his own family's sh*t, how dare he create a terrorist incident with such a bad impact? Does he take social security and the safety of people's lives and property so seriously in his eyes?!"

        Once Ye Chen's words came out, Ma Chongxin was immediately scared silly ......

        "This guy ...... What is this guy trying to do?! Is he trying to offend the Su family to death?! He is now putting such a label on Master Su, once this video is sent out, then ...... then Elder Su will definitely become the bastard that people all over the country will verbally condemn!"

        "At that time, people from above will also definitely hold the Su family accountable, and will probably even impose severe punishment on the Su family ......"

        "It is likely that the Su family will suffer a heavy blow and a major injury because of this incident!"

        As soon as he thought of this, Ma Chongxin immediately shivered and said, "This ...... This ...... This I ...... I also ...... I can't say ...... I ...... I'm just an order taker, I shouldn't speculate on what the old man means ......"

        Ma Chongxin could only say this.

        He didn't dare to put a label on Master Su for Ye Chen.

        But neither did he dare to excuse Elder Su in front of Ye Chen.

        Therefore, he could only reply in such a way that seemed neutral, but in fact, he was shrugging off the pot for himself.

        Ye Chen sneered: "The whole matter, I believe that the people of the country will have a clear judgment in their hearts after they know the truth! The matter of Liu Zhan storming into the Treasure Pavilion with explosives today is already a clear fact, and it is impossible for anyone to absolve this old dog Su Chengfeng!"

        After saying this, he said in a cold voice, "This old dog, Su Chengfeng, is simply a sinful beast on earth! He had previously murdered his own granddaughter, Su Ruoli, Su Shoudao's illegitimate daughter, and then shamelessly asked Su Shoudao to take the blame for him, and now he is trying to murder Su Shoudao's wife, simply repeating the same trick!"

        "I believe that the general public should be able to see the ugly face of this man through this incident of Su Chengfeng deliberately kil ling Du Haiqing! At the same time, it's time to clear Su Shoudao's name, this dude is really miserable, his own father tried to ki ll his own illegitimate daughter, and now he wants to ki ll his own wife!"

        Speaking of this, Ye Chen turned his words and said in a cold voice, "In fact, this Su Chengfeng has done far more brutal deeds than just this one!"

        As soon as the words left his mouth, Ye Chen immediately stood up and approached the Rolls Royce with the camera, filming the seriously injured and unconscious Du Haiqing and Su Zhiyu mother and daughter, and said in a cold voice: "This old dog, Su Chengfeng, for the sake of his own face, even though he knew that his own granddaughter Su Zhiyu was also in the same car with Du Haiqing, he still didn't pull back from the cliff and even asked his men to ki ll Su Zhiyu and Du Haiqing! He even asked his men to ki ll Su Zhiyu and Du Haiqing together! Such an old beast is really a national scum and should be punished by everyone!"

        When Ma Chongxin heard this, he shouted out of fear, "No! That's not true! The master is ...... He didn't know that Missy was also in the car!"

        Ye Chen directly paused the camera, walked back in front of him, and threw a slap across his face: "You just have a fucking mouth, don't you? You're still thinking of defending that old dog at this time!"

        Ma Chongxin said desperately, "I'm not defending ...... I am telling the truth ...... Master, he really didn't want to hurt Missy, it was Liu Zhan! It was Liu Zhan who took Missy on board without permission!"

        Ye Chen sneered, "I don't care about that, doesn't this old dog Su Chengfeng usually like to put sh*t on others? Today, I'm going to let him feel what it's like to be held down and buckled in a head of sh*t!"