Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2445-2446

 Chapter 2445

In fact, Ye Chen's heart knew very well that these four people in front of him must be people from the Su Family.

        Moreover, they had been sent by the Su Family to carry out such an important mission, which was enough to see that the four of them must be the Su Family's inner circle.

        Therefore, Ye Chen needed them to personally tell the full story in front of the camera before the video was released to the public.

        In this way, the Su family's reputation was afraid that it would be completely rotten.

        One must know that the Su family had already damaged the reputation of the Su family greatly by betraying Su Ruoli before, and may Elder Su's finally put his eldest son Su Shoudao out to take the blame, but this debt was not only on Su Shoudao's head, but also on the entire Su family's head.

        If it were to break out again at this time that the Su family had even tried to murder their own daughter-in-law, or even to murder the Su family's own flesh and blood once again, then the Su family would definitely become a street rat that everyone would shout at.

        Other than that, the piece of fame alone would never be able to turn over in this life.

        Master Su's beloved Ma Chongxin and others are also very clear that this matter is of great importance.

        The death of the European princess in a car accident has not yet led to any substantial evidence for the private sector, and if there is evidence to substantiate what the royal family has done, then the reputation of the entire royal family in the world will be completely finished.

        Therefore, Ma Chongxin inwardly admonished himself, "No matter what, I must not tell the truth about the whole matter, otherwise, not only will Master Su's reputation be ruined, I will also become a sinner in Master Su's eyes ......"

        Thinking of this, Ma Chongxin hurriedly said, "This big brother, is there some misunderstanding in this matter? We are planning to save someone ......"

        Ye Chen rushed forward, grabbed Ma Chongxin's collar and said in a cold voice: "Do you believe that if you continue to talk blindly to me here, then I will take you to the dog factory and chop you up bit by bit and feed you to the dogs? Or simply tie your hands and feet and throw you directly into a dog cage for the dogs to eat for three days and nights."

        Ma Chongxin's body tingled with fear, even directly from his scalp to his toes.

        Although he had no idea what kind of person this young man in front of him was, he did not doubt in the least what this young man said.

        From this young man's eyes alone, he could see the other party's determination!

        At this time, Ye Chen continued, "Don't worry, when the time comes, even if you want to die faster, I won't even give you the chance! I will first put a separate iron cage on your head to protect your head, and then use a bulletproof vest to protect your entire abdomen, so you won't die so easily."

        "You ...... You ......" Ma Chongxin shivered in fear and blurted out, "Who the hell are you ...... We have no grudge or hatred with you, why are you doing this to us?"

        "You have no grudges or enemies with me?" Ye Chen laughed coldly, "You have been plotting to kill others in Jinling, your methods are brutal and despicable, everyone should be punished, even if I kill you, I will be doing justice for heaven!"

        Ma Chongxin held on to his strength and said coldly, "Kid, even if you want to do justice to God, you have to measure your own ability first, do you know who we are working for? If you piss off the boss behind us, even if you grow a few heads, they won't be enough to chop you off!"

        Ye Chen sneered, grabbed Ma Chongxin's neck and slapped him with all his might!

        This slap was so powerful that it directly fractured his jaw, and almost all the teeth in his mouth were broken by the tremendous force!

        Ma Chongxin had been beaten up a lot in his many years of social life, but he had never received such a horrible slap before.

        At this moment, he only felt that his mouth was completely numb with pain, so much so that he could no longer feel any pain at all, he could only feel that his whole body was in a state of disarray, and his whole mouth was full of big and small hard particles.

        And his mouth was filled with a warm, sweet, fishy taste, and it was as if there were dozens of additional wounds in his mouth that were constantly bleeding.

        So much so that blood instantly filled his mouth.

Chapter 2446

Immediately afterwards, Ma Chongxin vomited out with a wow sound, his mouth full of blood mixed with dozens of broken teeth, a scene that stunned the other three people around him.

        None of them quite understood why the young man in front of them had suddenly gone into a rage.

        Was it because Captain Ma Chongxin's words were too pretentious?

        Ma Chongxin was also directly blinded by the fuck, seeing that none of his mouth full of teeth was left, his whole person was on the verge of collapse and cried out in a vague voice: "You ...... You ...... You want to die ...... I ...... I am ...... I am Yanjing ......"

        Ye Chen interrupted him with a cold laugh, "I know what you want to say, aren't you just a member of the Yanjing Su family? Do you really think that I will be afraid of the Su family behind you when you are talking to me about this here?"

        Ma Chongxin said with a horrified expression, "Su Family ...... Su family is the number one in the country in terms of strength ...... You ...... Why aren't you afraid?!"

        Ye Chen harrumphed and said with contempt, "Afraid? To tell you the truth, I have an unbreakable feud with the entire Su Family, even if Su Chengfeng were to act like a pussy in front of me, I would slap all his teeth out!"

        Saying that, Ye Chen added, "Since you are a dog of the Su Family, then killing a few dog things like you will also temporarily relieve my heart's hatred!"

        When Ma Chongxin heard this, he was even more desperate and thought to himself, "This guy ...... This guy actually has an unbreakable grudge against the Su family, I ...... I originally wanted to bring out this great Buddha, the Su family, in exchange for the other party's forgiveness, but I never thought that I would be lifting a stone to smash my own feet ......"

        At this time, Ye Chen raised his volume a few points and coldly said, "I'll ask you again, will you say or not say?"

        Ma Chongxin gritted his teeth and said offhandedly, "I'll die if I tell, or die if I don't. If I tell, I'm afraid the boss won't even spare my family if he finds out, so you'd better kill me!"

        Ye Chen smiled, "I said, I won't let you die so easily, I will send you to a dog breeding farm and let you die slowly."

        Just then, Chen Zekai ran in with two of his men and was slightly relieved to see that Ye Chen had taken control of the situation, however, once he saw the Rolls Royce that had been hit to the point of misery, he couldn't help but pull his heart out and asked, "Master Ye, how is the person ...... How is the person?"

        Ye Chen said indifferently, "Liu Zhan is dead, Du Haiqing and Su Zhiyu are seriously injured and unconscious, but they both won't die for a while."

        When Ye Chen had entered, he had already checked the injuries of Du Haiqing and Su Zhiyu with the help of his spiritual energy.

        Both of them were seriously injured, and to the doctors, they should have lost their value and chances of saving their lives, and would probably die in another hour at most.

        However, to Ye Chen, their injuries were not hopeless. After solving the four people in front of him, he could definitely save them by giving each of them half a rejuvenation pill.

        As soon as he heard Ye Chen say that the two of them could not die for a while, he knew that Ye Chen must have a way to save them, so he also put his mind at ease.

        He looked at the time and said, "Master Ye, we have to hurry, I heard that the highway clearance team has already started clearing the obstacles at the back of the tunnel, so we should be able to clear a lane in half an hour or so."

        Ye Chen nodded and spoke, "I know, I'll have it all sorted out on my side within ten minutes."

        Saying that, he spoke and asked Chen Zekai, "Right Old Chen, can you get me a few African hyenas?"

        "Huh?" Chen Zekai froze and asked offhandedly, "African hyenas? What kind of African hyenas?"

        Ye Chen looked at the four people in front of him, Ma Chongxin, and said in a cold voice, "The kind of African hyenas that live in packs on the savannah and like to gut their prey during roundups!"

        Chen Zekai drew a breath backwards and said offhandedly, "Master Ye, what are you looking for that kind of dog for?"

        Ye Chen stared at Ma Chongxin and sneered, "I want to add a new breed to Hong Wu's dog breeding farm, his dogs are only ordinary fighting dogs, which are not very powerful.