Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2437-2438

 Chapter 2437

At this moment, Liu Zhan was oblivious to the fact that Ye Chen had locked him in a deadlock from the sky.


      As he drove intently, he stared at the navigation every now and then.


      The navigation showed the distance, to the intended tunnel, was less than 5km.


      The current speed was around 180 kilometres per hour, and it would only take two minutes to arrive!


      Thinking of this, Liu Zhan's entire body was already a little too excited to hold back.


      As the tunnel got closer and closer, his heart became more and more excited, and he couldn't help but press the accelerator deeper and drive a little bit faster.


      At this moment, Liu Zhan had been driving his Rolls-Royce on the overtaking lane.


      And as he approached the tunnel, he saw a number of relatively slow lorries in succession, driving one behind the other, in the traffic lane ahead on the right.


      He took a glance at the number plates and was instantly more reassured.


      The two lorries at the front were the lorries arranged by the Su family.


      These two vehicles had been driving at a low speed on the road, just to take the time to reach the tunnel according to Liu Zhan's location.


      This was because according to the Su family's planning, after Liu Zhan's vehicle entered the tunnel, these two vehicles would tailgate behind him, at the entrance of the tunnel.


      In this way, the two lorries tailgating and colliding could directly block this two-lane road completely, and it would be impossible for the vehicles behind to get through for a while.


      This also gave Liu Zhan a long enough time.


      The vehicle Liu Zhan drove soon overtook the two lorries, and at this point, only the last kilometre of the tunnel entrance remained.


      Liu Zhan did not care about the lorries behind him, because he knew that no matter how many lorries were behind him, the two vehicles in the lead would stop them behind once they collided.


      By then, the highway would be completely cut off.


      However, just when Liu Zhan had already driven his car into the tunnel, the two lorries that were in the lead behind him, did not have the intention to create an accident, instead, they both started to speed up in an instant, accelerating towards the tunnel and rushing in.


      As the two lorries drove into the tunnel, several cars behind these two lorries however suddenly crashed together at the entrance of the tunnel and the whole road was immediately blocked by the crashed cars.


      The Su family was ready to kill and destroy!


      The two lorries were accelerating, each loaded with dozens of tonnes of cargo, and their own inertia was great enough to completely destroy any family car.


      And at the exit of this tunnel, there were two more lorries blocking the way.


      In this way, Liu Zhan's Rolls-Royce became a human meat can surrounded by four lorries.


      With no way in and no way out, the Rolls-Royce could only end up being smashed into a pile of scrap metal by the two heavily loaded lorries!


      At that time, there was no way the people in the car could survive.


      Liu Zhan would die, and so would Du Haiqing and Su Zhiyu!

Chapter 2438

Meanwhile, from the helicopter, Ye Chen witnessed Liu Station's car enter the tunnel, and also witnessed the two lorries behind it follow it, and immediately afterwards, he saw several cars crashing together at the entrance of the tunnel.


      At a glance, Ye Chen could see that the cars had crashed together completely intentionally.


      So, he immediately said to Richard Chen, "These trucks should be closing the road, I think they are going to do it in this tunnel! Go to the other end of the tunnel immediately!"


      Chen Zekai did not dare to hesitate and said, "Yes, young master! We'll descend and dive straight through!"


      At this moment, Liu Zhan inside the tunnel suddenly noticed that the road ahead was blocked by two container trucks parked side by side, and he immediately realised that the time to make a move had come.


      According to the plan, he was going to kill Du Haiqing and Su Zhiyu inside the car, and then the Su family would disguise the two as if they had fallen to their deaths by pushing open the door from inside the speeding car.


      Liu Zhan himself, on the other hand, would escape with all his men and the car in the container truck.


      In this way, the outside world would think that the mother and daughter had fallen to their deaths while jumping out of the car to escape, while Liu Zhan himself continued to flee.


      So, while slowing the vehicle to a stop, Liu Zhan turned around with his pistol raised and said to the mother and daughter duo, Du Haiqing and Su Zhiyu, who were sitting in the back of the vehicle, "Excuse me, two beauties, I'll have to send you on your way together!"


      "What?!" Du Haiqing immediately panicked and said, "Su's family is coming for me, it has nothing to do with my daughter, please let my daughter go!"


      Su Zhiyu also panicked and blurted out, "If you want to kill, kill me and let my mother go!"


      Liu Zhan couldn't help but frown in dismay as he looked at Du Haiqing and asked, "How do you know it's Su's family? Did you get some information in advance?"


      Su Zhiyu said hurriedly, "There must be some misunderstanding here, my surname is Su I am a member of the Su family, the current head of the Su family is my grandfather, the Su family cannot possibly want my life, there must be some misunderstanding here, I beg you to call and confirm with them!"


      Liu Zhan sneered, "I've confirmed it long ago, what I want is both of your lives, one is missing, so you don't need to plead for each other, things have come to this point, neither of you can get away!"


      He said, pointing at the two container trucks blocking the way in front of him, and said with a smile, "And there's no need for you to try to open the doors to escape, these people have long been prepared to be foolproof, they are planning to kill you both!"


      "If you two fall into my hands, I can at least give you a pain, but if you fall into their hands, I guess they will use you directly as human bowling balls and make you fall to your death with your brains bursting out and your faces disfigured!"


      As soon as Su Zhiyu heard this, she cried out in pain, "Mum! Why would Dad and Grandpa do this?"


      Du Haiqing took Su Zhiyu into her arms, holding back her tears, and choked out, "Zhiyu, I'm sorry, it's my mother who dragged you into this."


      Liu Zhan aimed his gun at Du Haiqing and said indifferently, "I shouldn't have let the white-haired send the black-haired to the black-haired, so I'll give you a break and go first!"


      Du Haiqing knew that she was definitely doomed this time, she was just incomparably heartbroken for her daughter, and at the same time, she was also full of guilt towards her.


      At this moment, she had already resigned herself to her fate, and while rubbing Su Zhiyu's head, she cried and said, "Zhiyu, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, don't blame me."


      Su Zhiyu also sobbed with grief and said, "I don't blame you, Mom."


      Liu Zhan could not help but sigh, "Aiya, such beautiful two big beauties, what a pity to kill them, but I can't help it, for my own survival, I can only let you two die!"


      With that, he was ready to pull the trigger and kill Du Haiqing first.


      But at that moment, turning back to look at the back seat, he suddenly saw through the rear glass, two black shadows coming fast from behind!


      When he fixed his eyes on them, he couldn't help but exclaim, "Damn it! What the fuck is going on here? Don't they know they're blocking the road behind them? Why are they both rushing in?"