Amazing Son-in-law 2429-2430 English version

  Chapter 2429

Seeing Deana and Zara walk out, deep inside Charlie wade did not feel surprised at all.


      He had long felt that this matter was definitely not as simple as it seemed.


      Now, the fact that Deana and Zara would actually walk out under Liu Zhan's coercion reinforced his view of the matter.


      Only, Charlie wade had not quite figured out who had gone to such great lengths and made such a big detour to disadvantage Deana and Zara.


      At that moment, Deana and Zara, mother and daughter, had already walked out of the door of the Treasure Pavilion.


      Liu Zhan, holding his gun in one hand and the detonator in the other, followed behind the mother and daughter.


      He looked up at the surrounding heights and said to the surrounding police officers with a cold smile, "I know you must have many snipers ambushed around, ready to ki ll me with a single shot at any time, but I still suggest you think carefully, because this detonator in my hand, even a one-year-old baby, can detonate it with the snap of a finger, if you are not afraid to d i e together, then feel free to let If you are not afraid of dying together, then feel free to let the snipers shoot at me!"


      Wang Haixin said in a cold voice: "Liu Zhan, don't worry! As long as you don't make any rash moves, we will definitely not shoot at you either! Now the car is ready for you, you can leave here anytime! But before you go, make sure you release the hostages."


      "Release the hostages?" Liu Zhan laughed unscrupulously and said contemptuously, "Do you take me for a three-year-old child? Let me tell you, these two hostages are to stay with me until I am completely free from your tracking, if you are sensible, don't send anyone to track me, and when I am safe, I will naturally release these two people."


      At this point, he turned his words and said with a very cruel expression, "But if I find out that any of you try to follow me, then I will drive the car to the city centre, the big deal is to press the detonator and be a good man again in eighteen years!"


      Wang Haixin's expression was as ugly as it could be, and he could only hold back the anger in his heart as he spoke, "Don't worry. We definitely won't send anyone to follow you!"


      Liu Zhan sneered, "Count on your good sense!"


      After saying that, he immediately said to Deana and Zara, his mother and daughter, "You two hurry up and get in the car! Get in the back row!"


      Deana did not dare to hesitate and pulled Zara into the back seat of the Rolls Royce.


      Liu Zhan, holding his gun and detonator, swaggered into the driver's seat.


      The Rolls-Royce had been left running and could be driven away as soon as it was put into gear.


      So, Liu Zhan directly put it into forward gear and charged straight towards the courtyard entrance.


      Wang Haixin hurriedly instructed the police officers at the entrance of the courtyard to take shelter, and the original iron barrel-like encirclement immediately gave way to a lane.


      Liu Zhan did not hesitate to press the accelerator to the bottom, the Rolls-Royce's engine emitted a low hissing sound, and then swiftly rushed out, fleeing the scene with great speed.


      As soon as Liu Zhan drove away, a police officer hurriedly came to Wang Haixin and asked, "Team Wang, should we immediately see our plainclothesmen drive over and follow them?"


      Wang Haixin was slightly hesitant and spoke, "Liu Zhan's anti-surveillance awareness is very strong, if we really send a car to follow, once he finds out, it will probably cause irreversible consequences."


      After saying that, he spoke, "How about this, first urgently call the city's traffic monitoring network and use the monitoring probes on the city's roads to track Liu Zhan's Rolls Royce's movements in real time! If he leaves the city, then we'll arrange for police forces to set up control ahead of time!"


      At this moment, seeing that the Rolls Royce had already disappeared, Isaac Cameron could not help but sigh with some regret and said, "Young Master, if it is really like you said, that someone is trying to disadvantage Deana as well as Zara, then the two of them are afraid that they will be in bad luck this time"


      Charlie wade nodded approvingly and said, "If the other party is able to carefully set up such a big game and go through all the trouble of putting on such a big show, I think it must be impossible to just scare the two of them, the odds are that they are aiming for their lives."


      Isaac Cameron could not help but ask, "Young master, human lives are at stake, do you want to take action?"

Chapter 2430

Charlie wade's expression was a little hesitant for a moment, after a few seconds, he gently shook his head: "Forget it, I have a mortal grudge against the Banks family, but now the grudge has not been avenged, I have already saved the Banks family several times over and over again, Fitz, Zara, Xion, I saved each of these three Banks family members once, if I still strike today, the Banks family will owe me five lives! "


      Hearing this, Isaac Cameron couldn't help but agree and said, "Yeah revenge hasn't been avenged yet, and as a result saving their family members one after another, God is indeed very good at jokes."


      Charlie wade couldn't help but sigh, "Hey if something really happened to this Auntie Deana, then I'm afraid that my father's mansion will have to be reauctioned again?"


      Isaac Cameron said, "We don't know if the second Miss Deana has finished paying and completing the formalities yet, if she has, the mansion will become her inheritance; if she hasn't finished the formalities, it will probably be put up for judicial auction again some time later."


      Charlie wade couldn't help but frown: "If it becomes that Auntie Deana inheritance, who will be the first heir?"


      Isaac Cameron said, "I can't really say who will be first, but it will definitely be her husband or one of her sons, or half of each."


      Charlie wade gritted his teeth and cursed, "Damn it, how can I let that ba st ard Zayne take half of the house my parents lived in!"


      Isaac Cameron hurriedly said, "Why don't I have someone ask around later to see if Deana has finished the formalities yet."


      Charlie wade nodded and said decrepitly, "It seems that this is the only way to go."


      At this time, a white Rolls Royce Cullinan stopped in front of the two men, a middle-aged man hurriedly came out of the cab and went to the two men and said respectfully, "Young master, Mr. Cameron, I've delivered the car, do you two see if you want to drive it yourself or should I drive it?"


      Isaac Cameron took the lead and said, "All right, I'll drive it, you can take a taxi back."


      The other party hurriedly nodded respectfully, "Okay, Mr. Cameron, I'll go back first then."


      Only then did Isaac Cameron take the initiative to pull open the rear car door and said to Charlie wade, "Young master, please."


      Charlie wade gave a hint and took a step to sit inside the car.


      Isaac Cameron got into the driver's seat and asked Charlie wade as he started the car, "Young master, where are you going? Home or?"


      Charlie wade thought for a moment and spoke, "Take me home."


      "Okay." Isaac Cameron immediately drove and headed in the direction of Townsend One.


      On the road, Charlie wade kept his brows locked.


      Isaac Cameron quietly followed Charlie wade's expression through the car's rear-view mirror and couldn't help but ask, "Young master, you have something on your mind?"


      Charlie wade nodded and held his chin up, "I just can't understand what would strike at the two of them."


      Isaac Cameron said, "The Banks family usually makes many enemies, I don't know how many people hate the Banks family to the bone, it is normal to find an opportunity to revenge the recovery family for a bit."


      Charlie wade waved his hand and said, "Although the reasoning is correct, but things are not like that after all, everyone knows that Zayne, in order to avoid the wind, even to the old man of the Banks family to take the blame, now ran away to Australia, according to me, in the future, the Banks family will most likely not be inherited by him again, so Zayne is equivalent to the abolished crown prince."


      "Now, even Zayne has lost his power, his wife and daughter's position in the Banks family is even less worth mentioning."


      "Under such circumstances, if someone really wanted to avenge the recovery of the family, why would they go to great lengths to ki ll their mother and daughter?"