Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2425-2426

 Chapter 2425

As soon as Liu Zhan said that he would let Chen Zekai and Ye Chen go, Chen Zekai's first thought was, "I wonder if his own young master, would be willing to go?"


      "Moreover, I don't know if the young master will directly turn on Liu Zhan? With the young master's ability, once the Thunderstorm Order is issued, it's guaranteed that Liu Zhan won't even be left in the dust!"


      "Even if Young Master is not willing to make a move in front of so many people, with Young Master's divine ability, it would not be a breeze to solve this Liu Zhan?"


      So, he immediately looked at Ye Chen, intending to see what kind of decision Ye Chen would actually make.


      But to his surprise, Ye Chen waved at him directly and said, "Let's hurry up and go."


      After saying that, he himself turned around and walked out first.


      Chen Zekai froze, then came back to his senses and hurriedly chased after him.


      When the two of them left the courtyard of the Treasure Pavilion, Captain Wang Haixin hurriedly greeted them and said gratefully, "Thank you so much for today, Mr. Chen! Shall I arrange for someone to send you and this gentleman back now?"


      Chen Zekai waved his hand and asked in a low voice, "Old Wang, can you let us both stay here and watch the fun?"


      "Watching the lively scene?" Wang Haixin said with some hesitation, "Mr. Chen, the situation is very dangerous now! As you know, that guy, Liu Zhan, has a large amount of explosives on him! In case he really wants to kill the fish and detonate the explosives, everyone will suffer along with him"


      Chen Zekai waved his hand, "It's alright, I think this Liu Zhan has a strong desire to live, otherwise he wouldn't have gone to such great lengths to get a Rolls Royce, since he has a strong desire to live, he won't be afraid to kill himself."


      Wang Haixin thought about it and said, "OK, Mr. Chen, then I'll ask you two to stay behind us, so I can take care of anything."


      "Good!" Chen Zekai hurriedly said, "Thank you old Wang, don't worry, we definitely won't give you any trouble!"


      Wang Haixin hurriedly said, "Alright then, Mr. Chen, you take care, I'll go have a meeting with the leaders and touch base on the proposal!"


      Chen Zekai also said politely, "Old Wang, you have something to do first, don't worry about us!"


      Only then did Wang Haixin hurriedly turn around and leave.


      Just as he left, Chen Zekai hurriedly asked Ye Chen beside him in a low voice, "Young master, what are you staying to watch the action?"


      Ye Chen smiled faintly and said, "I want to see who this Liu Zhan's target really is."


      "And then what?" Richard Chen hurriedly asked again, "If you know who his target is, what are your next plans?"


      Ye Chen shook his head, "I don't know right now, let's wait and see what happens."




      Inside the Pavilion of Treasures.


      Liu Zhan looked at the time and felt that it was almost time to take the next step, so he took out his mobile phone and sent a text message, the content of the text message was very simple, only two short words, "Goodbye."


      The other party quickly replied, with the same two words: "Good bye."


      This, was the code word that Elder Su's beloved, had agreed with Liu Zhan.


      Once the other party replied good to go, it meant that they were ready and Liu Zhan was ready to go.

Chapter 2426

If the other party did not reply, then Liu Zhan could only continue to consume in the Jumbo Pavilion, when the other party replied to these two words, when he could go out.


      Now that the other party had given a clear reply, Liu Zhan did not intend to continue to delay, he looked at the crowd in the hall who were crouching with their heads in their hands and said in a cold voice, "The car I want they have already prepared, so it is time for me to leave here, thank you all for your cooperation, you will be free when I am gone."


      When the hundred or so people present heard these words, they immediately sighed in relief.


      On everyone's face, a smile emerged after the robbery.


      China's law and order was so good that most people would never encounter such a thing in their lifetime, and to encounter such a thing and be unharmed was truly an overwhelming stroke of good luck.


      So, at this point, everyone was completely relaxed, just waiting for this plague god to hurry up and leave, and then they would be able to get through this crisis completely and safely.


      At this time, Liu Zhan suddenly spoke again, "Gentlemen, I have one more thing that I need from all of you, and I hope that you will not refuse me for the sake of me being so trustworthy."


      As soon as the crowd heard this, they instantly became a little nervous again.


      No one knew what else this Liu Zhan wanted.


      If he wanted money, it didn't really matter, as long as he didn't hurt anyone, everyone would be willing to give him all their belongings.


      However, it was feared that he had other thoughts in mind.


      Just then, Liu Zhan spoke up, "I've asked them to prepare a Rolls Royce for me, but if I get into that car by myself, they will definitely not let me leave, or maybe they will just finish me off halfway."


      "So, brother, I still have to find two people to accompany me for another ride, and when I leave Jinling completely and safely, I will naturally let these two people go!"


      Speaking here, Liu Zhan smiled faintly and opened his mouth to ask, "I wonder if there are any friends on the scene who are willing to volunteer themselves?"


      When the crowd heard this, each and every one of them immediately lowered their heads deeply.


      It was like school dregs who hadn't even reviewed their homework in general, and once they heard that the teacher was going to call up and recite the text, each and every one of them prayed deep down inside that they would never be chosen.


      However, deep down, everyone in the room was more or less lucky.


      Everyone felt that if only two of the 100 people were chosen, then there was a high probability that they would not be chosen.


      In fact, deep inside Liu Zhan's heart, he already had a candidate, but he still had to make a play, otherwise in case he was seen to be unhappy with the golden master behind him, it would not be a good day for him either.


      Therefore, he pretended to look around and said with some displeasure, "You people are really a bit uninterested, I have done what I said to you, but now when I need a little help from you, you are all like shrinking turtles, not even daring to look at me, isn't that a bit too much?"


      At this time, naturally, no one dared to answer his words.


      After all, everyone knew the principle of shooting the birds in the head, and if they came out now and were noticed by him, it was highly likely that they would be chosen by him.


      So, the crowd continued to bury their heads deeply, and none of them dared to look up at him.


      Liu Zhan shouted in annoyance, "Damn it! You're all fucking playing this game with me, right? I'm so devoted to you all, but you don't even dare to look at me, do you? Okay! I'll count to three seconds, and if anyone doesn't look up at me, I'll put a bullet in his head!"


      As soon as these words were spoken, over a hundred people immediately raised their heads without hesitation and looked at Liu Zhan without blinking their eyes.


      There was no one who did not cherish their lives, so no one dared to disobey such a murderous desperado at this time.


      Liu Zhan's eyes roamed around, then landed on Du Haiqing and Su Zhiyu, and said with a lecherous smile on his face, "I didn't expect there to be such a beautiful pair of sisters here, on the way to escape, if I could have such beautiful beauties like you with me, it would be worth even if I died, just you!"