Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2415-2416

 Chapter 2415

In the eyes of the police officers, Liu Zhan was being chased by a man who was so desperate that he randomly ran into the Treasure Pavilion.


      But in fact, the Treasure Pavilion was Liu Zhan's ultimate goal.


      At this moment, the Treasure Pavilion.


      In the lobby, the auction was still going on, and Du Haiqing was still signing various documents.


      When Liu Zhan arrived at the door and took a step to go inside, the security guard at the door stopped him and spoke, "Sir, please show us the entry code for this auction, we need to verify it before we can enter."


      Liu Zhan looked back and found that the police officer chasing him had followed and rushed in, so he immediately pulled out a pistol from his bosom, pointed it at the security guard's head and said coldly, "If you talk any more fucking nonsense, I'll shoot you!"


      At that moment, the police officers at the back noticed him pulling out a pistol and looked shocked.[]


      Liu Zhan was undaunted and pulled open the jacket of his jacket, revealing a waistcoat full of potent explosives inside.


      Then, holding a gun in one hand and a switch with a wire in the other, Liu Zhan snapped, "Listen up, the explosives I'm carrying are for opening mountains! If you police officers dare to come in, I'll make sure everyone in the building is buried with me."


      Several of the pursuing police officers were horrified at the sight of this!


      This Liu Zhan was already a bandit, carrying several lives, and in his past experience in handling cases, he had often used guns and explosives, so the police officers did not suspect him of carrying explosives.


      So, the people became very scrupulous about him all of a sudden.


      Not far from each other, they could all see the waistcoat Liu Zhan was wearing, which was bulging and covered with strips of something like a long ham sausage, which could be seen at a glance as potent explosives.[]


      This type of explosive is so powerful that a hole in a boulder could easily blow it apart, and if it were to detonate here, the consequences would be unimaginable!


      So, one of the police officers immediately shouted, "Liu Zhan, don't be impulsive! If you have something to talk about, take your time and be careful with the switch you hold!"


      Liu Zhan sneered, "Damn it, what's there to be careful about? I've been an outlaw for a long time anyway, and with so many murders on my back, I don't mind dying at any time! So you'd better be sensible, otherwise I'll just drag all these people to bury me with me, just as well as saving me from having to hide around!"


      Immediately afterwards, he pointed a gun at the security guard's head and shouted, "Get in there and close the door."


      The security guard was robbed against the back of his head, so how could he dare to make a faux pas, and hurriedly led Liu Zhan into the door with him, then locked the door tightly at Liu Zhan's request.


      Liu Zhan snatched the key from this security guard's hand and said in a cold voice, "You, follow me inside!"[]


      The security guard did not dare to disobey and immediately followed Liu Zhan, stepping into the auction to ask questions.


      Liu Zhan rushed into the auction hall with his gun and shouted to the crowd of people who were taking part in the auction, "Everyone, listen up, squat down with your head in your hands, whoever dares to run, don't blame my bullets for being blind!"


      The whole hall was in chaos and everyone was screaming and ready to scatter.


      At this time, Liu Zhan directly picked up his pistol and fired three shots at the ceiling, shouting angrily, "Whoever tries to fucking run away again!"


      As soon as the gunshot rang out, everyone was frightened silly, and the vast majority of them immediately crouched down on the ground without hesitation, holding their heads in their hands.


      However, there were one or two people who thought they would have a chance to escape from Ascension, so they planned to flee through the side door. Liu Zhan directly raised his gun and shot, bang, bang and two shots, directly killing the man closest to the side door.


      Now, the scene was even more horrified.


      According to the information given to him by the other party, the target he wanted to ki ll today was in the office next to the corridor.[]

Chapter 2416

At that moment, Du Haiqing and Su Zhiyu heard the gunshots and immediately realised that there had been a change of heart.


      Su Zhiyu also knew what was at stake and followed her mother outside without hesitation.


      However, as soon as she ran out, she saw that there were already a number of people outside the corridor who were panicking and trying to run out.


      Just then, Liu Zhan, who was holding a gun, suddenly appeared at the entrance to the corridor, raised his gun and aimed it directly at a man who was fleeing hastily, and with one bang, he shot the man directly in the back of the head, creating a bloody mist!


      With this shot, the man who was shot in the back of the head fell to the ground with a thud, and the surrounding panicked crowd let out an ear-piercing scream.


      Liu Zhan coldly shouted, "Listen up, all of you, gather in the hall, no one is going to run away! Otherwise, you'll end up like this guy!"


      Originally, they were all fleeing for their lives in a panic.


      But now suddenly someone was shot dead right in front of them, deeply stimulating their nerves.


      At a time like this, every one of them would have to settle an account in their hearts.


      If they still insist on fleeing at this time, it is very likely that they will be shot dead.


      But if you cooperate well, there are at least a hundred people on the site, including the auctioneer and staff, and it is impossible for the other party to kill so many people at once.


      So, if you cooperate well, you will have a much better chance of survival.


      So, none of the group dared to try to escape again, and one by one, with their hands on their heads, they turned around honestly and walked towards the hall one by one.[]


      The exit door of the hall had been locked and the key snatched by Liu Zhan, so it was impossible for the gang to escape.


      I'm not going to say anything about it, but I'm going to say something about it, and I'm going to say something about it. "


      Afterwards, he added: "I'll tell you the truth, I'm not after any of you today, I was just cornered by the police and fled here to hide, as long as you cooperate with me honestly, I'll let you go when I've negotiated with the police."


      "But if any of you people dare to play petty games with me, I'll absolutely shoot him, and I'm a Class A wanted man anyway, and I'm carrying several lives on my back, so I don't care if I get a few more!"


      Hearing him say this, many of the people in the offices on either side of the corridor honestly opened the door and walked out.


      This included the owner of Treasure Pavilion, Bao Fugui, who also gave up the idea of hiding in his office and left with his head in his hands.


      At this time, the two staff members who were handling the formalities for Du Haiqing exchanged glances with each other and walked out together.


      Su Zhiyu asked Du Haiqing in a low voice: "Mom, what should we do?"


      Without hesitation, Du Haiqing said: "Let's go out too, at a time like this, it's natural to cooperate properly to ensure maximum personal safety!"


      Su Zhiyu nodded gently.


      Then, mother and daughter also held their hands high, and the two staff members walked out behind them.[]


      Liu Zhan kept his gun in his hand, keeping an eye on everyone coming out of the rooms on both sides, and when he saw Du Haiqing and Su Zhiyu, he was immediately relieved.


      He knew that the stunningly beautiful woman in front of him called Du Haiqing was the only thing he could rely on this time to turn over a new leaf!