Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2411-2412

 Chapter 2411

Hearing Su's words, Su Shoudeh was thrilled and asked after him, "Dad, what's the best way for you to make Du Haiqing's death impeccable?"


      Master Su sneered, "I had someone find a Class A wanted criminal who had committed a capital crime in advance, and gave his family ten million dollars to settle his family and let him flee to Jinling."


      Su Shoudeh hurriedly followed up, "Dad, are you trying to get that wanted criminal to do it?"


      Master Su said calmly: "It's good to let that wanted criminal do it, but the whole plan is not as simple as you think.".


      He said, "I've also had the news leaked to the local police in Jinling, and I believe that soon the Jinling police will be searching for this wanted criminal all over the city, he is responsible for many murders, and if he is caught, he will die, so he will naturally flee desperately under the police's pursuit."[]


      "He will then be like a headless fly running for his life around Jinling and then, coincidentally, escape to the auction site."


      "When he arrives at the auction, the Jinling police will also send a large number of men to surround the entire treasure house, so he will be like a turtle in a jar, and it is normal for him to take a few hostages in a panic."


      "When the time comes, this wanted man will naturally take hostages and drive away with them in order to stay alive, and he'll make sure that he brings Du Haiqing to the car by then!"


      Su Shoude hurriedly followed up by asking: "So when will he finish Du Haiqing? After getting into the car or after escaping?"


      Master Su's eyes were stern as he said coldly, "The plan I have for him is to kill Du Haiqing after he escapes, then I'll send a boat to send him to the Philippines, but this man increases the risk of our exposure if he lives, so I've arranged for the others to create a car crash directly after he gets on the bus with Du Haiqing, and take him and Du Haiqing to the Philippines. All together!"


      At this point, the old man smiled sinisterly and said, "At that time, these two will go to hell together, and our plan will never be revealed, even if the whole world suspects that we killed her, it doesn't matter, as long as we can't find any evidence, I'll let them say whatever they want."


      Su Shoudeh said excitedly, "Dad! What a brilliant move you've made! Firstly, he secretly instructs a class A wanted man to flee to Jinling, accidentally escapes to the auction house and kidnaps Du Haiqing, then the wanted man, in his haste to escape with Du Haiqing, is killed in a car accident, and Du Haiqing is killed with him. I don't think anyone would suspect the Su family! It really is perfect!"[]


      Master Su nodded his head with a cold smile and said seriously: "I've been floating in the business world for half a lifetime, but whenever I want to do something, I think a few more steps forward and a few more steps backward to make sure it's foolproof before I do it."


      At this point, he stifled a long sigh and said, "Hey! The only mistake I ever made in my life was that one time with Su Ruoli! I had it all planned out with the JDF and it was foolproof, but I still can't figure out what went wrong!"


      "Not only did Su Ruorui go missing, but even my whole plan was discovered, what a loss!"


      "What I'm most worried about now is that not only is Su Ruo Li not dead, there's even a hidden behind the scenes behind her."


      "If that's the case, then it's very likely that this person will become our Su family's future fatal enemy!"


      When Su Shou De heard this, he nodded repeatedly in agreement while sneering and slandering in his heart: "Although I don't know which part of the process went wrong that time, or whether there was a pusher behind the scenes or not, but if there was, I'd really have to thank him."


      "If he hadn't ruined the old man's plans, why would the old man have pushed his elder brother out as a scapegoat?"


      "If the old man doesn't push big brother out as a scapegoat, then how will I have a chance to replace him as the heir?"[]


      However, Su Shoudeh didn't dare to show his inner joy and asked with great concern, "Dad, that wanted man, when will he do it?"

Chapter 2412

Master Su looked at the time and said, "If there are no deviations in the plan, that Class A wanted criminal should arrive at the auction site in ten minutes."


      Su Shoudeh hurriedly followed up, "Dad, ten minutes, Du Haiqing won't be gone, right?!"


      "No!" Master Su sneered, "Du Haiqing should still be working on the property changes now, this set of procedures is very tedious, it's impossible to get it right for a while, she wanted that old house so much, and now that it's finally been successfully photographed, she will definitely be very serious about cooperating with the change process."


      Su Shoude nodded gently and was relieved at the same time.


      However, he quickly remembered something and asked after him, "Dad! Will there be any accidents when the fish are also with her?"


      Su Shoude knew that the old man was very fond of Su Zhiyu as his granddaughter, and what he was really worried about was not Su Zhiyu's safety, but whether the old man would call off the whole plan in an emergency because of Su Zhiyu.[]


      He said: "I've already asked someone to inform the wanted man, gave him pictures of Du Haiqing as well as Zhi Fei and Zhi Yu, and told him clearly that he only needs to take Du Haiqing's life from these three people. The photo will not do anything to Zhiyu."


      Su Shoude hastily pretended to be relieved and exclaimed, "That would be perfect, to be honest, I still like this child Zhiyu, this child is really one of the smartest and most resourceful among the descendants of our Su family."


      "Yes!" Master Su couldn't help but feel the same way: "If only Zhiyu were a boy, it's a pity."


      Su Shoude caught the look of regret in the old man's eyes, and a malicious thought flashed in his heart.


      From the depths of his heart, he wished that Du Haiqing and Su Zhiyu would all die.


      That way, even if the eldest brother, Su Shoudao, didn't feel sorry for Su Haiqing, he would definitely feel sorry for Su Zhiyu.


      If the Old Master had Du Haiqing killed along with Su Zhiyu, then Su Shoudao would definitely hate the Old Master to the bone.


      When that happens, Big Brother won't just be exiled to Australia, he'll fight the Old Master to the death.


      In order to save his own skin, the Old Master will expel Big Brother from the Su family, leaving him with nothing and no chance to turn over a new leaf.


      That way, his future position as head of the family would also be more secure.


      So, he looked at the time and said to Master Su, "Dad, I'm going to the bathroom first and will be right back."


      Master Su had no doubts, nodded slightly and waved his hand, "Go ahead."


      Su Shoudeh immediately came out of the old man's study, after which he hurriedly pulled out his mobile phone and sent a text message to his beloved.


      "The old man spent 10 million the other day to find a Class A wanted man, immediately find out who that wanted man's last name is, then contact him as fast as possible and tell him I can call his family for another 20 million, but only on the additional condition that he will take out Du Haiqing as well as Su Zhiyu."