Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2407-2408

 Chapter 2407


      Richard Chen quickly drove the car over, and as Ye Chen was about to get into the car, Bao Fugui, the owner of the Treasure Pavilion, rushed out and asked nervously, "Master Ye, why did you leave so early?"


      Ye Chen said indifferently, "I suddenly have some business to attend to, so I won't stay long."


      Bao Fugui hurriedly followed up, "Master Ye, are you not very satisfied with the service of Precious Treasure Pavilion?"


      Ye Chen waved his hand: "No, it has nothing to do with your Precious Treasure Pavilion."


      Only then did Bao Fugui let out a sigh of relief and quickly asked again, "Right Master Ye, are there any items you are more interested in participating in today's auction? If there is one you let me know and I'll take it for you!"


      Ye Chen shook his head and smiled, "There's nothing I'm interested in at the auction, I'm just here today to have fun, you don't need to be too concerned."


      He pointed at the Rolls Royce in front of him and said to Bao Fugui, "I have something else to do, so I'll leave first, let's meet again some other day."


      Bao Fugui hurriedly nodded and bowed, saying, "Master Ye, take care, next time if the Treasure Pavilion holds another auction, I will definitely contact you in advance."


      Ye Chen nodded, said goodbye to Bao Fugui and got into the car.


      Richard Chen then drove Ye Chen to the old mansion that Ye Chen had shared with his parents back then.


      Bao Fugui watched Ye Chen's Rolls-Royce leave the Precious Treasure Pavilion before turning around and returning to the auction venue.


      At this point, Du Haiqing, who had finally auctioned off the former residence of Ye Chen's parents for an astronomical price of 62 million yuan, had arrived at the back office of the auction and started the purchase formalities with the staff.


      The judicial department's staff, still unable to conceal their shock, looked at Du Haiqing and said: "Madam, are you sure you want to buy this property at a high price of 62 million? If you want to default now, we'll only deduct your bid deposit of $10,000 and blacklist you for a year, would you like to reconsider?"


      This is, after all, a judicial auction and all proceeds from the sale will be used to repay the defendant the amount he or she was involved in.


      So no matter how much or how little they sell, there is no real interest involved for the judiciary, so they would prefer the goods in the judicial auction to actually sell for value for money.


      They are of the opinion that the price Du Haiqing has offered is so outrageous that the house is not worth that much in any sense or reason.


      Once Du Haiqing has paid the money, there will be no room for regrets, and all the proceeds from the house auction will immediately be used for judicial compensation, with no room for regret.


      But in case Du Haiqing really regretted paying the money, if she wanted to make a fuss, she would definitely come to the judicial department, which would more or less affect their own reputation and still be a problem for them.


      So, in order to avoid trouble, they hope that Du Haiqing will not be the wronged party, it would be best if he repents on the spot, and when the next judicial auction is held, they will take the mansion out again and auction it at a normal market price, so that everyone will be happy.




      However, Du Haiqing now spoke with great certainty: "I don't need to think about it, please take care of the payment for me as soon as possible, as well as the rest of the transfer process. The sooner the better, thank you."

Chapter 2408

The staff member wiped his sweat and explained seriously: "Madam, the starting price of the house you are buying now is only 880,000 RMB and the highest market price is around 1.3 million. You really don't need to reconsider?"


      Du Haiqing shook his head and said firmly, "I've thought it over and don't need to think about it anymore, please help me with it as soon as possible."


      Several staff members exchanged glances and one of them spoke up, "In that case, we'll handle the subsequent payment process for you, do you have enough balance in your bank account?"


      Du Haiqing nodded: "Enough."


      "The staff took out the POS machine with a scalp and said: "Madam, please make sure your card issuer's single-day transaction limit is OK, many users' cards have a single-day transaction limit of 1 million yuan by default. ."


      Su Zhiyu, who was a bit impatient, said: "Where do you get so many questions, can't you just swipe your card? If we don't have enough cards to cover the transaction limit, how can we wait around for payment?"


      The staff member said awkwardly, "I'm sorry, Miss, but we have never done a single transaction of this amount before, so I would like to check with you both, I'm really sorry".


      Afterwards, the staff entered the numbers into the POS machine, confirmed it was correct, handed it to Du Haiqing and said: "Madam, please swipe your card."


      After nodding her head, Du Haiqing took out her bank card and handed it to the other party, then entered her PIN, and the next thing she knew, the POS machine showed that the bank had confirmed that the transaction had been successfully deducted, so the flowing bill was automatically issued.


      The staff were really impressed. It seemed that the rich people did not take money seriously at all, and spending a few dozen times more was nothing to them.


      Then, the staff took out five copies of the purchase agreement and said to Du Haiqing: "Madam, please check the contract details, if there are no problems, these five purchase agreements, and every page has to be signed and confirmed."


      Du Haiqing nodded his head, flipped it over to roughly read the terms and, after making sure the ownership was clear and there were no problems, he immediately began signing his name to the contract.


      Meanwhile, the Yanjing Su family.


      Su Shoude was furious and said to Su Chengfeng, the master of the house, "Sister-in-law, this woman is so insolent! Not only did they attend the auction, but they also auctioned off the mansion, which was worth a maximum of a million or so, for 62 million.


      He said, resentfully, "How much does she fucking love that son of a bitch Ye Changya! How outrageous!"


      Su Chengfeng said with a frosty face: "Don't call her sister-in-law! In our Su family, we don't have a daughter-in-law like that!"


      Su Shoudeh said angrily, "Dad! If I'd known, I might as well have killed her on her way to the auction! That would at least save our Su family some face!"


      Su Chengfeng said in a cold voice, "We would be risking world condemnation if we took action early on such matters! If she hadn't damaged our Su family's face and we had killed her beforehand, if word got out, our Su family would have become the object of universal spiteful disgust and the target of verbal condemnation by the entire Yanjing high society!"


      Su Chengfeng asked him, "Have you forgotten that the world-famous princess of Europe was killed after she fell in love with a pagan and became pregnant with his child and was about to get married? But even so, even though there has been no definitive proof, the Royal Family has been cursed for decades! If the royal family had killed the Princess simply because she fell in love with a pagan, the royal family would have been drowned in the spittle of the common people!"


      At this point, Su Chengfeng sighed, lightly slapped his own face and spoke, "People have to actually hit us in the face before we can kill them, you can't kill them just because they stare at you! That's going to be a big mistake!"