Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2405-2406

 Chapter 2405

Chen Zekai did not expect that Ye Chen had waited for a long time for his old house, which he was determined to win, but he just gave up.


      He couldn't help but feel anxious for Ye Chen and said, "Young Master, you've been thinking about buying this house for so long, and now it's just a matter of time before you give up, please don't give up. Otherwise, if you regret it in the future, there will be no regrets."


      Ye Chen sighed lightly and waved his hand, saying seriously, "No, no, now it seems that this Auntie Du needs this mansion more than I do."


      Saying softly, Ye Chen lamented, "This is an old mansion that my parents and I shared, but I didn't have the courage to come out and sit in the auction hall to bid in person, on the other hand, this Auntie Du, on the other hand, was able to sit outside and bid openly and honestly, and purely from this point on, she is much stronger and more qualified than me to get this mansion."


      Ye Chen admired Du Haiqing from the bottom of his heart.


      Right now, most people still didn't know that they were the young master of the Ye family or that they were the bloodline of Ye Changba left in the world, so out of caution, they didn't openly participate in this auction, and even the registration was in the name of Richard Chen's driver.


      From this point of view alone, he admired Du Haiqing's boldness.


      As the saying goes, a gentleman should be a man of honor, so Ye Chen decided to give up the competition and give the mansion to Du Haiqing.


      Although he didn't know Du Haiqing, he also knew that Du Haiqing had loved his father for many years, but he hadn't been able to get anything substantial in return.


      Perhaps this house will provide her with a tangible consolation for the past 30 years of loving her father.


      This is also a way of thanking her on behalf of her dead father for her friendship over the years.


      At this point, the bidding outside was still going on.


      Richard Chen's driver had not yet received instructions to give up, and after Du Haiqing had called for sixty million, he raised his hand again and called out a price of sixty-one million.


      Ye Chen recalled the old house in his mind, sighed deeply, stood up and said to Richard Chen, "Tell your driver to stop bidding."


      After saying that, he put on his mask, turned around and left the box.


      At the same time, Du Haiqing did not hesitate to raise his hand again and spoke, "Sixty-two million!"


      When Richard Chen saw this, he hurriedly caught up and quickly followed up while sending a voice message to the driver: "Abandon bid, no more bids!"


      His driver had just put his hand up when he suddenly received a message and hurriedly clicked play, and the loudspeaker came out with what Richard Chan had just said, so he immediately put his hand back down again, having raised it.


      The auctioneer, already incoherent with excitement, saw him raise his hand and put it back down, and hurriedly asked, "Bidder 22, are you bidding or not bidding?"


      The driver opened his mouth and said, "I give up."


      Hearing these three words, Du Haiqing's heart suddenly swelled with joy and a large stone finally fell to the ground.


      Immediately afterwards, the auctioneer said loudly, "Sixty-two million at a time! Sixty-two million twice! Sixty-two million times! Deal!"


      The auction gavel in his hand then struck heavily on the countertop.


      With this thud, Du Haiqing instantly wept with joy.


      For the past few days, she had been sleepless at night and unreflective about the mansion, thinking of buying it, but worrying that something would happen to it.


      Now, the dust has finally settled.


      Although the price far exceeded its original value as a house, for Du Haiqing the house was priceless.


      She has been in love with Yeh Chang-缨 since the days of her youth and ignorance, and her love for Yeh Chang-缨 has never faded even a little until she married and passed away.

Chapter 2406

More than thirty years have passed, and all she has left behind is an indelible memory and some old photographs.


      Even if you want to pay your respects at his grave, it is difficult to do so, let alone leave any token of your grief.


      Now that she has finally bought the old house where he once lived, the emotions in her heart of more than 30 years have finally found a place to rest.


      Su Zhiyu's eyes saw her mother in tears and her heart was filled with mixed emotions.


      On the one hand, she ached for her mother's infatuation for so many years, and on the other hand, she sympathised with her father for his wrongdoing over the years.


      But then she thought of the fact that her father had already been physically unfaithful and had an illegitimate daughter who was only one year younger than herself, and felt that he did not deserve sympathy.


      Then, she thought of her grandfather.


      Looking at her mother's lifelong infatuation, she couldn't help but ask herself: "Su Zhiyue, Su Zhiyue, if you can't find your grandfather, will you be trapped like your mother and never get out? If that's the case, you're not as lucky as your mum, at least she knows that Ye Changba, and grew up with him, and has a lot of shared experiences and pasts, and you don't even know the name of your beloved benefactor".


      At this moment, at the back door of the Treasure Pavilion, Ye Chen, who was wearing a mask, walked out quickly from the passage.


      After leaving the door, he looked up at the somewhat overcast sky, his eyes already filled with tears.


      Ever since his parents died when he was eight years old, Ye Chen, like Du Haiqing, had no place to put his feelings for them over the years.


      He was not even as good as Du Haiqing, because Du Haiqing at least still had some old photos, but Ye Chen hadn't been able to save even a single photo of his parents.


      After his parents' accident, along with their bodies and all their belongings from the old house, they were all flown to Yanjing in a very short period of time, and Ye Chen entered the orphanage wearing only the clothes he was wearing, and from that moment on, he lost almost everything that could hold his grief.


      Until the years before Gu Yanzhong took himself to Mount Ye Ling to pay homage to his parents, he didn't even know where they were buried.


      So, this mansion held all his thoughts of his parents.


      Just a minute ago, Ye Chen had the same ambition for this house.


      He even felt that even if he spent hundreds of millions of dollars, or even several hundred million, he would definitely buy this house.


      However, just at that moment, he suddenly decided to fulfill Du Haiqing's wish.


      Now, he didn't regret his decision, he simply felt a little desolate and sad over the loss of the mansion.


      Richard Chen chased him out and was horrified as he saw Ye Chen's eyes filled with tears!


      After knowing Ye Chen for so long, this was the first time he saw Ye Chen with tears in his eyes.


      He could not help but exclaim in his heart: "Is this still the same Master Ye that countless people admire? Is this the same Master Ye who buried the Eight Heavenly Kings of the Wu Family with a single thunderbolt at the foot of Changbai Mountain and emerged from the avalanche with the rising sun? At this moment, he was like a child who couldn't find his way home, suffering and helpless."


      At this moment, while Chen Zhai Kai's heart ached for this young master of his family, his heart gained a little more respect for him.


      Ye Chen this was no longer as simple as enduring pain, he was leaving all his regrets to himself and leaving his psychological redemption and rebirth to Du Haiqing.


      Thinking of this, he couldn't help but sigh, stepping forward and asking in a low voice, "Young Master, are you alright?"


      "I'm fine." Ye Chen waved his hand, stiffly holding back his tears, and spoke, "Old Chen you drive me to the old mansion to have a look, while that Auntie Du still has to stay behind to do some formalities, I want to go over and have a look a few more times, it won't be so easy to see after she's finished handing over."


      Richard Chen hurriedly said, "Okay young master, wait a moment, I'll go and drive!"