Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2403-2404

 Chapter 2403

Ye Chen lightly nodded his head.


      He also had great ambitions for his parents' former residence.


      After all, this former residence, which held the last time he spent with his parents, was of great significance.


      As several foreclosed cars were gradually snapped away, the auction moved on to the real estate auction.


      There were a total of 13 properties at the judicial auction, but the one with the cheapest starting price was the one where Ye Chen's parents had lived.


      The main reason was that the old house had been classified as a protected building by Jinling, which not only prohibited demolition, but also forbade renovation.


      What's more, whoever bought the old house had certain obligations to protect it.


      The house is already very old and cannot be demolished for greater economic value, even if one wanted to refurbish it, so there is basically no interest in such a house.


      No matter who buys the house, there is no chance of anyone realising it again.


      However, both Ye Chen and Du Haiqing are waiting for the house to be auctioned.


      Because the starting price of this set of houses was the lowest, as soon as they entered the property auction, the auctioneer directly cast the pictures of this set of properties on the big screen and opened his mouth to introduce them, "The 1st set of properties we are auctioning today is a set of protected old mansions located at the old street corner, the specific information about this set of old mansions you can read in the auction booklet, so here we are! Without further ado, let's get straight to the auction, with an opening bid of RMB 880,000, and start bidding now!"


      As soon as the auctioneer's words fell, Du Haiqing simply held up the sign and spoke, "One million."


      "Good!" The auctioneer immediately said: "Bidder number 34 has bid one million, is there anything higher than one million?"


      A middle-aged, plain-looking man sitting in the corner immediately held up a sign and spoke, "One and a half million!"


      This middle-aged man is Richard Chan's driver.


      "One and a half million?!" The auctioneer was suddenly dumbfounded, the starting bid was 880,000 and after only two rounds of bidding it was 1.5 million, almost double!


      You know, there's almost no appreciation in the value of this property!


      Spending one and a half million on such a house, the only possibility was that it would fall into his hands.


      Because of his surprise, he hadn't recovered before Du Haiqing held up the sign again and said seriously, "I'll bid two million."


      The auctioneer was even more amazed.


      He immediately looked at Du Haiqing and opened his mouth to remind him: "Bidder number 34, I need to remind you that the property is forbidden to be demolished and developed, forbidden to be refurbished, and must be kept in its original condition according to the city's requirements, as well as having certain maintenance obligations, are you sure you are aware of these peculiarities?"


      Du Haiqing nodded, "I'm sure I know."


      Although the auctioneer was confused, he nodded and spoke, "Bidder number 34 bid 2 million, is there any higher than 2 million?"


      The middle-aged man in the corner immediately said, "I'll give you three million!"


      "Three million" the auctioneer wiped his sweat and continued: "And now bidder number 22 is bidding three million, is there any higher than him?"


      "Four million!" Du Haiqing raised his hand almost unthinkingly.


      As soon as the auctioneer heard this, he panicked and said: "34 bids four."


      Before he could finish, Richard Chan's driver said loudly, "I'll pay 5 million!"


      Du Haiqing didn't even give the auctioneer any time to think this time and spoke directly, "I'll pay eight million."


      Eight million?!


      There was an outcry!


      This old mansion was not worth anything to the other bidders.


      An old, dilapidated mansion that not only had no commercial value, but was also very uncomfortable to live in.


      An old house like this is either leaky or leaky, and it must be extremely cold in winter and extremely hot in summer.


      So everyone thought that, at a starting price of 880,000, the house would most likely go unsold.


      However, who would have thought that such an almost worthless house would be up for grabs in a short period of time, pushing the price up to 8 million.

Chapter 2404

Although Richard Chen's driver didn't have much money of his own, Richard Chen had already told him that he would take the mansion at any cost, not to mention just 8 million, even if it was 80 million, he would not hesitate.


      Therefore, he was also completely unwilling to show weakness, immediately raised his hand and said: "8.8 million!"


      Eight million eight hundred and eighty thousand, a full tenfold increase from the starting price of eight hundred and eighty thousand.


      However, the competition between the two had only just begun.


      Du Haiqing didn't seem to want to continue to raise the price a little bit like this, so she directly raised her hand and spoke up, "Ten million."


      The entire auction site was once again in uproar.


      Inside the box, Richard Chen said in Ye Chen's ear, "Young master, this second miss of the Du family seems to be determined to win."


      Ye Chen nodded his head and sighed helplessly, "Not really understanding this aunt's thoughts, she and my father don't have any real emotional foundation after all, so why hold onto this old house?"


      Richard Chen lamented: "To be honest, although I am not much older than you, I have heard about Du Haiqing's affection for your father, and it can indeed be called a deep affection".


      Ye Chen hmmm, outside the auction, Richard Chen's driver had called the price up to twelve million.


      At this time, Du Haiqing also followed suit and raised the price to fifteen million.


      Ye Chen couldn't help but frown and opened his mouth and said to Richard Chen beside him, "Send a WeChat to your driver and tell him to call the price directly at 30 million!"


      "Yes!" Richard Chen nodded, immediately pulled out his mobile phone and sent a WeChat.


      Immediately afterwards, the middle-aged man at the auction outside raised his hand again, doubling it directly to 30 million, on top of Du Haiqing's 15 million.


      The scene was already full of hissing and inhaling sounds.


      It was simply unheard of in the history of judicial auctions for a mansion that was not even worth a million to be raised to a price of 30 million.


      Du Haiqing was also very shocked at this point.


      She looked back at the man in the corner who had been raising the price with her, and was amazed.


      "I really can't understand why this strange man would have such a strong desire to buy the mansion I'm concerned about."


      "In fact, before I came here today, I had envisaged that I would meet a competitor at the auction."


      "However, the competitor I envisioned would be the young man I met that day at Changga's former residence."


      "Because, that young man looked almost identical to the coma, and if I am not wrong, he should be the son of the coma."


      "For the past few days, I've also been trying to find out where he is, but I haven't been able to find any clues."


      "And now, that young man didn't show up at the auction either, but who else but him would be so obsessed with this old mansion? Who is this middle-aged man bidding $30 million? Or rather, who sent him?"


      Just as Du Haiqing's thoughts were racing, the auctioneer spoke up: "30 million once, 30 million twice, is there any price higher than 30 million? If not, then 30 million third"


      Before he finished speaking, Du Haiqing came back to his senses and hurriedly spoke, "Fifty million! I'll pay 50 million!"


      "This" the auctioneer himself couldn't believe it, shivering and shouting: "50 million for the first time".


      Richard Chen's driver was even a little nervous.


      Although it was not his money that was spent, he also felt that it was a bit too much.


      So, he quickly sent a WeChat to Richard Chen: "Boss, are you still bidding?"


      Richard Chen immediately replied: "Add another five million!"


      So the driver raised his hand again and spoke, "I'll give you $55 million!"


      Ye Chen looked at Du Haiqing beside Su Zhiyu through the one-way glass, sighed lightly and spoke to Richard Chen, "Old Chen, if this Second Miss Du still raises the price, let your driver abandon the auction."


      Richard Chen was stunned and asked, "Young Master, are you going to give up?!"


      After saying that, he hastily added: "Young master! Don't say 55 million, even if it's 550 million, it's a drop in the ocean for us!"


      Ye Chen gently shook his head and sighed, "Hey, forget it, it's not about the money, let's fulfill this aunt!"