Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2399-2400

 Chapter 2399

In the last second, Su Zhiyu's mind was considering the face of the Su family.


      If I can't stand firmly by my mother's side when she encounters this kind of problem today, then if I get married and encounter the same thing in the future, no one will stand by my side.[]


      "This matter, at its root, is not a matter of the Su family's face, but a matter of principle!"


      "This is a matter of principle, it's really about what's right and what's wrong, right is right and wrong is wrong, you can't ask the woman to submit just because it's the man who's wrong! Just ask the woman to do everything to save the man's face!"


      "So, today, I have to accompany my mom to this auction!"


      Su Zhi Fei was very helpless at the sight of this.


      As the eldest son and grandson of the Su family, he was actually able to distinguish the pros and cons.[]


      From the Su family's point of view, he felt that his mother should not participate in such an auction at this time, because the big picture of the Su family was of utmost importance.


      But after hearing what his mother and sister said, it suddenly dawned on him that he couldn't just stand on the Su family's point of view and ignore his mother.


      So, he sighed and said, "Mom, I'll accompany you too."[]


      Du Haiqing smiled happily and said seriously, "Zhi Fei, you don't have to accompany me, just let Zhi Yu accompany me."


      Su Zhi Fei hurriedly asked, "Mom, why don't you let me go with you?"


      Du Haiqing said very seriously: "You are the eldest grandson of the Su family, it is better not to stir up trouble for yourself at this time."


      Su Zhi Fei was busy saying, "But Zhi Yu she".


      Du Haiqing waved his hand: "You're not the same as Zhiyu."


      Su Zhi Fei is actually very clear in his heart.


      He was the eldest son and grandson, and in the future, he was going to try his best to inherit the Su family.


      If he really made a big mistake in his grandfather's eyes, then he would completely lose his chance to inherit the Su family.


      As for himself, he is not as open-minded as Su Zhiyu.


      Su Zhiyu could care nothing about the Su family's assets, power and inheritance, but Su Zhifei could not do that yet.


      At this time, the old housekeeper also spoke out and said, "Young master, please listen to the second young miss's advice, don't follow the past."


      Su Zhi Fei hesitated again and again, and could only nod his head helplessly and said, "Mother, then I won't accompany you.


      After saying that, Su Zhi Fei lowered his head in shame.


      He knew that although it was his mother's initiative not to let him go, he was still a wimp after all.


      As if Du Haiqing had read his mind, he said, "Ji Fei, let the driver take you to the airport, I've arranged a plane to take off at ten o'clock to take you back to Yanjing."


      "Ah?!" Su Zhi Fei screamed, "Mom, I don't want to go back to Yanjing."[]


      Du Haiqing earnestly said: "If you don't want to go back, you have to go back. At ten o'clock, I will attend the auction, and you will depart for Yanjing, which is also a statement of your position to the Su family."


      Su Zhi Fei became anxious and blurted out, "What gesture? Do I have to take a stand to make them think that I am deliberately parting ways with you?"


      "Right." Du Haiqing nodded his head, and said unabashedly: "That's what mom means, what mom wants to do is mom's own business, it has nothing to do with you, you don't have to stand by my side, and you don't have to be implicated because of me, you go back now, just to make a statement to the outside world, to make a statement to your grandfather, to minimize mom's influence on you, and it's good for our mother and son. Feelings, and no real damage, so why not?"


      Su Zhi Fei blurted out, "But I don't want to take this position!"


      Du Haiqing sighed helplessly and smiled, "You should also mature a bit."


      Saying that, she looked at the old housekeeper and spoke, "Uncle Wang, you please help me send Zhi Fei to the airport."


      The old housekeeper nodded without hesitation, "Yes, Second Miss."


      Su Zhi Fei hurriedly said, "Mom, I still have business to take care of in Jinling."

Chapter 2400

Du Haiqing smiled slightly: "It doesn't matter, even if you fly back on the ten o'clock flight and fly back right after in the afternoon, the most important thing is to let others see your attitude."


      The most important thing is to let others see your attitude." After saying that, Du Haiqing also instructed: "Zhi Fei, what is at stake? It's been made very clear, you are a smart child, don't let mom say it again from the beginning."


      Su Zhi Fei pursed his lips and nodded helplessly, "Okay Mom, I'll go and simply pack up and go to the airport with Grandpa Wang."


      Twenty minutes later, two black cars drove out of the Du family's old house.


      One of them went to the Treasure Pavilion in the city, while the other one went out of the city to the Jinling International Airport.


      In the first car, there was a mother and daughter, Du Haiqing and Su Zhiyu, who looked very similar.


      The mother and daughter were very similar in appearance, and both could be considered to be beautiful women.[]


      At that time, Du Haiqing was known as the most beautiful woman in Yanjing, and she was the object of numerous officials and noblemen in Yanjing.


      Unfortunately, even though Du Haiqing had the beauty of the nation, she still lost to Ye Chen's mother.


      Su Zhiyu is very young, so she doesn't look as mature as Du Haiqing, but there is a bit more heroism between her eyebrows than Du Haiqing.


      On the way to the auction, mother and daughter sat side by side, and Du Haiqing looked out the window, her thoughts flying.


      She unconsciously thought of Ye Changba, and then unconsciously thought of Ye Changba's old mansion, and then unconsciously thought of the young man she saw in the old mansion that day.


      "He must be the son of the coma or else he couldn't look so much like the coma Just these two days I haven't found any news about him, I wonder if he will come to the auction today?"


      At the same time, inside the Treasure Pavilion.


      Wearing a disposable mask, Ye Chen, accompanied by Bao Fugui's enthusiastic and attentive companions, stepped into the auction venue.


      Although the auction was about to start in half an hour, Bao Fugui insisted on having all the auction participants stopped outside the door of the Treasure Pavilion.


      In his words, the reason he did this was that he was worried about Ye Chen's identity being seen.


      Therefore, he had to wait until Ye Chen entered the box before letting others in.


      Since there were multiple compartments in the Treasure Pavilion, Ye Chen asked him, "Bao Fugui, is there anyone else reserved in the compartment today?"


      "Yes." Bao Fugui hurriedly said, "There is a person surnamed Wang who wants to reserve a box, but I am afraid that other people in the boxes on both sides will affect your mood, so I didn't agree, what I said to the public is that this auction is not important enough, so the box reservation is not open, except for you, everyone else is sitting in the outside hall."[]


      Ye Chen nodded gently and said, "Thank you for your hard work, I think the time is almost up, you'd better let the other auction participants come in first."


      "Okay Master Ye!" Bao Fugui bowed to Ye Chen and hurriedly turned around to leave the box.


      A few moments later, the bidders who participated in the judicial auction began to enter the arena one after another.


      Ye Chen sat in the one-way glass box, so he wasn't worried that other people would see him.


      He carefully observed everyone who came in, and found that most of them were dressed in very ordinary clothes, and it seemed that the target of the judicial auction was mostly some ordinary working class people.


      At this moment, he suddenly saw two familiar women walking in side by side.


      The two women looked as if they were about the same age, the older one with full charm, and the smaller one was equally beautiful.[]


      If one didn't know, one would have thought that these two women were sisters.


      However, Ye Chen recognized them at a glance.


      He recognized the younger woman as Su Zhiyu, whom he had accidentally saved in Japan.


      As for the older woman, she was the woman he saw in his parents' old home, Du Haiqing!


      Ye Chen looked at the two beautiful bodies and couldn't help but sigh in a low voice, "I can't believe that this Du Haiqing actually came to the auction."